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Golfing is one of the best past times a person can have. Not only is it relaxing, but its a great way to escape the chaos of everyday life as well as connect and bond with some of your closest friends.

But to truly be able to enjoy the game, you must be equipped with the right equipment. Golfing is not a case of bringing your hand-me-down clubs to the golf course, anyone can do that. But a true golfer understands the importance of investing in their golfing gear, and that doing so will not only improve their experience on the green but also enhance their performance.

That’s why it is important to recognize why it is so important to update your golf gear regularly. Golf companies are constantly working on new equipment to assist your performance and to iron the kinks out of any common golfing issues. If you take a moment to look at different golf equipment like golf clubs, gloves, and even caddies, they all serve very different purposes and have their unique highlights. But one thing that a lot of golfers seem to forget is that the same goes for golf balls. Regularly, golf companies are designing and making new golf balls designed to improve your execution on the green. To put it bluntly, an effectively designed ball is like seasoning a meal. You may not think it needs it, but it always enhances it in the end.

Golf balls are very easy to find and get a hold of, but finding a good high-quality ball can be tricky because you’re typically not able to try before you buy. That’s why so many of us get stuck with terrible golf balls! Plus they’re a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new set of golf balls. For example, would you benefit from harder or softer golf balls?

Thankfully Wilson Staff, a beloved and well-established brand, make it easy for you to decide. They have three leading types of golf balls for you to pick from which includes the Wilson Tour FG Tour Balls, Wilson Duo Spin and the Wilson Duo. The latter of which is the perfect golf ball for anyone looking to update their current set to something a little more different and interesting.

The Wilson Duo is perfect for gaining distance and offers a softer hit when putting in contact with a driver or an iron. The ball has 29 compressions, which is one of the lowest compressions available on the market today. It promises and delivers consistent range especially in comparison with other brands. Honestly, it feels amazing and will become an exciting feature in your golf accessories and must-haves! The overall trajectory of the ball was mid-flight and you’ll struggle to notice ballooning shots. Thanks to their many design advancements and innovative updates, these balls add a little flavor into your performance on the course.

But let’s take a closer look as to why the Wilson Duo Golf Balls are the perfect product for you and your caddy.

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has an inch wide rubberized core within the ball, which works to help lower the compression and enhance the quality.
  • Promises consistent distance with almost every hit.
  • Offers a high level of accuracy straight off the tee, which is an appealing feature for any golfer who struggles with their shots.
  • Aesthetically pleasing dimple pattern across the ball's face.
  • This particular brand of the golf ball is not as soft as some tour-grade golf balls, which may be a negative for some players looking for optimal softness.


The overall performance of a golf ball is one of the driving factors behind your decision to purchase it. After all, if the ball doesn't give you your desired result, why should you buy it? Well, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls.

Because of the addition of the rubberized core, the creative minds at Wilson Staff have been able to lower the overall compression of the golf ball. This is something you will be able to easily notice almost immediately after contact with the club and ball.

There are not a lot of double-layer balls out there that offer additional spin while on the green, which is probably why so many people are pleasantly surprised by the Duo balls. While it may not have the level of spin that other golf ball brands have (like the Nike 20xi for example) it still has a satisfying level of spin many golfers will appreciate.

Wilson Staff has marketed these balls around the claims that eight out of ten golfers were switching over to the Duo balls after trying them, and after testing out the balls for yourself, you'll certainly be able to see why. Overall, it promises and delivers an enjoyable golfing experience everyone will appreciate. The ball also promises consistent accuracy on most (if not all) hits and offers an exceptional distance on most shots. Which is another desirable benefit of these golf balls that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

One thing to keep in mind with this ball is its spin performance. It has spin for days and is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their balls straight upon impact. However, unlike other golf balls on the market, this one doesn't guide you into the low spin, which may take a little bit of getting used to if you're not very well acquainted with that feeling. It's also safe to say if you're a low handicap golfer or someone who is trying to fade and draw techniques with their ball, then the Wilson Duo balls are probably not for you or your golfing style.


In terms of style and aesthetic appeal, there is very little of importance to note. The overall look of the Wilson Staff Duo is minimal and underplayed because, well, there isn't much you can do with a golf ball to make it interesting. Of course, while you can get brightly colored golf balls, Wilson has decided to keep theirs white for a classic and professional finish that everyone will appreciate. This choice in color also means they blend in perfectly within the pockets of your golf bag. But, let's be honest, no one is bothered by the appearance of their golf balls. As long as they work as desired, then that's fine!

Some of you may appreciate the interesting and unique dimple pattern across the face of the ball which offers a seamless finish. It also has two interesting lines on the ball. This was put in place with the purpose of it assisting you with your alignment. Interesting point, this feature was done as a response to some golfers who added a line onto their plain balls to help them get the right alignment for their hits. It's just another example where golf manufacturers have added new innovative designs based on the average golfer's issues and experiences on the course.

Of course, the balls are branded with the company name as well as the name of the type. All of this only helps prove that you don't have to have fancy and aesthetically pleasing golf balls in order for them to perform well on the green.


Because we're talking about a golf ball, there is not a lot of space for the creators at Wilson Staff to be able to jam-pack it full of incredible innovations. This means the things the designers do decide to install within these golf balls have to be effective in their delivery of excellence. The main innovation within the golf ball is the large rubber core. This is one of the most interesting designs and structural features within this golf ball. The specially placed and preportioned golf ball core helps contribute to the low compression of 29. Not only that but it also contributes to your overall performance on the golf green and helps to create a softer golf ball.

Not only that but the larger than average core of this golf ball also helps increase the ball's endurance and overall quality. You'll feel certain on the approach to each hit that you're going to have a strong hit which not only offers reasonable spin but also a high level of accuracy too. One other thing the rubber core helps contribute to is the effective generation of energy return, which gives you a fantastic level of feedback within the club you're using.


A great way of understanding if your current (or soon to be) golf balls are high quality is by examining the structure and construction within them. A double-layered construction, for example, allows for a softer ball and more bounce. Not only that but a detailed construction helps establish that your golf balls are good quality. One of the many interesting areas of the Duo balls is their double-layer construction, which offers heightened performance, outstanding endurance, to name a few things. The overall incredible performance of this particular set of golf balls is partly due to their outstanding construction.

The high level of detail put into the construction of this golf ball is a sign of its high quality and overall excellence. Not only does the Duo Golf Balls deliver perfect performances every and every time, but it also offers impeccable accuracy that many players will appreciate (thanks to its minimal spin).

Thanks to their double-layer construction, these golf balls offer a number of high-quality design features unlike any other double-layered golf balls available. Of course, this serves as another sign of the ball's overall high quality.


This particular brand of golf balls is typically considered to be the balls used by more experienced golfers out there, as they utilize a more modern and astounding design which many amateur golfers may be intimidated by. They offer a well-polished performance, enhanced range and distance as well as spin. Not only that, but they were designed to withstand the test of time. These Duo Golf Balls promise excellence, quality, and one heck of performance each and every time, making them worth every penny for those willing to invest in them. They truly are a brand and product you can rely on.

Care & Maintenance

The overall care & maintenance of these golf balls are relatively simple and easy to follow. Very little damage will occur when being used in the correct manner. Obviously, if these golf balls do become damaged, it is advisable that you stop using them immediately and replace them with a new set as the quality of your performance will be affected.

Of course, it is also advisable that you clean the golf ball after it has become dirty by simply running a wet cloth across it and using a specialized cleaning solution too for optimal sanitation. While all of this may sound easy to follow, it is crucial that you follow through with the care and maintenance in order to maintain their high-quality performance and appearance.

Key Features

Overall, the Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls are one of the softest golf balls available on the market. It's low compression (while not the lowest accessible to you) is outstanding. The 29 compression is large part thanks to its large rubber core, which also works to assist the durability and quality. It offers an excellent difference in range as well as the distance which many golfers will appreciate. Not only that but the spin is astounding, and the ball has incredible stopping power too.

Key Features

  • Minimized compression of 29, lower than the average leading revival brands of golf balls.

  • The peak C.O.R offers optimal velocity and incredible range.

  • The sleek and streamline 302 dimple design assists in the production of constant and steady ball flight.

Bottom Line

The Duo Golf Balls are truly impeccable balls. Not only do they offer high-quality performance, durability, and range, but they are made from a trustworthy brand who is known for their great products. If you want to improve your consistency and distance, then you should consider purchasing these must-have golf balls.