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If you have been following the Wilson Staff range of products, you must have noticed the extreme versatility they are characterized with. There’s almost nothing that Wilson Staff doesn’t produce, and its impressive array stretches from basic golf clubs and gear to the ones fitted to meet the needs of tour players, such as Gary Woodlands, who is currently promoting the company’s finest range of clubs. In addition to golf equipment and gear, Wilson Staff has a huge and impressive offer of golf balls and accessories. It is one of the most popular companies on the golf range, and its popularity is due to high quality and low prices. On average, Wilson Golf products are about 20 to 30% less expensive than the competition in the category they belong to, making it one of the most budget-friendly companies on the golf market.

Their omnipresence on the golf market shouldn’t surprise us though, as this is one of the oldest companies in the sports world. It was set up more than a century ago, and besides the professional, it is also focused on recreational equipment which attracts golfers who need fun and entertainment on the course without feeling that the equipment they are using is either too cheap and of low quality or too advanced for them. 

Talking about meeting the needs of average golfers, today we are reviewing one of the most impressive Wilson Staff drivers which even though designed to appeal to high and mid handicappers, features advanced construction and careful choice of materials. D7 driver has been recently released and has caused much interest and appreciation not only by recreational golfers but also golf experts that claim that it is the most underrated driver of this year and that it deserves much more attention and praise.

We got really interested in its design and wanted to provide you with detailed information about its construction and performance, so we set ourselves to a mission to clear out what makes Wilson D7 driver so attractive and why it can be a perfect replacement for your old driver. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Ultra-light construction, weighing only 262 g

[K]opposite Crown features carbon fibers and kevlar layers for superior feel and sharp sound

Dynamic Launch Control locates the weight differently, depending on the loft

Distance-enhancing design for mid to high handicappers

RE ACT technology makes the driver more forgiving to off-center shots

UST ELements Helium ultralight graphite shaft of 45 grams

Lampkin Microlite grip of 28 grams

Reasonably priced


Advanced golfers might feel unchallenged and limited because of the lack of adjustable hosel

Lightweight Design

Even though the company hasn’t been very popular with drivers, the D7 driver might be opening some new doors of unexplored areas. The D7 woods are joining the D7 family of irons that were launched in December last year, and which have been very successful from the moment they were launched on the market. But that’s not a surprise of itself, as Wilson Staff has been a master in irons production and the 61 tournament victories are proof of that.

Now, back to the D7 driver, it comes as a successor of the D300 driver, however, it is a much-improved version to a point that it has a completely changed name, suggesting that the expectations should change as well. The D7 driver comes as a real beauty and it does look premium in many aspects. The greatest difference is seen in the lightweight design in the three constituting components, the clubhead, the shaft, and the grip totaling only 272 grams and making it one of the lightest drivers ever made by Wilson. In case you didn’t know, the letter D stands for distance, so this lightweight construction adds to achieving more distance which is something that almost all average players are struggling with.

So, you might wonder how they managed to make it so lightweight (no worries if the construction of a golf club is not your cup of tea). Firstly, they worked towards moving the elements that worked against the lightweight approach, and of course, they focused on the materials that are lighter but stronger, the hosel design, the shaft, and the grip, to finalize the driver into a much lighter construction. Below, we’ll go into details of each of these sections to get a better perspective of what exactly was done.

Crown Design

Even at first glance, you'll notice that the crown is much more advanced and nothing similar to its predecessor D300. The crown is much sleeker, with royal blue accents and carbon fiber weave which gives the club a very superior look. In order to save weight, it is comprised of carbon composite and kevlar which is layered between the carbon fiber. These materials are much more lightweight compared to titanium or stainless steel and designed like this, they dampen the vibrations and provide a much better feel. Plus, the use of kevlar lowers the center of gravity (CG) by 9% which makes it more playable.

Hosel Design and Weight Distribution

We mentioned that it is actually the hosel design that saves most of the weight. It is a fixed hosel which doesn’t allow adjustability of lofts, but this design helps to save nearly 25 grams of weight. The designers from Wilson say that they opted for a fixed hosel design because their research had shown that many golfers never change the settings of the lofts and that the adjustable hosels are used only by pro golfers who know exactly what they are doing. So, they wanted to provide the average golfer with a pre-set club that won’t need to be additionally adjusted.

Since there is no hosel adjustability, Wilson offers three different loft settings from 9, 10.5 and 13 degrees loft, and the saved weight is differently distributed in a very distinct way based on the loft setting. Thus, the CG in the 9-degree loft is positioned a little lower and forward, towards the center to deliver a slightly neutral bias. The 10.5-degree loft is also neutral and the CG is positioned towards the back but it is still central. The 13-degree loft features the deepest and lowest CG with a heel or a draw bias to prevent slices and hooks.

Shaft and Grip

The shaft is often called the engine of the club, and if the chosen shaft fails to provide the expected performance, then the overall performance of the club itself will fail too. Since Wilson constructed this driver to deliver extreme distance without even putting extra effort, it is expected that the shaft will be lightweight too.

However, it does come as a surprise the choice of the shaft as it weights only 45 grams. The UST Elements Helium graphite shaft is one of the most lightweight shafts that you could possibly find on the market. Yet, it seems that deciding to choose this shaft model turned out to be a good choice, as together with the lightweight clubhead it does deliver incredible speed for more distance. There are three flex options, standard, senior and stiff.

Wilson’s designers seem to have taken good care to save weight everywhere possible, so the ultralight Lamkin Microlite grip which weighs just 28 grams.


We have hinted many times the point of the overall ultralight construction of the D7 driver, which is, of course, generating more speed and distance. The main problem with drivers is the fact that they are hard to hit straight and far, which leads to less speed and shorter distance. As we know that you basically start the game with the driver, the way you’ll perform off the driving range can greatly influence the way you perform till the end of the game and can easily affect your score.

Therefore, Wilson Staff has looked from another way to approach the playability of drivers, and offer mid and high handicappers a playable and controllable driver that will help them generate more speed for obtaining more yardages. Instead of overcomplicating the things with unnecessary extras and expensive materials, they looked for a way to create a simple driver which will even outperform the premium ones.

This was made possible with the carbon fiber crown and kevlar layers together with the fixed hosel design and the Dynamic Launch Control, i.e., the optimization of the internal weighting depending on the loft degree and consequently repositioning the center of gravity front, central and back. This way, golfers have the opportunity to select the loft in accordance with their swing speed and style of playing the game without worrying about additional fitting or weight repositioning.

Since there are three loft settings, each of the lofts delivers different performance and changes the trajectory of the ball. If you are a high handicapper who is struggling to get the ball airborne, then the 13-degree loft will most meet your needs since it has the weight towards the back and the heel. It is also the most forgiving in this respect and many golfers claim that their performance has considerably improved with this driver. The 10.5-degrees driver has the weight located in the midsole and it is ideal for mid handicappers or golfers with developed swing style and average swing speed. The 9-degree lofted driver offers incredibly low spin and straight ball flight thanks to the forward and more centered weight. It is for mid handicappers who are able to perform a good swing but need additional speed and yardages. Regardless of the loft selection, almost all golfers who have played with this driver report that they have had an increase in the ball speed and gained extra yardages.

Sound and Feel

When it comes to the feel, this is where most of the golfers got very surprised as they didn’t expect such a balanced and controllable feel. As you already know, lightweight clubs are good for distance and speed, but terrible in providing a good feel, but not with the D7 driver. The added kevlar plays its role perfectly well and delivers extra feel for controlled ball flight. The seamless combination of the lightweight club head and the shaft guarantee stability and balance. Thanks to the carbon fibers and the combination of kevlar create the effect of vibrations dampening, producing clear and pleasant sound and excellent feedback.

Key Features

It seems that Wilson Staff has been the winner this year in offering super playable, distance-enhancing, game improvement driver with a peculiar design that reminds of a premium class one. The ultra-lightweight construction of the clubhead, equally lightweight shaft and grip, guarantee more yardages with every swing. Designed to particularly meet the needs of mid to high handicappers, it features fixed hosel design with three loft settings. With the help of the proprietary Dynamic Launch Control, they made each loft with different weight location and offer versatility in the performance of each loft. The so-called [K]opposite Crown is comprised of carbon fibers and kevlar layers in between to enhance the feel, neutralize vibrations and deliver crisp and sharp sound.

Key Features

  • It features ultra-light construction with the clubhead weighing only 192 g

  • [K]opposite Crown features carbon fibers and kevlar layers for superior feel and sharp sound

  • Dynamic Launch Control locates the weight differently, depending on the loft

  • Distance-enhancing design for mid to high handicappers

  • RE ACT technology makes the driver more forgiving to off-center shots

  • UST ELements Helium ultralight graphite shaft of 45 grams

  • Lampkin Microlite grip of 28 grams

Bottom Line

When you thought that the game improvement sector couldn’t get more advanced and sophisticated, Wilson Staff D7 driver showed up to prove everyone wrong.

Starting from the design of the clubhead which looks so appealing at address with beautiful royal blue metallic accents and the high-end sleek crown. Then, the clean sole lines without any weight pods, screws, and slots make the sole look seamlessly integrated into one whole, while the tall face made from carpenter steel fits the design perfectly well. Plus, the superior playability and game-enhancing performance positions it on the top within its category, while the inexpensive price point makes it an absolutely irresistible offer. If you have ever wondered if distance, forgiveness, and feel go together, the D7 is the positive answer to all your dilemmas.