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Did you know that rangefinders found their use in golf rather late compared to their use in other fields? Their initial purpose had nothing to do with sports, but they were developed for the purposes of military and aviation and, as almost anything that has been called modern technology today, has its origin somewhere between the first and the second world war. As their design was perfected, they found their role in weapon manufacturing, engineering, photography, hunting and finally sports and golf. 

Today, the market abounds in a multitude of distance finders, from the basic ones to the most advanced models. The number of companies that manufacture them is also very big, and you can find offers from some very popular brand names to those companies that have just been set up. This market versatility and extreme competition often make golfers utterly confused about which is truly a reliable brand, and which model deserves to be part of golfers’ bags. 

Of course, one of the main factors when choosing a product is the price point and sometimes no matter how hard we desire to buy a certain name-brand product, it can be simply impossible to make the purchase because of its high price. It has probably happened to anyone and we know how it feels.

Luckily, nowadays, there are many products, including rangefinders, that can be purchased for a fraction of the price that name-brands offer without sacrificing the playability and the effectiveness of the product itself. Among the wide range of inexpensive distance finders, WOSPORTS has been qualified as the most reliable, accurate, and functional. It is a rangefinder that offers incredibly versatile use and offers functions for other sports such as hunting or racing. There are many reasons why we are reviewing this model today, so read below to get an informed decision when buying a good quality, inexpensive distance finder. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Pin seeking function that vibrates when it locks onto a flag

Targeting or continuous measurements in the scan mode

Slope function that delivers slope-adjusted measurements

It determines the speed of a moving object to up to 500 mph

It measures distances from 5 to 650 yards and up to 180 yards to the flag lock

Superior optics including multicoated lens and LCD display

Sleek and compact design with a rubberized surface and ergonomic grip

Waterproof and fog proof


Quality control seems to be on the con side


What buyers love the most about this rangefinder is its versatile function and applicability in different situations. It integrates all those popular functions that you can use if you have a high-end rangefinder, including slope distance measurement and correction, the flag-lock function with vibration, accurate distance range, angle measurement and scanning the area. Basically, all these functions are present in the most expensive ones.

However, besides its basic use in golf, it can be used for other sports or professional needs. Imagine you wanted to go hunting or measure the speed of a fast-moving animal. This unit will provide you with a piece of quick information about the speed of a moving object such as the golf ball, or you can point to any single object and measure not only the distance to that object but the angles of the constructions too. And, in addition to the single measurement mode, it also provides golfers with continuous measurement mode. It is an impressive unit and even more fascinating is the incredibly low price that it has for such functions.


There are four modes that users can switch to, and they provide a different function and have a specific role. The mode that you will select defines the functions that it will provide within the selected mode, and each mode is designated with the letter M and the appropriate mode number next to it.

So, when you select Mode 1 (M1) you will be able to use the so-called Scan mode which allows you to target or continuously measure the surrounding area. This is one of the most important modes when you approach the green and when there are plenty of trees, hazards, sand traps, and mounds that can stand on the way to the flagstick.

The second mode, or M2 mode is what the competition calls Pin Acquisition mode and this feature comes as a standard of any good rangefinder. It is actually the pin seeker and once the rangefinder has locked onto a flag it vibrates as a confirmation that it is the flag and not any other background object. When you activate this mode, a flag will appear in the viewfinder and you can scan the area left or right. Once it locks onto the pin, it will vibrate and show you the distance.

The third mode, or M3, includes the slope function, i.e., it calculates the distances with slope-adjusted measurements. It operates in the same manner as the Mode 2, just with the slope function on, which is a very convenient way to make the rangefinder USGA legal since the slope function is forbidden from tournament play. So, when you’d like to use it for a tournament you can simply select the second mode and the slope function will be turned off.

The fourth mode, or M4, is not a golf-related mode since it is used to determine the speed od an object across the screen. It is a convenient function for hunting or racing, or, as some golfers have suggested, measuring the speed of the golf ball, but there are other ways to do that as well.


When using a rangefinder on the course, what you need is a unit that will fit your hand and won’t cause any inconvenience while using it. The compact size, sleek design, and the lightweight of just 7.8 oz. make it very practical and easy to use. It comes in two color varieties, and it looks modern and user-friendly. It features rubberized surfaces all over, and it feels solid in hand, especially when the weather is wet. On top of it, there are two buttons, one is the power button and the other is the mode button. The battery lid is found under the eyepiece knob and it opens by rotating the lid with a quarter turn. On the other end, you’ll find the object lens and the laser emission aperture with the laser receiving aperture below it.

Optics and Display

The optics this device comes with are of very high quality, featuring a coated lens that delivers crisp and sharp images without darken or blurred edges. The rotatable eyepiece allows for 6x magnification and even if you suffer from presbyopia or near-sightedness you will still be able to see well thanks to the 7.5-degree field angle. The LCD display, depending on the mode, shows the battery status, angles, slope distance measurements, meters or yardages, speed, range, flag pole icon, measurement mode and an indication of the type of the slope. These icons are presented in line with the selected mode, i.e., depending on what the golfer wants to measure.


The company claims that this is an exceptionally accurate distance finder with +/-1 meter/yard accuracy. The rangefinder measures from 5 to 656 yards (5-600m), while it locks onto the flag from up to 180 yards. With the first-class laser and intelligent chip integrated into the operating system of the unit, you can expect a low error rate and high accuracy. However, some reviews describe it as inaccurate and ineffective, but their number is very low and insignificant compared to the vast number of positive reviews that claim that this product matches the description of the manufacturer.

Additional Information

Playing golf doesn’t always happen in ideal circumstances and the weather isn’t always sunny and warm. As a matter of fact, more people play golf under less than ideal weather conditions compared to the lucky few who have the chance to enjoy the sun all year round. Therefore, most of the range finders that are sold on the market are made to provide at least some protection from moisture.

The company claims that this model is waterproof and fog proof, which means it provides complete protection from water and delivers precise measurements when the weather is foggy. Being waterproof is a guarantee that you’ll be able to use it during heavy rain, and even if it drops into a water pond, or gets submerged into water, it will remain completely functional. There’s no negative review regarding this part, so we assume that the rangefinder works as described.


When purchasing this rangefinder you will get a complete package for a quick and complete setup. The package includes a high-quality carrying case that closes with a magnet closure which keeps it safe and it is strong enough to keep it inside even when you are moving in a bumpy area. The case has a carabiner clip which helps you attach it to your bag, and a hook so that you can hang it where you find it convenient. Besides this carrying case, it also comes with a CR2 battery, a cleaning cloth, a strap, and a quick start guide. With the purchase, the unit has a 1-year warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product, and a very efficient customer service.

Key Features

Even though you might have never heard about WOSPORT rangefinders, their reliable performance and high quality brought them among the most highly rated rangefinders on the market. It might not have all the bells and whistles modern that the latest releases have but it is pretty close to them with all the possibilities it offers.

Firstly, it is a laser rangefinder which has multiple functions that extend its use not only in golf but in other sports as well. It delivers distance range from 5 to up to 650 yards and it locks the flag to up to 180 yards with the accuracy of 1 yard. It also delivers slope distance measurements with slope corrections including the angle and the degree of the incline and the decline. All these functions are integrated into modes of functioning and operated with the mode button. Plus, it has speed functions that measure the speed of a moving object, such as the golf ball. Secondly, the multicoated lens and the overall optics are very well-made and together with the LCD screen, golfers get very bright and crisp images. Finally, the compact and ergonomic design and the waterproof and fog proof features make it one of the best budget rangefinders currently on the market for a price point that is hard to resist.

Key Features

  • One of the most versatile budget rangefinders on the market

  • It works in four different modes

  • Pin seeking function that vibrates when it locks onto a flag

  • Targeting or continuous measurements in the scan mode

  • Slope function that delivers slope-corrected measurements

  • It determines the speed of a moving object to up to 500 mph

  • It measures distances from 5 to 650 yards and up to 180 yards to the flag lock

  • Superior optics including multicoated lens and LCD display

  • Sleek and compact design with a rubberized surface and ergonomic grip

  • Waterproof and fog proof

  • Comes as a complete package that includes a carrying case, CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, strap and a manual

  • 30-days money-back guarantee and one-year warranty

Bottom Line

Choosing a budget rangefinder can be a tricky thing. On one hand, it can save you some bucks and keep you from extra expenses, but on the other hand, it can last for a few days and expose you on additional expenditure. So, when buying products from companies which are still in the process of attracting customers and creating a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness, the reviews like this one can keep you away from bad ones and point to good ones.

The purpose of this review is to point to all golfers with tight budgets that inexpensive rangefinders do exist and they can deliver almost anything that the best ones do for a fifth of the price. WOSPORTS is such an example, where a low-cost rangefinder performs in the same manner as the most expensive ones.