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We are very excited that we’ll be reviewing the Under Armour Tech Polo, the revolution in moisture-wicking when it comes to sports shirts. It wasn’t exactly this model that brought about the smartest way of keeping the athletes dry, but it was Under Armour, the company that even though was set up in the last years of the last century and is considered as relatively young compared to its competition, is the one that made a revolution with its innovative approach to performance materials and the way they feel.

Until 1996, despite the fact that there were many sports companies that did produce high-quality sportswear, none of them was able to produce sports shirts that were soft enough,  skin-tight and stretchy, and could wick the perspiration away as fast as you are probably used to nowadays. So, with just an idea in his head, the 23-year old student Kevin Plank founded the company that delivered the promise of keeping athletes cool and dry. From the very first model, his success skyrocketed and fast very soon followed by multiple technologies that placed Under Armour among the top tiers in the sports industry today. 

Fast forward today, Under Armour, produces everything that athletes need for almost all sports from apparel, footwear, and gear, making its presence dominant on the market. It is still delivering the same promise of unhindered performance possibilities by pushing the boundaries of the possible and creating the impossible. 

And shortly, this is the reason why many golfers have opted for Under Armour Tech Polo which is soft, comfortable and keeps you cool and dry. Made particularly to meet golfers' needs, it will provide you with an unhindered range of movements and full blown-swings. You’ll find a detailed description of its features below, so go on reading!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Moisture-Wicking technology keeps you dry and cool

Anti-Odor technology kills the odor-creating bacteria

Made from 100% polyester with performance features

Seven color options

A rugged collar that doesn’t wrinkle

Loose fit and fuller cut for maximum comfort


A few golfers reported snugging

Under Armour Technologies

The more technologies a company has developed, the more perspectives it has on the sports market. This was obvious to the founder of Under Armour who soon after launching the first product on the market, went on to develop HeatGear® and ColdGear® technologies. These technologies are still popular today, delivering cool, dry and light feel when it is hot and regulate and maintain the temperature of the body in cold conditions. These two technologies were followed by AllSeasonGear®, a technology that is created to provide all year round comfortable fabrics that protect the athletes comfortable and cozy between the extremes.

These technologies represented the baseline for the company’s success which later on continued with not only performance apparel but performance underwear which is made to stay put, wick sweat, recover, stretch and breathe, making sure that athletes will have the same comfort as with the rest of the apparel. Ten years after the official start-up, the brand got involved in footwear and developed multiple performance technologies for the footwear line.

You might know that performance fabrics are in a war with cotton, which even though the most comfortable fabric, is the one that has been often avoided in performance apparel because it is very hard to dry. One of its most revolutionary technologies is the innovation of the Charged Cotton®, a type of fabric that resembles cotton in its softness and comfort, but dries much faster than the regular cotton. This innovation has positioned the company even higher on the scale of the most successful sports companies.

ColdGear® Infrared has been another popular technology that has extended the possibilities for ultimate performance in cold weather conditions. It features one o the best insulation systems that are based on the thermo-conductive, soft lining that absorbs and retains the body heat, allowing athletes to keep on performing. This technology keeps them warm without added bulk or weight.

And in the multitude of the innovations, Under Armour utilized all the possibilities of the modern electronics and smart technology, and launched their first smart shoe with built-in Record Sensor® technology that is made to track athletes’ performance and to store data, allowing them to run without any devices needed.

Under Armour Tech Polo Technology

The relatively short period of its existence didn’t prevent the company from advancing in almost every area of sport, making sure that the UA products will reach the golf courses too. The Under Armour Tech Polo is one of the golfers’ favorites because they can reliably spend hours in it knowing that they are going to feel fresh, dry and cool, and their focus is not going to be distracted by feeling wet or uncomfortable, as it has been the case with other golf polos.

To gain trust and respect from golfers, Under Armour offers equal fabrics and design superiority as with the rest of their apparel and the technologies utilized in Under Armour Tech Polo meet golfers' needs.

We have already mentioned HeatGear technology, one of the first the company has come up with, but which has been the most sought-for ever since it came on the market. This technology integrates the Moisture Transport System which directs the moisture from the surface of your skin, through the material to the surface of the material where it can easily evaporate. By doing so, the cooling mechanism is activated and golfers can indulge in the game feeling refreshed since the shirt prevents you from overheating and feeling hot and sweaty.

Sweating is a body’s natural thermoregulating process and there’s nothing wrong with it, however, what we are often disguised with, is the unpleasant smell that comes as a result of sweating. And, it is not the sweating itself that creates this unbearable odor, but the bacteria and the microbes which live under the armpits and that get “activated’ from the sweat. Therefore, Under Armour has developed a special Anti-Odor Technology which is also found in this model and which ensures that no odor creating bacteria or microbe will leave long enough to produce the bad odor.

Knowing that the polo you are wearing is made to enhance your performance by making you feel comfortable and dry is the baseline of achieving lower scores, especially in golf. Unobstructed by the external influences, you’ll be completely focused on your swings and performance.


Even though many companies develop technologies to make sure that they can modify the naturally integrated properties of each material, the construction of the fabric and its fibers represents a baseline for adding more benefits to it.

So, the material utilized for the production of Under Armour Tech Polo is 100% polyester which has been one of the most preferred materials in the sports apparel industry. This material is called performance material because it has a natural ability to resist most chemicals, it is wrinkle-resistant, it doesn’t shrink or stretch and it dries fast. It can retain shape very quickly and it is excellent for harsh climates. Plus, it is fairly easy to maintain, and it is easily washed and dried.

So, when you know the natural properties of polyester, it strength and durability, and when these features are enhanced with the help of the proprietary Under Armour technologies, the final outcome is superior, high-quality material which has the capacity to deliver more than you could ever wish for in a polo shirt.


When golfers hit the golf course, they are aware that they will be spending more than four hours in the open, walking or driving through the course under specific weather conditions. And, as often happens, rarely are the weather conditions ideal, so during summer you can experience intensive heatwaves, humid air or even strong winds, so the polo you are wearing needs to have the capacity to provide ultimate comfort and protection no matter what. This is actually the guiding principle of Under Armour as the company is restlessly searching for innovation to defy external factors that prevent the athletes from giving their best. The Under Armour Tech Polo is an example of finding the ultimate way of delivering protection, comfort, and style found in a golf polo.

So, when wearing Under Armour Tech Polo you can make sure that you’ll be dry as the sweat is quickly drawn to the surface of the fabric and the moist evaporates easily, you will feel fresh since it has the capacity to kill odor creating bacteria, and you will feel relaxed since the material is flexible enough to enable you to move in all four directions for a full-blown swing.

The ability of the material to provide enough stretch and flexibility is very important as it is one of those factors that can directly influence your performance. And, when it comes to golf, you need the material that is capable of stretching and then retaining back its shape quickly enough without looking baggy. All these features can be found in Under Armour Tech Polo.

Style and Design

Under Armour is not a company that is only focused on technological innovations, but it is a company that closely pays attention to delivering models that are modern, stylish and which are versatile enough to appeal to everyone's style.

The Under Armour Tech Polo is one of those classic models that can be worn on and off the course and appeals to everyone who appreciates the classy look and styling. It features loose standard fit with fuller cut so that it completes the comfort and the style. The sleeves are also loose but thy don’t look too big or clumsy, just wide enough not to prevent you from the best swing of your life.

The textured fabric, the ribbed collar and the three-button placet that has a contrasting lining edge with the same color as the Under Armour logo, make the polo look elegant and modern. There are seven color options to choose from and all possible sizes. According to users, the sizing ranges from normal to a bit large, so make sure you refer to the measurement chart to get the right measurements.


If you want to have this polo shirt for a long time, make sure you take good care of it. Even though it is durable and well-made with rugged collar and almost seamless stitching, following maintenance instructions will prolong the life span it has. You can wash and dry it a machine without the risk of being wrinkled or color fading. The thick collar retains its shape and the best part is that you don’t have to iron it.

Key Features

The Under Armour Tech Polo is a model that is very highly rated thanks to the silky smooth, soft and durable material that has been processed with the latest Under Armour materials to provide the best experience for golfers out there. It is made with Anti-Odor technology that prevents bad odor from occurring and keeps you fresh, while the Moisture-Wicking technology makes sure you are always dry and cool. It comes in seven color varieties and all sizes.

Key Features

  • Moisture-Wicking technology keeps you dry and cool as it wicks the moisture on the surface of the material

  • Anti-Odor technology kills the odor-creating bacteria guaranteeing that you’ll stay fresh

  • Made from 100% polyester which is very durable, dries super fast and easy to care

  • A choice of seven color options

  • A rugged collar that doesn’t wrinkle and three-button placket

  • Loose fit and fuller cut for maximum comfort

Bottom Line

Getting yourself the Under Armour Tech Polo shirt means more than just investing in a good quality polo shirt. It means you’re investing in your comfort and well-being on and off the course which can be crucial for your performance at times. Another thing that gets your attention is the moderate price tag for the quality and performance it delivers, so, all in all, it is a fully functional, well-priced and performance-enhancing golf polo.