Learn about the causes and treatment of rotator cuff injuries.
Rotator Cuff Injury in Golf: Symptoms and Exercises
A rotator cuff injury in golf can be a serious and painful thing. The rotator cuff is actually a combination of four tend...
Learn the difference between golf elbow and tennis elbow
What is the Difference between Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow?
Summer is right around the corner, and anyone who is an avid sportsman knows that early spring and late summer are prime ...
an in-depth review on how to improve your mental health for golf.
Tips to Develop a Strong Mental Health for Golf
The pressure for results is inherent in those who have a routine. If you are a professional golf player, you will have th...
an in-depth review of the benefits of yoga for golfers.
Yoga for Golfers: Stretching to Reach the Green
When most people think of yoga they envision a soccer mom in a yoga studio listening to soothing music. This sexually-bia...
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