Unique Clubs in your Golf Bag

We are not all PGA professionals that have a bag full of new club technology and brand-specific contract obligations to uphold.  A lot of golfer’s bags are filled with a hodgepodge of clubs that were given by friends or purchased from a secondhand location.  My bag at one point had a Cleveland driver, Ping irons, … Read more

Why Do They Even Call These Golf Clubs Woods Anymore


Taking the wood out of your woods! As anyone who plays the game knows, golf can take it out of you, physically (trust me it can), mentally (we’ll talk about the ‘yips’ at some point), and financially. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to drop a king’s ransom on clubs and paraphernalia … Read more

What to Look Out For Before You Buy Golf Clubs


Having the absolute best golf club set is a dream for almost every single beginner in golf. However, let’s be honest, is it really necessary? What should you know before buying your dream set? If these are questions you commonly ask yourself then start the party because your problems are over! Today, Golfoid will tell … Read more