an in-depth guide of best golf tips for beginners.
Golf for Beginners – 5 Tips To Golf Better When You’re Just a Beginner
Considered as one of the most expensive sports, golf is played all over the world. Strangely, the origin of golf is somew...
Why do they call them woods?
Why Do They Even Call These Golf Clubs Woods Anymore
Taking the wood out of your woods! As anyone who plays the game knows, golf can take it out of you, physically (trust me...
Learn about the causes and treatment of rotator cuff injuries.
Rotator Cuff Injury in Golf: Symptoms and Exercises
A rotator cuff injury in golf can be a serious and painful thing. The rotator cuff is actually a combination of four tend...
Learn about the term scratch golfer
What is a Scratch Golfer and What does it Mean to be One?
The question, what is a scratch golfer has been being thrown around for a while now, as well as how to become one and wha...
Learn the difference between golf elbow and tennis elbow
What is the Difference between Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow?
Summer is right around the corner, and anyone who is an avid sportsman knows that early spring and late summer are prime ...
Learn what a bogey is in golf
What is a Bogey in Golf and What is a Bogey Golfer?
Bogey and bogey golfer are terms used in golf on a regular basis. Whether you’re new to the sport of golf or have been a ...
an in-depth review as to what is better, a gps watch or a gps app.
What’s Better: GPS App or GPS Watch
So, you find yourself in the middle of a perfectly played round of golf, everything seems to be working correctly. Your d...
an in-depth review of how to fix a golf slice.
How to Fix a Golf Slice
There you find yourself, reaching the goal of many, playing a round of golf with your boss. Although this may not seem li...
an in-depth review of the best golf courses in the world of 2018.
Best Golf Courses in the World
There you find yourself, sitting and flipping between the Travel Channel and the Golf Channel. Trying to figure out how y...
an in-depth review on how to improve your mental health for golf.
Tips to Develop a Strong Mental Health for Golf
The pressure for results is inherent in those who have a routine. If you are a professional golf player, you will have th...
an in-depth review of how to play golf in the rain comfortably.
How to Comfortably Play Golf in the Rain
“Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day”, golfers know how annoying it is to give up a day of playing a good roun...
an in-depth review of the upcoming great golf duel between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.
The Great Golf Duel: Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson?
In one of the biggest golf tournaments this year, at Augusta National, Phil Mickelson suggested to Tiger Wood that they t...
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