Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

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One of the most impressive stories of even more fascinating company has been still attracting golfers’ attention, 85 years after its first beginnings. Titleist, as we know it today, started with a missed putt that led to a ball X-ray which reshaped and created the modern golf ball which revolutionized the game itself. The first-ever X-ray ball check-up that occurred in 1935, proved the suspicious golfer right that the ball was faulty with a distorted core, and this process of X-raying the golf balls is still carried out today.

The new manufacturing method and the individual check-up of each ball, defined Titleist balls as the first standardized balls ever made which guaranteed consistency and reliability. The new golf balls soon appealed to all tour professionals, and ever since, Titleist balls have been the most used balls on all professional and amateur tournaments, and their presence on courts is about 50% more than all other golf balls in total. 

To solidify its leading status in golf ball manufacture, Titleist has invested a considerably high amount of time, effort and money and today it is a proud owner of the largest intellectual property boasting more than 1000 patents. All their golf balls that reach the market undergo extremely stringent quality control checks, guaranteeing flawless performance and reliability.

In the vast range of their differently constructed golf balls, one of the most popular models is Tour Soft golf balls which are marketed as the softest golf balls ever made by Titleist, with superior distance and short game control. Designed like this, they are made to appeal to a variety of golfers with different golfing skills. We scrutinied their craftsmanship and playability, and bellow you’ll find the detailed analysis of Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Two-piece golf ball with the largest core that the company has ever made

Ultra-thin 4CE cover which is comprised of four different materials

Very aerodynamic 342-dimple design with cuboctahedron dimple pattern

Distance-enhancing performance with low spin and a piercing ball flight

Good grip and satisfactory short game performance

They come in white and yellow color


Low handicappers might find the short game spin, not in accordance with their needs


Titleist Tour Soft features a two-piece design, and they come as a replacement of the NXT range, which besides the name, they have some differences in their design too. Even though this model lacks the complexity in the design of, let's say, the most popular ProV1, it is a very playable golf ball that has been designed to meet the needs of players who need softer feel and more distance, such as mid and high handicappers.

The engine of the ball is its core, so this time, Titleist has made the largest core that they have produced to date, to enhance the ability of the ball to accumulate more speed and deliver a more responsive feel. As the core is very big, the cover is ultra-thin and made from 4CE grafted material which, with the help of the proprietary TCU Process Technology, helps golfers generate advanced feel in the short game and more feel. The 342 dimples which are spherically-tiled in cuboctahedron design, make these balls very consistent and deliver penetrating ball trajectory.

The Core

What Titleist is known for, is its differently constructed golf balls that range from two-piece golf balls to five-piece ones. The more complicated the design, the better the performance, however that doesn’t have to necessarily be true. If we take Tour Soft, for example, we’ll see that it is comprised of a core and a cover and nothing more. And, the biggest role in producing more speed has the core, which Titleist claims to be the largest one that they have produced. The extra-large size allowed them to lower the compression of the core so that it can deliver an extra soft feel without compromising the speed as it is often the case with low compression golf balls. This is what the company is promoting about Tour Soft, long and penetrating ball flight even for high-speed players and exceptionally low spin.

The Cover

Golf balls have a limited and predefined size which is standardized, and which can’t be modified whatsoever. This implies that when a company decides to produce a larger core, then it has to make the cover very thin. And that’s exactly what Titleist engineers did with the Tour Soft cover. It is ultra-thin and made from 4CE grafted material, which for most of you means nothing, so let’s explain what’s behind the name.

The number 4 refers to the fact that it is made from four different materials so that it delivers superior performance without needing additional mantle or supporting layers. Two of those four materials are ionomers which, a material which is commonly used by most of the manufacturers, and the other two materials are proprietary to Titleist. This combination of materials processed with the TCU (thin cup uniformity) technology, enabled Titleist’s designers to make a cover which is much thinner compared to competitors' thin covers. Titleist also claims that this cover is good enough to rival the most expensive ones not only in delivering good distance but in promoting better spin on the green and more feel.

Aerodynamic Properties

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the dimples on the golf balls is, and what you can expect from them? In case you haven’t had the answer to that question, now it is the time to fill in the blanks. You see, if the surface of the golf ball was smooth, then the fastest golf players would be able to achieve only a half from the speed they normally do.

So, yes, dimples make the ball go further and they enhance the aerodynamic properties. Therefore, the 342 dimples which are spherically-tiled in the cuboctahedron design deliver consistent air resistance and aerodynamic playability. This design basically means that the dimples are organized in a series of repeating patterns that seamlessly overlay into an aerodynamic pattern for straighter and penetrating ball flight.


When a golf manufacturer promotes a golf ball to be soft and with a low compression core, then, the common understanding is that it is a distance ball that meets the needs of high to mid handicappers. However, that's not the case with Titleist as the company claims that low compression core and soft feel is not something that only these golfers could benefit from. According to Titleist, these balls feature a design that is appealing to distance seekers who look for a better feel as well. So, even if you are a player that has a stronger swing speed, you will be able to have proper control and feedback on the ball.

The justification for this claim is seen in the proprietary 4CE cover and the blend of the four materials. Titleist has never been idle when it comes to new researches and technologies, so the two new materials that the company has invented and patented, that come in combination with the ionomer enhance the feel and the control. These materials enabled Titleist's designers to create the cover ultra-light, which is highly responsive and helps golfers have proper control. And this is the reason why the company introduced the name Tour in the name of this model.

The large core, on the other hand, is powerful enough to boost the speed of the ball to get more yardages. Accompanied by a highly aerodynamic dimple design, the distance effect is indisputable, while the grip and the contact with the clubhead are highly emphasized. Plus, the low compression core effectuates the ball flight into a piercing trajectory which goes straight with low spin. When it comes to spin though, many golf experts say that the expected spin in the short game is not as pronounced as pro players might expect, and that is the only con that you might find in this model.

So, regardless if you are a mid, high, and even low handicapper, you will find these balls effective and distance-enhancing. Even if your swing speed is high, these balls will behave as you expect them.


If you come from a family who has had at least one family member who has played golf, then the chances are you have at least one Titleist golf ball originating from a long time ago. Titleist balls are rulers in the golf ball industry because they have stayed true to their dedication to retaining the quality and the design that they presented when they were first launched in 1935. But it's not just keeping the quality of a very unified process and consistent performance, they have offered much more. The stringent quality control that each of the balls goes through and the extreme testing before they are launched on the market represent a guarantee that buyers will have a long-lasting and highly playable golf ball.

Key Features

One thing is definite when it comes to Titleist golf balls and that is the quality control and the exquisite quality of materials they are made with. Especially when it comes to their proprietary materials used in the construction of the balls. Tour Soft is officially introduced as a two-piece golf ball that is comprised of a very large core and an ultra-light cover which is made from a blend of four materials among which two are proprietary and the other two include ionomer which is a popular choice of many other golf balls. The 342-dimple design enhances the aerodynamic properties effectuating a piercing ball flight with no slicing or hooking.

Key Features

  • Two-piece golf ball with the largest core that the company has ever made

  • Ultra-thin 4CE cover which is comprised of four different materials

  • Very aerodynamic 342-dimple design with cuboctahedron dimple pattern

  • Distance-enhancing performance with low spin and a piercing ball flight

  • Good grip and satisfactory short game performance

  • It comes in white and yellow color

Cost and Value

The price of any product is often considered to be the main determiner whether the buyer is going to select that product or will look for similar, but cheaper variety, especially if the performance is more or less the same.

When it comes to Titleist golf balls, the price ranges from mid to high, but it doesn't come as a surprise if you consider all the technology, research, and development that the company invests in their products. The Tour Soft model belongs to the mid-price point which is an excellent opportunity for golfers who strive for playing with some of the best golf balls on the market.

Bottom Line

Titleist is the brand that changed the look and the construction of the golf balls and it set new standards of what should be expected from a golf ball. The perfection that Titleist is maintaining in the construction of their golf balls is not only achieved, but they move the boundaries that they have set before.

Tour Soft is a distance golf ball, is the model that replaces the previous NXS models but they are slightly a bit firmer with more enhanced short game control. Mainly, this is an all-round golf ball that is distance oriented, however, if you expect extra spin in the short game then this model might not meet your expectations. Quality-wise, it features superior sophistication, so golfers can expect long term playability and reliable performance.