The COVID Golf Boom

The Covid Golf Boom

First, I would like to take a moment of silence for all those around the globe who are currently experiencing golf lockdown and are unable to get out on the course and enjoy the sport we all love so much.  Here in the Midwest United States, golf procedures have changed, but golf never stopped.  For … Read more

Rotator Cuff Injury in Golf: Symptoms and Exercises


A rotator cuff injury in golf can be a serious and painful thing. The rotator cuff is actually a combination of four tendons that work together to stabilize your shoulder joint. A rotator cuff injury can happen because of a few different things and is a very common cause of shoulder pain as well. There … Read more

Tips to Develop a Strong Mental Health for Golf


The pressure for results is inherent in those who have a routine. If you are a professional golf player, you will have the pressure of the tournaments or if you are an amateur golf player, you will feel the same way; however, you need to arrange your work with the sport that you love. No … Read more

Yoga for Golfers: Stretching to Reach the Green


When most people think of yoga they envision a soccer mom in a yoga studio listening to soothing music. This sexually-biased thought causes many men to stray away from practicing yoga. Many people think that some exercises and sports were made only for women and other exercises, only for men. Guess what? I have some … Read more