Under Armour Hustle LDWR Backpack

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When buying a bag you should be certain that its something you will be able to rely on. Something that will protect and hold all your belongings and essentials. The problem with some bags these days is that they weren't built to last. What's the point in spending your hard earned money on something that's going to break or tear apart in a few months of buying it? You want something you can trust and rely on.

The Under Armour Hustle LDWR Backpack, you'll be able to truly depend on it to endure the test of time. Its list of incredible features will even manage to impress just about anyone. Whether you're just using it for the daily grind, as a school bag or a bag to take with you for outdoor activities, then this will leave you utterly impressed. Thanks to its incredible design, even the most fashion conscious wearer will be pleased with the bags aesthetic.

It's excellent for stashing all your belongings, and its sleek and simple design means it blends into every situation. With its water repellant fabric, it's designed to shield your things from the elements. The built-in laptop sleeve means you can take your electronics wherever you go too! That's not all, this bag was built with you in mind. Offering you lots of storage, but also a comfy and supportive wearing experience thanks to the adaptable shoulder straps. The built-in venting means your skin will also be able to breathe in warmer weather.

With plenty of storage and compartments, along with a few incredible features, this bag will soon become a favorite wardrobe essential. Whether you're searching for a bag to suit your everyday lifestyle or one that will accommodate your active hobbies, you should sincerely consider this bag as the solution to all your needs.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Its innovative and organized design helps to optimize your storage potential, meaning you're able to take and carry more of your belongings with you wherever you go.
  • The padding at the rear of the bag is excellent quality and supports and protects your back from discomfort from the contents of the backpack. The quality is one of the best examples we've seen from Under Armour. 
  • The internal back pocket is deep and spacious.
  • The adjustable straps mean it can adapt to properly fit your body for increased comfort.
  • While this is marketed as a unisex bag, some may find the minimal appearance to be a tad masculine. 


While the appearance of a bag isn't traditionally the main selling point, it's still an area which has a lot of consideration placed upon it. You may have one of the best quality bags available but if your not completely sold on how it looks are you really going to wear it.

While the choice of colors isn't as wide as some may have hoped for, you need to keep in mind that the bag was designed as a unisex bag. There are a number of gender-neutral colors available for you to buy, all of which will easily blend into your wardrobe and daily style.

The overall design and silhouette of the LDWR have been kept relatively minimal but with a subtly sporty aesthetic.

It's the ideal bag for anyone who keeps things simple in terms of style, or someone who wants something to easily blend in. This bag oozes with a sense of adventure and travel, even if you're only using it for work or school. The dimensions of this bag are 18.11 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches. While it certainly isn't the largest backpack available on the market today, it's certainly the right size for most (if not all) of your needs.


Space is important, especially in a bag that you'll be frequently used for a wide range of purposes. Thankfully for you, this bag has plenty of storage and space, both of which are used smartly to optimize its storage potential. Designed with spacious interior sections and a number of pockets, you'll have space to spare no matter what.

With a number of spacious sections throughout the bag, you'll have an abundance of room for your everyday must-haves, including any books or electronics.

Thanks to its size and compartments, this bag is an excellent choice for updating your business and school bag. The main slot not only has a division for your electronics, but has enough space for bulkier items, such as a change of clothes, textbooks, or your lunch. The large verity of space available to you is also ideal for any outdoor enthusiasts searching for a great transitional piece.

This bag will transport you from the boardroom to trail almost instantly.
For some, the lack of a waist strap may make it a less than ideal outdoor activity bag, but this piece still offers plenty of support throughout.

The fabric is resistant to water, helping to protect your electronics and other belongings from the elements.
With an internal attachment to connect various items to, like your wallet or keys, you'll be able to find your smallest (but arguably one of the most important) must-haves in seconds.

At each side of the bag, there are two mesh slots, which are designed to carry water bottles and flasks. However, they can also safely secure your telephone if you want easy access to it.
The bag weighs less than one pound. It has a capacity limit of roughly 13 pounds.


Inadequate bags are not worth spending your money into if they are only going to break down in a month or so. That's why you need to be certain that your backpack will last, especially if you're planning on using it regularly. The LDWR is a solid purchase which will last you a long time, particularly if you look after it. With its durable fabric, this bag is well suited to an active and even hectic lifestyle. The reputation behind this bag is exceptional and high-quality, it was built to last.

This bag is very lightweight but was built to be able to hold lighter items like clothes and stationery, to heavier items like laptops and textbooks. Of course, you should avoid overloading the bag with too many heavy items as this could potentially damage the bag but also yourself.

The water-resistant fabric ensures a layer of protection against the elements, but of course, it's important to ensure the bag doesn't get too drenched or in contact with rain for too long as this can lessen the quality of the bag. The straps are both sturdy and adjustable, they also allow you to move freely while wearing the bag itself.


We already know that this bag comes with space to spare, but how exactly is that space utilized, and how can you make the most out of said space?

This bag has two spacious sections which can accommodate a multitude of items, both lightweight and bulky. Within the main compartment, which is also the largest one, there is a laptop sleeve with can hold up to 15 inches. This section is ideal for storing textbooks, shoes and even a change of clothes.

The second compartment has a sleeve which is suitable for storing smaller essentials such as your sunglasses and notebooks. This section is more suitable for less bulky items. It even features a nifty attachment, ideal for storing your keys and wallet in a convenient section.

Throughout the bag, there is a wide range of pockets and slots for you to store your smaller must-haves safely, all of which are protected with a water-resistant lining, which offers a perfect layer of protection against sudden spills.
The main exterior pocket is small, but can safely store your phone inside for easy access while on the move.

As previously mentioned, there are two mesh pockets at either side of the bag, which is an ideal place for you to store water bottles, flasks, a smaller lantern or flashlight. It can even be used to store your phone.


Carrying an especially heavy bag can be a tough load to handle, particularly when it's putting pressure on your back and shoulders and damaging those important parts of your body. If you have to have your bag on the heavy side it's good and important to know that your bag has enough support to protect your back and shoulders from potentially being hurt or damaged.

Because this bag, in particular, has a lot of storage within it, its great to know that it has been designed with additional support. The straps are not only non-slip, so you don't have to worry about them falling off your shoulders as your wearing them, but they're also padded. This padding acts as a cushioning layer, which prevents chaffing and discomfort around sensitive areas.

Under Armour are well known for their incredible quilting, which is often regarded as the best quilting you can buy.

The main straps are also adjustable, which helps you adapt them to fit your body more effectively, which offers a more supportive fit. It also helps you to effectively displace the weight of the bag.
These straps can easily be tightened or loosened on or off your body with very little hassle.

The back of the backpack is also padded. This padding has even been shaped to best suit and protects your back and spine from potentially bulky items within the main compartment. This added touch serves as the cherry on top.


This bag is perfect for most occasions. It's suitable for your daily grind, a day adventuring in sun, school. There is a lot of potential with this bag. While it isn't 100% waterproof, it still offers reasonable protection again spills, splashes, and the rain. Its optimized use of storage also easily accommodates clothes for an overnight camping adventure, a trip to the gym, and much more.

The internal laptop sleeve also means you can take your electronics with you and potentially work wherever you are. Which is an ideal perk for anyone who works remotely.

With an internal attachment in the secondary compartment, you're also able to store your grab and go essentials easily, without losing them at the bottom of the bag.

As I mentioned, this bag is a fantastic grab and go essential that will effortlessly transform your day from work/school straight into adventure. What more could you ask for? Not only that but wearing this bag is a comfortable experience, and you'll feel supported (even with a heavier load).

Sadly, there is no hydration system or a compartment for such within this bag. However, that is easily remedied with the mesh side pockets that accommodate flasks and water bottles.

This bag is an excellent pick thanks to its ingenious compartments and pockets and will suit many people no matter the activity.

Key Features

The LDWR effectively shields all your belongings from weather and safely and securely holds them whatever the activity. With water-resistant materials, it helps to preserve the inside of the bag, protecting them from any spills or leaks. The adaptable leashes also give incredible support and comfort.

Inside the central section, there is a jacket which is able to store a 15-inch laptop. Even when this sleeve is occupied, there is still room spare in the central area for other cumbersome objects. It also features a front external zip and a pouch, ideal for water bottles.

Key Features

  • Under Armour Storm tech, for a water-repelling finish.

  • Abrasion-repellent base.

  • Internal laptop sleeve.

  • Adaptable HeatGear® straps for additional support

  • One side pocket

Bottom Line

This bag may have a larger, fuller profile compared to other Under Armour bags, but its design is used effectively. It can accommodate everything from your books, to a change of clothes, alongside your laptop and tablet.
Despite is' masculine appearance, this bag is unisex, and the sleek and minimal design is something we can all appreciate.

This piece is comfortable, functional with it’s durable, reinforced bottom and water-repelling fabric.