Under Armour Storm Sweater Fleece Golf Pullover

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Even though golf is most enjoyed when the weather conditions are ideal, a few places around the world can boast having ideal conditions for a longer period of time. This means that you’ll need golf apparel that will allow you to indulge in the game without feeling unpleasantly hot or cold. Sports companies have been working hard on providing pieces of garments that will enhance your coziness in any weather condition, and they have been very successful in it. Under Armour (UA) is one of those companies that offer a plethora of golf apparel that enhances golfers’ performance no matter how hot or cold the weather is. The Under Armour Storm Sweater Fleece Golf Pullover is one of the most selling Under Armour pullovers that can be worn as a base layer or an outer layer during cooler weather conditions.

If you live in areas that usually feature four seasons, the period of season transition, usually from spring to summer, or summer to fall, it is a period characterized by sudden weather changes and temperature fluctuations that require additional protection. This requires having warm golf clothes to get you warmer once the temperatures drop, or when you suddenly get surprised by rainfall.  This need is what takes us to the Under Armour selection of pullovers that have been frequently selected as some of the best that you can find. No wonder though, as Under Armour is a company that in a very short period of time has managed to build itself into a very competitive rival to the most distinguished sports companies. 

Even though young by age, its innovative approach is what makes the company move further and challenge the competition. Their proprietary technologies are impressive and range in four different categories that cover apparel from normal to extreme weather conditions. The pullover that we are reviewing is very highly rated thanks to its function, effectiveness, and sharp look. It is a must-have garment that every golfer needs to have when the weather gets colder or when a sudden breeze or drizzle interferes with your game.  We cover all the specific features that make this pullover such, so stay with us to get to know more about it. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made from 100% polyester

Lightweight Heathered fleece with a soft and warm inner layers

Featuring UA Storm 1 technology that repels water

Breathable and very comfortable

Versatile use for on and off the course


It doesn’t provide wind resistance

Under Armour Storm Technology

How can such a young company overcome the sports market in such a short period of time? The answer mainly lies in the completely innovative approach, and the patented technologies they have developed. The featured technology that was utilized for manufacturing this pullover, is the proprietary Storm technology that has been proven to be extremely functional.

This technology is developed in three different levels of protection, intended to keep athletes dry, and protected from wind and cold in the harshest weather conditions. Storm 1 Technology, which is the featured technology of this Under Armour pullover, is intended for garments that are intended for lighter weather conditions, such as light wind or rain. It features a water-resistant finish that has the capacity of repelling water so that it rolls off the garment without preventing the air-flow. The garment, in this case, the pullover, is lightweight, very flexible, and provides four-range movement to allow golfers to produce perfect swings. It is more or less made for drizzles and cooler temperatures, but if you need something that will protect you from the wind and heavier rain than consider garments that feature Storm 2 or Storm 3 technologies.

The pieces of clothing that are made with the use of Storm 3 technology feature a water-resistant coating that has the capacity to repel water, but it is intended for heavier rain and sleet. Unlike Storm1, Storm2 technology delivers wind protection, and it is intended for colder temperatures to protect you from the cold air and heavier rain. Even though the coating is denser, it doesn’t prevent the flexibility nor the breathability of the material, so golfers can easily swing better without feeling tucked into too many pieces of clothing. Mind you though that it is still water-resistant, so eventually, it might let the water in, but the exposure to rain is longer and it is harder for the water to penetrate into the material.

Storm 3 technology delivers windproof garments, which differs from Storm1 and Storm 2 technologies. This technology is used for making garments that are needed for the coldest and the harshest weather conditions during the winter period of time. It completely protects you from very heavy rains, showers, snow, sleet, and strong winds.


Materials are important, they determine the overall characteristics of the garment, and they are mainly responsible for the level of protection that you'll get. However, it is never just the material since the technology that processes the material attributes additional features that deliver the desired performance. This Under Armour pullover is made from fleece that has an under layer for additional protection. We know that fleece is one of the lightest and softest materials that mimic the quality of the wool, but its weight is just a fraction of the wool's weight. It is recommended for colder weather conditions, and when one mentions fleece, you get the idea that it is a thick material that will make you feel warm.

However, this Under Armour pullover is neither thick nor does it give the impression of being wool-like. Thanks to the unique technology, this Heathered fleece is made by 100% polyester fibers that are made of similar color so that they deliver a muted shade effect. The micro thick fleece used for this pullover is flexible enough to allow golfers to produce full-blown swings while retaining its insulating and water-resistant properties.

The inner layer of the pullover is very soft, brushed and warm, and many reviewers claim that it retains its softness even after many washes. The quality of any fleece garment is seen precisely in this capability to keep soft and protective, which is one of the key characteristics of this pullover.


When it comes to the looks of the Under Armour Storm Pullover, everyone agrees that it has a very refined and elegant note that makes it perfect for versatile settings, and can be worn on different occasions. It speaks class and style with sophisticated elegance and sports appeal. The ¼ zipper that goes up to the ribbed collar additional emphasizes its minimalistic sporty elegance. The Under Armour logo is unobtrusively placed on the left chest area as if trying to hide behind obviously stylish pullover. The Heathered pattern creates the effect of color transgression while keeping the same color fibers with different shades into one unity. The cuffs and the hem are ribbed too, a perfect solution for creating a neat and at the same time, protective design.


When buying clothes, we usually buy them for a very specific setting or purpose, and often keep to it. However, we can all agree that we love the possibility to extend the use of our golf clothes to more than just golf courses. Indeed, golf is definitely one of the most elegant sports out there that speaks fashion and style, and many golf apparel companies pay special attention to the design of their golf clothes as their opportunity to promote themselves on and off the course.

This is understandable as many of the polo shirts, jackets, pullovers, and pants are frequently worn outside the course, from the office setting to a night out perfectly fitting in. So, if you just consider the use of this Under Armour pullover, you instantly realize that it can be worn almost elsewhere, and you can still look elegant and trendy at the same time.

In addition to the classy look, the way it is made gives it several functions. The microfleece material gives it a sweater-like feel, so any time you feel like wearing a sweater, the UA Sweater Fleece Golf Pullover can just fit in. However, it is not the sole function, since this fleece pullover is not just an ordinary pullover. Thanks to the Storm 1 technology that we have discussed above, you can use it as a jacket that keeps the light rain off, without getting easily soaked. Just, make sure you don’t confuse it with water-proof, as this pullover will eventually get soaked if exposed to water for a long time or under heavy rain. Finally, the super stylish looks it has will provide you with the opportunity to stick to it when going out, when heading to your office, or when you’re traveling. All in all, it is one of the most versatile pullovers that fits in every setting and occasion.


We only look good in the clothes we wear when they are right to our size. This is why getting the right fit is crucial to looking and feeling good. This model is offered in a wide range of sizes, starting from XS to up to XXL. The exact measurements are delivered in the size chart, so it is advisable to refer to this chart, and the measurements provided there before ordering your pullover.

This is a loose model, but not baggy, so it can be used as a base layer but also as an outer layer. Referring to the right measurements is important so that you don’t get a larger size which could deliver the impression of being a baggy model. Regarding its length, it does run a bit longer, and the length of the sleeves is a bit longer too compared to the standardized measurements of similar models.


So, why is this pullover particularly suitable for golfers since it has such a versatile use? Every golfer knows that to be able to produce a full-blown swing, you need clothes that can be flexible enough for unhindered movement. This is especially important when regarding warmer clothes as they often tend to be thick and uncomfortable to wear while playing golf. This is where Under Armour pullover steps in, offering unprecedented comfort offered in thin and yet warm material.

The four-way stretch material is flexible enough for any type of movement, so golfers can rest assured that whenever they feel the need of wearing warmer clothes, this Under Armour pullover will provide sufficient playability. Plus, the material is extremely lightweight and breathable, so it won’t create a greenhouse effect or make you sweat easily.

Key Features

We believe that so far you have got a clear understanding of the quality-design of this pullover and the versatility of its use. This section is reserved for summarizing the most important aspects of this pullover, so let’s just go through all the features that make it worth having it in your golf bag.

Firstly, it looks stylish and modern and it is bound to make many heads turn as you walk on the course. This sophisticated blend of elegance and style provides it with more versatile use, so this pullover can be worn in a different setting beside the golf course. The lightweight fleece is very soft and comfortable and it has a brushed and warm inner layer. The material is made with the proprietary Storm1 technology which means it is water-resistant and it will keep you warm without feeling sweaty or hot. The reason for this is the breathability of the material which prevents the cool air from penetrating inside while letting your skin breathe at the same time.

Key Features

  • Made from 100% polyester

  • Lightweight Heathered fleece with a soft and warm inner layers

  • Featuring UA Storm 1 technology that repels water

  • Breathable and very comfortable

  • Versatile use for on and off the course

Bottom Line

If you are the type of golfer who feels reluctant to wear warmer layers just because you think they will prevent you from swinging better, then we advise you to try the Under Armour Storm Sweater Fleece Golf Pullover for a completely unique experience. You will definitely feel the difference of what it means to play golf in clothing that has been made just for golfers. It is one of the most recommended pullovers and it is worth having it.