an in-depth review of the upcoming great golf duel between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.
The Great Golf Duel: Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson?
In one of the biggest golf tournaments this year, at Augusta National, Phil Mickelson suggested to Tiger Wood that they t...
an in-depth review of the new rules of golf for 2019.
Rules of Golf: What to Expect in 2019
Few sports have rules as complex as golf. For instance, let's look at 12-1. This rule essentially states that an individu...
an in-depth review of the best PGA Golfers of 2018.
The Best PGA Golfers of 2018
Golf is one of the most iconic sports of all time. Since conditions are always changing and each golf course is massively...
an in-depth review of understanding how golf scores work.
How to Understand Golf Scores
When it comes to the sports industry, every single game has a different way of keeping score. Typically, the higher score...
an in-depth review of how Tiger Woods shocked the golf world by switching his putter.
What’s the Story with Tiger Woods’ Putter?
Have you ever had a favorite toy or a good luck charm that you couldn’t see yourself leaving home without? Just hav...
an in-depth review of the 2018 British Open, the history, expectations, and predictions.
2018 British Open: What to Expect & Who Will Win
When most people think of bagpipes and kilts they think of the faraway land of Scotland. With that said, it is a bucket l...
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