What Is A Birdie In Golf?

A BIRDIE in golf is when you get the ball in the hole in one less than the assigned PAR – the number of shots you should take to complete the hole. A birdie on a par three would be completing the hole in two shots. A birdie on a par four would be completing … Read more

Beginners Guide to Golf Etiquette

My husband is an avid golfer. You know how it goes. He loves golf, and I love him so.. Voila. I decided to take lessons and learn to golf.  You might think that taking private lessons to learn to golf sounds like overkill. Trust me; it was not. A lifelong runner, I have not participated … Read more

Shots In Golf: Every Golf Shot Explained

There are so many different types of shots in golf, and one of the joys of the sport is that there are so many ways of getting the job done. Watch any golf broadcast and you’ll hear a wide array of outlandish terms describing each different shot the pros come up with. But what do … Read more

How To Hit A Golf Ball: 4 Basic Steps

How to hit a golf ball

Golf is a challenging game. It involves a lot of strange movements that aren’t replicated in any other sport. Handed a golf club and ball for the first time, it’s easy to think, ‘How on earth am I meant to hit this thing?’  The key things to remember when trying to hit a golf ball … Read more

Top Tips to Break 80

So, you’re ticking off the milestones. You’ve broken 100. You’ve broken 90. You might have had a single figure round here or there. But now you’re onto the next biggie: getting into the 70s. Shooting in the 70s is a big psychological hurdle because it feels like proper golf. The pros shoot in the 70s … Read more

Top Tips to Break 90

For many golfers, getting into the 80s is the sign of taking the next step. For most par 72 courses, breaking 90 means playing better than ‘bogey golf,’ which seems to be the mental divide between ‘I play this game because I enjoy it even though I suck’ and ‘I’m actually okay at this sport.’ … Read more

Driving Range Practice: The Basics

Do you ever have the feeling when playing a round that nothing you have been practicing is transferring to the course?  I have.  It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and downright discouraging.  But the good news is I have lived through the darkness and come out the other side with the experience and ideas that I would like … Read more

Putting Green Practice: The Basics

There are many different drills for the putting green that are beneficial, but I would like to highlight some of my favorites.  I am a feel-putter myself.  I don’t use the Bryson method to walk off putts and know it’s this many feet; therefore, he takes it back to this spot on his right toe.  … Read more

Top Five Tips to Break 100

Breaking three figures is golf’s first big challenge when you’re new to the game. It sounds like it should be easy, right? The pros on tour are shooting 66s and 67s with ease. But golf is a cruel mistress and is different from every other sport in that you’re playing the same game as the … Read more

Beginners Guide to Golf Handicap

On January 1, 2020, the World Handicap System (WHS) brought six different handicap systems together into a single set of Rules for Handicapping.  This enables golfers of different abilities to compete on a fair and equal basis no matter where they play.  What I like about the handicap is it is not an average of … Read more

How I Play Golf in the Wind

One of the beautiful things about the game of golf is to have success you must combine the idiosyncrasies of the course with the weather to make a plan for the best shot to make.  Sand, water, rolling hills, they all combine with the wind, rain, and other elements to create this ever-unique pathway from … Read more

How to Fix a Golf Slice


There you find yourself, reaching the goal of many, playing a round of golf with your boss. Although this may not seem like a big deal, a lot of promotions and business deals are stuck out on the links. What is even more important is that you do not look like a fool in front … Read more

How to Comfortably Play Golf in the Rain


“Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day”, golfers know how annoying it is to give up a day of playing a good round just because the weather is not working with your schedule. However, just because it’s raining does not mean you have to give up one of your most enjoyable activities. So, … Read more

Life Lessons You Can Learn While Golfing


Everyone knows that golf is a game where, as much as we play, you are never 100% during a match. I really believe that the sport of golf has much more in common with the game of life than many people think. Just as you do not have control over your ball, you are not … Read more

How to Understand Golf Scores


When it comes to the sports industry, every single game has a different way of keeping score. Typically, the higher score wins the game or match, right? Well, when it comes to golf, it flips your world upside down. What I mean is, if you have a score of 72 in golf – that’s great … Read more

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Golf Equipment


As golfers, when we start talking and thinking about golf, there are always some doubts that begin to develop in our head. Whether that doubt is related to our performance on the course the day before or simply about our swing in general, golfers are constantly trying to improve their game. So, in this line … Read more

Why Golf Lessons Are Worth the Investment


Starting to play golf can be a bit intimidating at first. This is why it’s essential to address the issue with an action plan alongside ambitious and real expectations. Your first day with a golf club, you probably will not be able to hit the ball. After a few weeks, you will start to hit … Read more

Golf Memberships: Are They Worth It?


Ah! Golf memberships. Doesn’t that bring to mind visions of 50-year olds driving Cadillac Escalades dressed from head to toe in pristine golf gear? Back in the day, golf memberships fell into a category where only the elite and higher-class members of society could afford them. As many would joke, the common man couldn’t even … Read more

How To Clean Golf Clubs: Easy Step-By-Step Guide


Cleaning your golf clubs is a critical step to take after each round of golf. Even a quick cleaning will ensure your clubs last longer and perform as they should. For easy cleaning, dip your club faces into a mixture of warm water and soap. Scrub the entire clubface with a brush, paying attention to … Read more

Why You Should Go to the Driving Range


Imagine if you would, that you are out on a perfect sunny day playing a round of golf with one of your clients and he says to you, “If you beat me on this hole, I’ll partner with your company.” At that moment, sweat starts to trickle down your spine because you know this client … Read more

How to Be Proper on the Golf Course: Golf Etiquette 101


Smack, smack, crunch, crunch! As you are preparing to swing, all you can focus on is the sound of a business colleague eating with their mouth wide open. Not only does this sound irritate you, it makes the person who is eating seem barbaric and in a lower class. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you were … Read more

10 Golf Driving Tips to Improve Your Golf Game


The word golf originates from the German vocabulary with the word Kolbe, meaning club or stick. The sport, however, officially appeared in Scotland at the end of the first half of the XVIII century. Learning golf is as difficult, if not more difficult, than learning to speak German. Shizen! One day I was at home … Read more