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Some companies have a rather fabulous story of their beginning to share, and among the most fascinating is the story of Titleist which includes a putt that was missed, a faulty golf ball, an X-ray, and two young people with very progressive ideas. This beginning has led to the creation of the first customized golf ball model, a process that involved individual X-raying of every single golf ball and it is the method that it is still a procedure today. Titleist is unsurpassed in the golf ball production and the Titleist DT TrueSoft has been one of the best softballs on the market.

The way Titleist produced soon attracted the most renown tour players who recognized the playability and the consistency of the balls. Since than Titleist claims the title ‘ the most attractive tour ball of all times’. And the fascination even goes beyond limits, when you realize that fast forward today, the company owns some of the greatest intellectual properties in the world, claiming over 1000 patents. 

From the vast heritage that Titleist has left to golfers around the world, we have selected the Titleist DT TruSoft model which has been released two years ago and which has been among the most selling distance golf balls that golfers have pleasantly impressed. Even though it is a distance golf ball model, it features all-round performance for the short and the long game. 

We felt intrigued to find out more about the Titleist DT TruSoft, the design, the innovation, and everything that makes the ball so popular. After the detailed research, we describe every single aspect related to it, from the design, the performance, the technology and what to expect. So, read below to find out why this model is so popular among golfers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

A golf ball designed in two-pieces for maximum distance

A large, low compression TruTouch core design for low spin and soft feel

Ionomer TruFlex cover for a short game spin and better performance

Soft, but responsive feel around the green

TruSoft aerodynamic dimple pattern

Consistent and piercing ball trajectory


The spin needed for the short game might be less than what better players would expect


The Titleist DT TruSoft is a golf ball constructed from a core and a cover, and it comes as a continuation of the Titleist DT TrueSoft that was released in 2016. Even though the two models feature the same name and belong to the same range, some differences distinguish the later model. The DT TrueSoft is a much simpler model when it comes to its construction compared to some of the most complex Titleist golf balls such as ProV1. Among the differences, the model that was released in 2018 has a larger low compression core which helps golfers reduce the spinning on distance shots. Plus, the core has also been improved making this model suitable for golfers who need more yardages and golfers with slower swing speed.

Since the core of the ball functions as its engine, the newer design comes with a larger core design compared to its predecessor. The larger size means that the ball is capable to accumulate more energy which will then be effectuated into extra speed and longer distance.
The TruTouch core features the lowest and the softest compression that you can find in a Titleist ball, guaranteeing maximized low spin effect. The TruFlex ionomer cover enhances the soft feel and delivers a very responsive sound.

There are two available colors of this model, the standard white and high optic yellow, the most featured colors among golfers. The balls come in numbers from 1 to 4 in different packages.

Core Design

Titleist produce differently constructed golf balls that come in two-piece design to five-piece complex construction. Bluntly said, if the design integrates a more complex structure, then you’d have a more compact golf ball that is capable to enhance the performance among more advanced golfers. However, it doesn’t mean that golf balls that are made with two elements are less performing. Let’s take the DT TruSoft, for example, the ball that has only an extra-large core and a thin ionomer cover.

This golf ball model belongs to the distance category. So, in order to produce more speed, golfers need a stronger swing speed and a good distance golf ball. The distance is determined by the core that, as we have previously mentioned, is the one that generates more speed while the low compression allows golfers with slower swing speed to effectuate their shots into much faster and further ball flight. Since this is a Titleist mode, we already know that the company is a top-notch company in all aspects, so they made sure that the core delivers a softer feel for better response.

Cover Design

Since Titleist makes its golf balls unified and standardized with the common standards, it implies that the golf balls designers have a limited volume to work on. The larger core design inevitably means that the cover needs to be much thinner without losing the playability. And, in this model, the cover does feature a thinner design with improved playability features and soft feel.

The cover is made from Ionomer, a less expensive option when it comes to golf ball covers. The choice almost instantly makes us draw a conclusion that the cover material is not made for better players, but bearing in fact that it is made with the TruFlex Titleist technology, things aren’t as simple as they seem to be. The way it is made ensures that the ball performs well around the green delivering soft and very responsive sound and feel. Plus, even though the ball boasts very low spin when you play the long game, it is completely the opposite of the short game. According to golfers, it is easy to control and increases the spin for more precision, however, not to the point as some other more advanced Titleist models would do.


If you have played golf for quite some time you must have realized the importance that dimples have on the golf ball and the role they play. To put it shortly, they enhance the aerodynamic properties of the ball and enhance the ball flight. In case the golf ball was smooth without any dimple on it, then the maximum speed that the fastest golf players could achieve would be not even half of what they usually perform.

So, dimples boost the speed of the ball so that it goes further by boosting the aerodynamic properties. The organization of the dimples ensures a piercing ball flight and consistent ball trajectory that ensures maximum distance. The TruFlight pattern ensures that the dimples feature such a pattern so that golfers can expect more speed even if they hit the ball off the center.


It is a common understanding that when a ball is advertised as soft with a very low compression core, then, it is perceived to be a ball designed to help high or mid handicappers reach a faster speed of the ball and more yardages. However, Titleist tells us another story, claiming that every golfer can benefit from this ball. Titleist describes this model as appropriate for golfers who need a softer feel.

What many golf experts and reviewers are saying about the DT TruSoft matches the manufacturer’s description. Many golfers claim that they could produce ball flights for 10 or more yards consistent extra yards with the driver and the woods, and also the increase in the distance could be noticed when using the long irons too. It delivers noticeably softer feel off the face and the low spin which increases the carry and produces more distance.

Having a large core is what makes the ball powerful to enhance the speed which in turn gets the ball further. Accompanied by TruFlight aerodynamic design, it is the right formula for consistent piercing trajectory. In addition to this, the low compression of the core means lower resistance and better chances for a straight, low spin trajectory. Regarding the short game spin, it isn’t as emphasized as better players expect, or some other Titleist models deliver.

Anyway, the fact that the Titleist DT TruSoft is one of the most selling distance golf balls thanks to the obvious distance increase they deliver with responsive feedback and control. Definitely, it is a model that will meet the needs of high to mid handicappers.


One of the most indisputable features that Titleist boasts is the high quality of their balls. You don’t even need a written confirmation about this as the balls that golfers used decades ago can still be used even today. Since Titleist is ‘the king’ of the golf balls manufacturers, durability has never even been an issue. Plus, the quality control check that the company applies to its balls ensures that no faulty ball reaches the market. This means that you are much more likely to lose the ball rather than damage the ball.

Key Features

When we get to this section, we usually sum up everything that we have said so far into one whole so that you get a clear idea of the most prominent features of the product. Therefore, we have to emphasize the fact that this is a distance golf ball model that is intended to help golfers with slower swing speed and those who need more distance in their long game. The ball is constructed in two pieces, large core with low compression and soft ionomer cover with a superior dimple design.

There’s one feature that is mutual for every Titleist golf ball model: the strict control and the durable design which every single golf ball boasts. The technologies used in its production and the production process guarantees that you will get a maximum from it. All their technologies and the materials are patented and specialized to deliver the performance you would expect from playing with a Titleist golf ball.

Key Features

  • A golf ball designed to deliver maximum distance

  • A large, low compression TruTouch core design for low spin and soft feel

  • Ionomer TruFlex cover for a short game spin and better performance

  • Soft, but responsive feel round the green

  • TruSoft aerodynamic dimple pattern

  • Consistent and piercing ball trajectory

Cost and Value

How much golf balls cost is often a factor that influences the buyer's decision if he/she will choose that specific model or will continue its search for a cheaper option, particularly if the product has similar features with another one.

The prices of Titleist golf balls are as varied as the models they offer. They usually are considered expensive but it isn’t surprising if you take into account the utilized technology, development, and research which the company puts into their products. Fortunately, the DT TruSoft model is one of the least expensive models, so it is an excellent option for golfers looking forward to enriching their game with some high-quality golf balls.

Bottom Line

Titleist is one of the companies that directly influenced the modern design and the modern construction of balls used today and set new limits and standards of how golf balls should look. But the company always looks forward and hasn’t settled with what it has achieved so far. They frequently go over the limits that they have set and prove that even the best ones can be better.

The Titleist DT True Soft is a golf ball model that enhances the distance, it is very playable and golfers can expect more yardages than what they are currently achieving. Even though golf balls aren't magic wands to change the way you perform, Titleist golf balls are guaranteed to make an enormous impact on your game and score.