Why Golf Lessons Are Worth the Investment

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Starting to play golf can be a bit intimidating at first. This is why it’s essential to address the issue with an action plan alongside ambitious and real expectations. Your first day with a golf club, you probably will not be able to hit the ball. After a few weeks, you will start to hit the ball but you will not have consistency. Only at the end of the first month should you start to consider going to the golf course.  That’s when you discover that the driving range is just the tip of the golf iceberg.

It is relatively easy to put on a tennis shoe and start running, or buy a racket and start playing tennis. In these sports, it is quite natural to have a faster and natural maturation. In golf it is different. This maturation takes a lot of practice and time. It is very common to hear stories of people who gave up playing golf because of frustrations. Golf is not only a physical sport, it is also a mental sport and you need to be prepared psychologically for when the frustration and the sense of non-evolution knock on your door.

One way to overcome this frustration is to you ask yourself: Should I start taking golf lessons?

Why Golf Lessons Are Worth It


Have you ever noticed that all professional players have a coach? There are players, like Bubba Watson, who never had a lesson, but these are the exceptions and not a rule. If the best golfers in the world need a coach, imagine how bad some who have never hit a golf ball before might need one. Taking classes with a professional in the beginning will make your golfing life easier by about 60%, the other 40% depends on you, your focus and your determination. I say this because if you start playing without having a notion of how the golf swing really works, you’re just wasting time putting effort into a strategy that you are unsure of.

It is much easier for you to learn all the mechanisms and various posture positions necessary for a good swing in golf with a professional than to try to learn alone. It is very difficult to be able to play for some months and, at the end of the day, realize that your performance is not improving and that you will need the help of a professional. Believe me, it’s not easy to learn something, and afterward needing to erase everything you’ve learned, start all over again, and redo your swing.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to completely throw out everything and restart from scratch. In addition, your coach will help you build your own swing because they understand the importance of good body posture to hit the ball, and they will give you tips on how to do it in an easier way. With a trainer, you will learn how to hit the ball, how to hold the grip, and if you’re not doing right, your coach will be there to make sure to show you what you’re doing wrong and offer a solution for what is happening in your swing. You have no way to analyze your own swing, so this why is important to invest in golf lessons. There is no point in investing in the best golf clubs if you do not invest in learning to play golf better. You are only going to waste your time if you think that starting to play without instructions and watch golf videos on YouTube will help you improve your performance.


So, what I particularly recommend is that you do a self-analysis and divide that into steps. The first thing is to go to a driving range, try to hit some balls, and try to focus on the contact of the club with the ball. If after you really decide that you want to learn golf, you should contact a professional and schedule some lessons. Remember that you may need a club set for beginners; however, in some cases, the professional trainer may have a club set to lend you at the time of class. It’s important to note that the cost of a golf lesson varies according to the professionals, which can be around $50 or $100 for an hour.

Learning the Right Way to Golf


Grip and swing are highly mechanical movements, so it’s important to learn the right positions early on. Avoid the risk of later having to go through the painful experience of unlearning everything and rebuilding. When you were getting ready for your lessons, remember to dress properly in a polo shirt and pants that are not jeans. ( Never jeans!)

Once you begin your classes, after a few months, you will begin to develop muscle memory. There are hundreds of components in a golf swing, so your brain will start to try to remember them all in a conscious way. The key is to train hard and focus so that everything becomes automatic. Each player has their own swing, and with a right professional, you will also find yours. With one lesson per week for two to three months and going a few times per week at the driving range, I guarantee that your growth will be much faster.

One more quick and interesting tip is that in your first attempt at playing 18 holes is important to choose less crowded courses, with less populated schedules. Additionally, it is important to visit less expensive courses so you’ll avoid the pressure of the “pros” complaining should you spend too much time looking for your balls or need three attempts to get out of the bunker.

Golf is an Evolutionary Process

Golf is a process of evolution and does not involve just training in the driving range. We have to learn to play among trees, on inclined fairways, with the wind, with rain, and, above all, managing the pressure of knowing that all strokes count, so failing is not an option. When you are ready to play golf, you will always want to improve something. One day, you will train with your putter, another day chipping, and in another one, the short game. You will have to work hard so all the components fit in and then. when you finally have the best round of golf of your life, then you have to beat that score by doing even better.

If you decided to try golf and fall in love with the game because of the challenge its present, scheduling some lessons is the definitely the next best step. Golf is a sport for those who like to challenge themselves. If you identify with these challenges and you’re excited not only to play a game outdoors. but also play right and cannot think of anything better than having a clean contact with the ball and see it rise in the air exactly as it should, I have news for you.

You are on the right track.

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