What Is An Eagle In Golf?

An Eagle in golf is when the golfer gets the ball in the hole in two less than the stated par – the number of shots it should take to complete the hole. An Eagle on par-three would be holing the ball in one shot. An Eagle on par-four involves completing the hole in three … Read more

How To Hit A Golf Ball: 4 Basic Steps

How to hit a golf ball

Golf is a challenging game. It involves a lot of strange movements that aren’t replicated in any other sport. Handed a golf club and ball for the first time, it’s easy to think, ‘How on earth am I meant to hit this thing?’  The key things to remember when trying to hit a golf ball … Read more

Top Tips to Break 80

So, you’re ticking off the milestones. You’ve broken 100. You’ve broken 90. You might have had a single figure round here or there. But now you’re onto the next biggie: getting into the 70s. Shooting in the 70s is a big psychological hurdle because it feels like proper golf. The pros shoot in the 70s … Read more

Driving Range Practice: The Basics

Do you ever have the feeling when playing a round that nothing you have been practicing is transferring to the course?  I have.  It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and downright discouraging.  But the good news is I have lived through the darkness and come out the other side with the experience and ideas that I would like … Read more

Putting Green Practice: The Basics

There are many different drills for the putting green that are beneficial, but I would like to highlight some of my favorites.  I am a feel-putter myself.  I don’t use the Bryson method to walk off putts and know it’s this many feet; therefore, he takes it back to this spot on his right toe.  … Read more