Can Playing an Online Golf Game Help You Become a Better Golfer?

Can Playing an Online Golf Game Help You Become a Better Golfer? Can Playing an Online Golf Game Help You Become a Better Golfer?

There have been many advancements made due to the technological age we are currently within.  These advancements are not limited to any certain sector, and defiantly include the realm of the golf world.  Not only have there been advancements within golf clubs, golf balls, golf cleats and gloves, but there is another avenue where there have been many advancements made, which is the online golf game.

The advent of the online golf game has ushered in a whole new era of how to play golf, and how to learn about playing golf.  The question becomes, though – does playing an online golf game actually make you a better golfer?

Initially and intrinsically, it would make sense that any exposure you can have to golf, whether it is in person or online would only help your golf game.  There are many benefits and features which are given to you when you play an online golf game.

Benefits of Online Golf


One of those benefits is being able to see the course from a whole new angle.  Anytime you play on a golf course, you only have your own set of eyes to rely on to see where you should hit the golf ball.  Your eyes are limited in some capacity by what they can see.  If there is a Tree, your eyes cannot see thru the tree to let you know if there is a small sand trap, or if there is a hill there which will lead into the body of water that is behind the tree.  Not only this, your eyes cannot tell you an exact measurement of how far you are currently from any hazard or green.  Even if you have Laser Rangefinder or a GPS Rangefinder, the information they provide you can only help you so much.  By playing online, you are able to see the course from any angle you desire, which helps you make better decisions on where to play the golf ball, and how to set up your next shot in order to get a great score.  This skill could translate over to the actual golf course, but unless you are able to see the hole the same way you can when you play online, then there is not much intrinsic value to this.

The next benefit an online game will offer you is the ability to play quickly and easily.  When you go play a round of golf in person, from the time you leave work or your house and get to the course, change clothes and shoes, pay for the round, get onto the cart, play the round, then pack everything up and drive back home or to the office, it could be anywhere between 4-6 hours.  When you play a round of golf online, more times than not you can complete a round in less than 1 hour.  This saves you time and energy, and still allows you to still stimulate your mind by playing golf.  This will allow you to play more golf, and not only this, but you can play online from anywhere.  This extra time will allow you to spend extra time with your friends or family, or allow you to spend more time getting other work or projects complete.  However, playing quickly online does not have any effect on your actual golf game, so there is no value with this.

Online Community


Lastly, an online portal allows you to see different techniques and swings, and shows you the effect of those swings.  Thru an online game, you can play with more of a draw or a slice, and from that you can tell how the ball will react in flight, and approximately where you need to aim in order to get the ball to actually go where you want it to.  There can be some value with this, but you have to keep in mind that the online game is a simulation, rather than real life.  Within an online game, almost every swing is perfect, compared to your real life swing which will have some mishits and poor trajectories.  Just because it works in an online game does not mean it will work in real life.  You can use the information to your benefit, but you still have to swing appropriately.

Compared to an online golf game, there is one aspect of the online community which could benefit you.  This is the online tutorial videos you can find on YouTube and other online channels.  Thru these videos, you can see other golfers providing tips and tricks to help you with your game.  You can actually see the motions they are taking, as well as their approach and listen to them explain their mindset for when they approach each shot.  Not only this, but they can describe for you, in detail, every aspect of their swing.  This is information you would not have ever had before, as you normally were restricted to dealing with the Pro at your local course.  With this advent, you have access to a large assortment of videos from other golfers, and you can watch them, and then take the best from each person or video to apply to your own golf game.  Of all the applications available to you from an online perspective, this is by far the most advantageous and beneficial feature you can partake within.

Will it help?


Overall, playing an online golf game will not typically help your actual, real-life golf game.  There are some things which you can take away, especially when it comes to putting.  Within an online golf game, they show you how a golf ball will break one way or another, and if you can recognize that while on the green, it might allow you to have a few less three-putts.  Outside of this benefit, though, playing an online golf game will not help your actual game out.  However, watching tutorial videos online can have a big impact on your own golf game.  It all comes down to how much you apply yourself, and how open you are to learning new things when it comes to your own golf swing.

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