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When you decide to spend the day on the golf course during warm or hot weather, it is crucial to wear something that is going to make you feel comfortable and focused on the game rather than on your discomfort. Newbies usually have to go through the hard ways to realize the importance of wearing golf-specific clothes, among which, the shirts are the number one priority. Many popular brands have worked on developing technologies to enhance golfers’ experience on the course in the most positive way, among which is Under Armour. The Under Armour collared shirts are frequently worn by golfers of all skills and levels thanks to the exceptional styling and high-quality materials utilized in their production. 

It is incredible how quickly such a relatively new company has managed to succeed in taking over the top position in the world of sport. Under Armour was set up decades after the most reputed brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas to name just a few, were set up, and yet it is now challenging them in many areas of sports apparel, footwear, and gear. It is a company that was based on innovations, and up until today this feature has remained to be the most characteristic part of its existence. 

The company was set up to offer athletes unchallenged performance, moisture-wicking shirts with properties, that until that date, were only utilized in sports shorts. Sports shirts marked the start of the company, and it was a start that can be seen in a film scenario since it influenced the company’s growth, and boosted the development of multiple technologies that can’t be rivaled. Under Armour delivers sports products for the needs of athletes of all sports, and for each and specific segment they have developed their individual line. The Under Armour collared shirts boast advanced material selection processed with the use of the best of their technologies, to deliver the best possible conditions to keep golfers comfortable, dry, and cool.

There are many different types of Under Armour collared shirts that feature different technologies and different manufacturing processes, so we scrutinized everything that has marked the UA shirts to help you select the ones that match your preferences. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Made with Iso-Chill technology that disperses heat and makes the body cool

Moisture-wicking and quick-drying

Anti-odor material

Four-way stretch material

The material doesn’t snug, chafe, wrinkle or become loose


Thinner than most of the models

Types of Technologies

If you have ever worn an Under Armour polo shirt, you must have been amazed by its specific performance features it has, as most of the golfers who have decided that Under Armour is their go-to brand. From keeping you dry regardless of the heat and the intensity of the activities you are doing, to keeping you protected from the harmful sunrays, the Underarmour collared shirts are made to impress even the pickiest.

All those performance features are, in fact, delivered by the multiple, patented technologies that the company has developed, and which have been proven to function impeccably to provide optimum comfort, style and keep up with any athlete’s dedication to achieving his/her goals. The technologies that Under Armour has developed can be categorized into four different sections, depending on the performance they deliver and the purpose they have.

The four main distinguishing categories are: Stay Ready, Stay Warm, Stay Cool, and Stay Dry. Even though they are self-explanatory, each of these four categories has several subcategories that comprise a blend of segmented features for a specific type of garment, and within each category, there are specific pieces of clothing relative for a specific sport. When it comes to golf, there’s everything a golfer might need to optimize his or her performance to the maximum. We will shortly shed some light on these technologies relative to our topic, i.e, we are going to describe each technology that is utilized in the production of the Under Armour collared shirts.

Stay Ready Technology

So, within the Stay Ready Technology, there are four subcategories, AllSeason Gear, Charged Cotton, SunBlock, and Threadborne. When it comes to collared shirts, you are most likely to find each of these technologies utilized in the offers.

AllSeason Gear comes usually as collared, long-sleeved shirts offer and it is made from 100% polyester, performance material that can be literally worn throughout the year.

Charged Cotton is one of the most praised innovations as it returned cotton to sports apparel once again. This technology optimizes cotton so that it is as soft and pleasant to wear like the real cotton, however, it doesn’t soak moisture as quickly as the ordinary cotton and dries five to seven times faster than the ordinary cotton.

Threadborne is the technology that makes the fabrics next-gen performance-optimized and ultra-comfortable. The nearly seamless and smooth material doesn’t chafe because it is designed with different levels of mesh so that heat is dumped where you need it the most.

SunBlock Technology, as the name itself implies, delivers not only performance features, but also golfers can play reassured that they will be protected from the harmful sun rays even when playing under the hottest days or the heaviest sun because the fabric features UPF 30 sun protection, enough to increase your confidence on the course.

Stay Cool

This technology is actually the most featured on the course and most of the short-sleeved Under Armour collared shirts utilize this technology. There are three subcategories within this range, HeatGear, Iso-Chill, and MicroThread, all of them delivering optimized material features for enhanced performance on the course.

Among the best selling models are the ones made with HeatGear technology that represents the first layer that keeps you cool, wicks the sweat the way and empowers you with every movement. It is used in hot and warm conditions to make you feel light, cool, and dry. It speeds up the evaporation and enhances the cooling effect.

The fabric that features Iso-Chill technology represents an advanced way of material to enable dispersion of the body heat so that it feels cool and completely restores the feeling of being dry at the touch.

Another technology within the range is the Microthread technology which is one of the most pleasant to wear materials that don’t absorb sweat, it dries faster, it doesn’t stretch or chafe and it doesn’t cling to you. It is among the most sold types of collared shirts and golfers simply love the playability features the material delivers.


Under Armour is a brand that focuses on making all-natural, performance-enhanced fabrics by applying their patented technologies on each of their models. Generally speaking, the most utilized performance material is the polyester, as this material has the capacity to resist moisture, doesn’t easily absorb it, and when wet, it quickly dries. Therefore, polyester is the number one material when it comes to sports apparel and golf gear. When processed with the Under Armour proprietary technologies, its features are considerably boosted so that athletes get the maximum of it.

In addition to polyester, you can often come across a combination of polyester with elastane or nylon, whose fibers, when blended with those of the polyester, deliver exceptionally-enhanced performance characteristics such as moisture-wicking properties, anti-chafe and anti-wrinkle features, and added elasticity and stretch.

We all know that cotton is the most comfortable material to wear and everyone loves it, however, it is one of those materials that absorb moisture very quickly and it is hard to dry. This is the reason why cotton has been often avoided in performance materials. However, as we have mentioned above, Under Armour has developed its proprietary cotton called Charged Cotton that has ultra drying properties so that it can dry out five to seven times faster than the ordinary cotton.

Anti-Odor Technology

What we all find especially repulsive is the bad odor while performing any sport, and it certainly is true for golfers as well since they spend four to six hours on the course. And while sweating is a totally natural process, and the only way for the body to regulate excessive heating, the bad odor can’t and shouldn’t be accepted as a normal thing. And, it is completely wrong to think that sweating is directly responsible for the bad odor. On the contrary, it is the odor creating bacteria that are fed by the sweat and that are located near the sweat glands that cause all the bad odor.

Therefore, to increase the self-confidence of the golfers, the Under Armour collared shirts have been made with the ability to kill the odor creating bacteria once you start sweating and with that to completely reduce the bad odor from your shirt. It is one of the features that make UA collared shirts one of the best selling on the market.

Four-Way Stretch Material

We have discussed the technologies that attribute specific features to the materials used in the production of the shirts, but one of the main characteristics of all their models is their flexibility, and ability to stretch in all four ways without losing their shape.

This feature is extremely important for golfers who move a completely rotating movement while swinging, and to perform a full-blown swing they need unhindered performance. As the shirt can often be the greatest obstacle for superior swing, this feature is very valued by golfers.

Moisture-Wicking Property

It was this feature that actually motivated the founder of Under Armour to set up the company, and it is the exceptional moisture-wicking property that the UA is recognized among the brands. All the technologies that we have previously mentioned deliver moisture-wicking characteristics to the fabrics in the same manner. The fabric is thus made so that when golfers start sweating, the perspiration is quickly drawn from the skin to the surface of the material. When it gets to the surface it can quickly evaporate with the help of the heat causing almost instant drying. While it is being drawn, the moisture creates a cooling effect that keeps the golfers always dry and refreshed.


The style and the design of all Under Armour collared shirts vary in terms of the design of the collar, the button placket which can integrate three or two buttons, the seams construction, the position of the logo and the color range. However, all these shirts have the recognizable Under Armour stitching and almost seamless design that makes them unique.

Our featured model, the Under Armour Iso-Chill Power Play Polo, is one of the latest designs that have been optimized for superior performance. The name itself implies that it features the Iso-Chill technology that makes the fabric disperse body heat and make it cool when you touch it. It integrates all the properties discussed above such as moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and four-way stretch material.

Regarding its design, it comes in several color varieties with horizontal stripes that are in different colors from the base color. The low-profile, micro-color comes in the same color as the horizontal stripes while the two-button placket makes it look elegant but sporty.

Key Features

The number of differently designed Under Armour collared shirts is impressive, and among the multiple designs, we decided to go with the Under Armour Iso-Chill Power Play polo shirt simply because it is one of the latest designs that integrate the most advanced Under Armour technologies that we discussed above. It stands as a representative of the most advanced way to boost golfers' performance and help them even outperform themselves by providing the best conditions for unhindered performance.

Key Features

  • Iso-Chill technology that disperses heat and makes the body cool

  • Moisture-wicking properties that make the material dry very soon

  • Anti-odor property that kills the odor creating bacteria

  • Four-way stretch material that enhances the performance without hindering the movements

  • The material doesn’t snug, chafe, wrinkle or become loose

Bottom Line

The Under Armour collared shirts can be seen worn by golfers on any PGA tournaments to any recreational game on any golf course around the country. The exceptional performance features have been recognized and appreciated even by the competition and this is the reason why Under Armour collared shirts are highly recommended.