What Is The Longest Drive In PGA Tour History?

Nothing beats seeing a professional golfer rip a driver miles down the center of the fairway. The sound off the club, the ball launching into the stratosphere, taking an age to come down… but what is the longest drive ever hit in PGA Tour history? The longest drive ever on the PGA Tour came in … Read more

PGA Player Impact Program

Mid-April 2021, the PGA announced a new $40 million purse for the top 10 golfers based on a variety of metrics that we will get into below.  This purse is funded in part by the recent 9-year deal the Tour struck with CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and ESPN.  The deal is estimated to be valued … Read more

The Best PGA Golfers of 2023


Golf is one of the most iconic sports of all time. Since conditions are always changing and each golf course is massively different, it is difficult to maintain your game throughout a whole season. In this article, we will explore the success of the greatest golfers of 2018 according to the PGA ranking. Best PGA … Read more

How to Understand Golf Scores


When it comes to the sports industry, every single game has a different way of keeping score. Typically, the higher score wins the game or match, right? Well, when it comes to golf, it flips your world upside down. What I mean is, if you have a score of 72 in golf – that’s great … Read more

What’s the Story with Tiger Woods’ Putter?


Have you ever had a favorite toy or a good luck charm that you couldn’t see yourself leaving home without? Just having this charm by your side could make you strong enough to face your biggest fears or even make you lucky enough to win that quiz show championship. The fear of being without your … Read more

2023 British Open: What to Expect & Who Will Win


When most people think of bagpipes and kilts they think of the faraway land of Scotland. With that said, it is a bucket list item for most people. For us golfers; however, Scotland reminds us of the birthplace of the sport we all love and cherish: golf. Once again, this year, from July 19th– July … Read more