an in-depth guide of best golf tips for beginners.
Golf for Beginners – 5 Tips To Golf Better When You’re Just a Beginner
Considered as one of the most expensive sports, golf is played all over the world. Strangely, the origin of golf is somew...
Learn about the term scratch golfer
What is a Scratch Golfer and What does it Mean to be One?
The question, what is a scratch golfer has been being thrown around for a while now, as well as how to become one and wha...
an in-depth review of how to fix a golf slice.
How to Fix a Golf Slice
There you find yourself, reaching the goal of many, playing a round of golf with your boss. Although this may not seem li...
an in-depth review of how to play golf in the rain comfortably.
How to Comfortably Play Golf in the Rain
“Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day”, golfers know how annoying it is to give up a day of playing a good roun...
an in-depth review of life lessons you can learn when golfing
Life Lessons You Can Learn While Golfing
Everyone knows that golf is a game where, as much as we play, you are never 100% during a match. I really believe that th...
an in-depth review of the new rules of golf for 2019.
Rules of Golf: What to Expect in 2019
Few sports have rules as complex as golf. For instance, let's look at 12-1. This rule essentially states that an individu...
an in-depth review of understanding how golf scores work.
How to Understand Golf Scores
When it comes to the sports industry, every single game has a different way of keeping score. Typically, the higher score...
an in-depth review of why golfers need to update golf equipment.
Why You Need to Upgrade Your Golf Equipment
As golfers, when we start talking and thinking about golf, there are always some doubts that begin to develop in our head...
an in-depth review of why golf lessons are a great investment.
Why Golf Lessons Are Worth the Investment
Starting to play golf can be a bit intimidating at first. This is why it’s essential to address the issue with an a...
an in-depth review of whether golf memberships are worth buying.
Golf Memberships: Are They Worth It?
Ah! Golf memberships. Doesn’t that bring to mind visions of 50-year olds driving Cadillac Escalades dressed from he...
an in-depth review of why golf shafts are important to the game of golf
Are Golf Shafts Important?
Every golfer knows that golf shafts have a very important function and can significantly impact a golfer's performance. I...
an in-depth guide of golf terms for beginners.
Golfoid’s Dictionary of Golf Terms for Beginners
Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that is way over your head? I’m positive that everyone has had this experi...
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