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Meet Our Staff

For us, golf is so much more than just a game. Golf is a passion, or rather more of a lifestyle, which we eat sleep and breathe. Our staff takes great pride in sharing the latest, and also the greatest, clubs, balls, and other gear that makes their time on the greens even better.
More About HombreGolfClub
  • Our staff go out of their way to share honest reviews of new clubs, balls, gloves, shoes, and more, and this means the truth about whether or not a product actually holds up to any hype there may be around it.
  • Our articles that you'll find on our blog are straight tips from golfers like you, who spend as much time playing as they possibly can. You'll find pointers based on true experience.
  • We do our homework. If there's a sneak peak, or a product we can't get our hands on, we take as much time as it takes to get the full story and details. Just like you, we want to know everything we can about something before shelling out big buck, in many cases, just to be disappointed on the green.