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Titleist is one of the most outstanding golf companies which has a wide range of production assortment that ranges from Titleist golf balls, clubs, apparel, and accessories. In fact, there’s almost no golfer that hasn’t played with a Titleist golf ball regardless of their skill level. Golf balls are the products that launched the company in the world of golf, and every golfer associates its name with golf balls. The brand was the first to introduce regular X-raying of the golf balls to ensure that each ball delivers standardized and unified performance. It is the company that owns more than 1000 patented products with the greatest intellectual property. And these production features refer not only to their golf balls but to the company’s golf gloves too.  

Fast forward today, Titleist reigns the golf balls production as it is Tour supplier and ultimate leader in the field. But, in addition to being the best golf ball manufacturer, it is the leader in many other golf-related products, among which, the Titleist Perma Soft. Since not all golf gloves are created equal, Titleist has been made to stand as an example of the highest quality golf glove. 

Seasoned golfers know exactly why high-quality glove should be the part of your basic accessory, but many beginners and even mid handicappers undermine the importance of gloves. The thing is, with a high-quality glove the grip to your club will be superb and you won’t risk slipping it from your hand. This occurs much more often than you can even suppose, so some golfers never even play golf without a glove.

The golf glove that we are reviewing today, the Titleist Perma Soft has been one of the most praised among golf gloves and its unique design with the supreme materials stands up to the company’s reputation. The construction itself, the choice of the materials, and the reinforcement on the most critical to wear and tear places make it one of the most sought-after golf gloves on the market today.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Made from high-quality Cabretta leather

Comfortable feel and reliable grip in any occasions

Moisture and impact resistant

CoolMax panels on knuckles zones for increased flexibility and comfort

Exclusive seams and enhanced tear-resistant material

Satin reinforcement at the cuff and the thumb


A few golfers have experienced durability issues


Regardless of the weather conditions, golfers are often advised to wear a glove on their weaker hand as it is a guarantee that it will provide a secure and stable grip. Even though it is highly recommended, many golfers fail to follow those recommendations thinking that dry conditions do not impose the need of wearing a glove.

However, the reality is far from such, and seasoned golfers know this the best. The humid weather, hot weather, and even cold weather modify the ‘perfect’ conditions for a stable grip as the excessive palm perspiration causes slipping of the club and produces a bad swing. It is not a rare case to get the club flying together with the ball, which is a clear indication that golfers need to make sure that they will have everything done to prevent such incidents. When the grip of the club is slippery, you will never have a good performance, even when the slippery conditions are minimal.

Mainly, this is the reason why the designers from Titleist focus on creating a golf glove that will be comfortable to wear in any weather conditions but, at the same time, to deliver maximum performance, and stable grip. The Titleist Perma Soft is a clear indication that perfection does exist when it comes to golf gloves.

The palm and the knuckles are those places that are most prone to wear and tear, and which are the most significant in providing the best grip, so, it is expected that a good golf glove would feature characteristics that will provide reliable grip and durability. This is exactly how this glove was made, panels to provide comfort while the superior material enhances the grip regardless of the conditions.


There are rare occurrences when tour golfers have actually played without a glove, and this fact is a clear indication of the importance of having a good golf glove. High-quality gloves are usually considered those that are able to deliver a trustworthy performance, such as the Titleist Perma Soft. One of the reasons why this model has such a high rating and excellent performance features lies in the material the glove is made from.

The material that Titleist chose for their most prominent glove is the Cabretta leather, the material that is characterized by high durability and comfort. This leather is one of the softest types of leathers, it is very close-fibered and very impact resistant. For the purposes of making golf gloves, it is combined with synthetic fibers that make it more resistant to external impacts and water. But it is never only about the Cabretta leather, it is the way it is put together, the seams, and the material it is combined with to deliver optimal performance and comfort.

In addition to the Cabretta leather, the Titleist Perma Soft is made with strategically positioned CoolMax mesh panels that are positioned across the knuckles so that it provides more flexibility and protects it from wear and tear. This material is very thin but stretchy, so it doesn't prevent golfers to move the hand freely while gripping the club. Plus, the thumb and the cuff area feature satin reinforcement for extra soft and comfortable feeling and optimal protection.

The material itself has also been processed and stitched together so that it allows full breathability and moisture-wicking features. This is particularly important for golfers who tend to sweat a lot and who have issues when wearing gloves. Made like this, it is a guarantee that they are easy to wear, don’t cause any discomfort and allow golfers to perform at their best.

Use and Fit

If you have played golf at least once with a golf glove that wasn’t quite a fit, then you know how hard it is to be able to hold the club well, and it often brings more harm than good. This is why the material needs to be optimized so that it stays snug on your hand but not too tight nor too loose, even if you tend to put the glove on and off all the time.

When it comes to the use of the glove, it can be used in any weather condition. The material is water-resistant and it can be a good option during light rain or when the air is very humid. The flexibility of the material and the soft feeling it delivers encourages golfers to have it constantly on. What many golfers complain about is the discomfort from too sweaty hands during hot and summer days. However, there’s no need for worries, as the Titleist Perm Soft has a very unique way to resist over-sweating. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice the perforations on the finger area which deliver maximum breathability and air-flow. This makes them suitable for any weather condition without affecting comfort.

The Titleist Perma Soft is a model that comes in multiple sizes, as a matter of fact, it is a very impressive offer when it comes to size choices, and it ranges from Cadet Small to XX-Large, totaling 11 different sizes. The glove is a male model, so it is not recommended for women. The effectiveness of the glove is impeccable and it has an exceptionally high rating.


For many golfers, a glove is just a glove, however, from one model to another there are many differences if you know where and what to look for. The Titleist Perma Soft is a modern golf glove that comes in pearl white color and looks very trendy. It is designed with a Velcro tab on the upper part of the hand for better fit and adjustment for better grip and performance. The logo of the company is placed on the circular tab that reminds of a ball marker with a red number 1 under it.

In addition to the adjustability, the model features a peculiar stitching design which subtly enhances the modern design of the glove. The sewing construction is excellently made and the seams are thus positioned so that they deliver boosted comfortable feeling and do not impede the performance in any way. The satin reinforcement is masterfully added and golfers can enjoy the softness of the material.


Many golfers underestimate the need for a good quality golf glove and make the mistake of opting for lower quality and cheaper ones. The lesson is often quickly learned as those cheap gloves tend to tear after a few games. What makes Titleist different and renowned for its quality is the maximum quality control they impose on every single model, making sure that buyers get the maximum performance benefit.

As the quality of the material is of a premium category and the overall stitching is unsurpassed, Titleist claims that you’ll be able to enjoy this model for many rounds of golf before it shows any signs of wear and tear. This is only valid if you use them within the normal range and if you properly care about them.


Taking good care of your Titleist Perma Soft means prolonging its life and saving it for a few more seasons. Taking good care means following the care instructions recommended by the manufacturer. What it is important to note about the Titleist Perma Soft is the delicacy of the material it is made from. This means that you should keep and store it to a dry place which secures its durability.

When it comes to washing it, it is recommended not to wash it too often but to wait for the glove to be completely soiled. Frequent washing can easily tear the glove, so make sure that you don't expose it too often to unnecessary washing. It is recommended to hand wash it by using a mild detergent and gently rub the surface until the dirt is removed. The only machine washable option is to wash it on a delicate cycle. Regarding drying, you should leave it to self-dry without directly exposing it to the sun, while a drier is not recommended.

Key Features

While analyzing the design of the Titleist Perma Soft, we realized that it is a golf glove that every golfer needs to have. It delivers a maximum secure grip, outstanding performance, and ultimate comfort. The Cabretta leather is made from ensures optimal comfort, while the stitching itself provides reliable construction. It is the model that has hundreds of five-star ratings, a fact that confirms the highest performing features of this model. The Titleist Perma Soft is the type of glove that can be used in almost all weather conditions, ensuring maximum grip.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality Cabretta leather

  • Comfortable feel and reliable grip in any occasions

  • Moisture and impact resistant

  • CoolMax panels on knuckles zones for increased flexibility and comfort

  • Exclusive seams and enhanced tear-resistant material

  • Satin reinforcement at the cuff and the thumb

Bottom Line

Titleist stands as one of the most reputed names in the golf industry, always ensuring exquisite designs and maximum quality. Despite the fact that it is the most known for its golf balls that haven’t been surpassed, the company offers a different range of products that are made with the highest production standards. Such is this glove model that has been very highly rated and which is one of the most favorite golfers’ models. According to buyers, it is one of those models that don’t fail your expectations in all aspects, from durability to comfort and this is the reason why it has been on the market for quite some time. In a nutshell, it is an excellent quality golf glove that comes from a trustworthy manufacturer, so we are very pleased to recommend this product.