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TaylorMade has gathered quite a team under its name, and no other golf company boasts such a great number of outstanding tour players as TaylorMade does. It is no doubt that this is the Golden Age for TaylorMade in terms of technology advancement and sophisticated clubs designs. Even putters, which until the first launch of the Spider model were not very appreciated, have been flourishing in construction advancement and breakthrough technology. This TaylorMade putter is the latest representative of the latest edition of the Spider putters family.

The Spider putters came out as complete amazement on the market and despite looking, well, as the name implies, spider-like, they brought about not only a design advancement and futuristic concepts, but they also introduced performance that can’t be paralleled with anything similar. So, even though modestly accepted by tour players at the very beginning of their launch on the market because of the large and high MOI shape, the model was finally accepted on Tour in 2017 with a slightly changed concept of the Spider Tour putter which was modified by Jason Day. 

To celebrate the success of the Spider model and to show-off their obviously developed insights into superior putter production, TaylorMade decided to unveil TaylorMade Spider X putter at the tenth anniversary of their initial huge putter success. The design has been revamped but not completely changed so that it greatly reminds of its starting point. The color choices are as unique as everything else related to this model.

This time, the new Spider X model comes in an optimized form from every angle, its clubhead is smaller then it was before, the insert is thicker and it features Y-shaped sightline with sharp and smart lines. Since the predecessor, proudly played and owned by Jason Day, has been one of the most played putters over the last two years, the brand used the opportunity to introduce the Tylor Made Spider X, claiming it is the best version that they have made so far.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Perimeter weighting for more balance and stability

Steel frame, carbon composite central section and Surlyn and aluminum face insert

Greater MOI for more forgiveness and greater speed

Deeper Pure Roll grooves for a faster roll and less backspin

Better alignment aid for easier squaring the ball

Two-color varieties, Dakota Copper and Midnight Blue


One of the most expensive putters on the market

Improved Design

When the company first released the Spider model, they didn’t have the chance to go through exact measurements to determine the performance level of the putter to the actual numbers, however, with the new Spider X the company used a launch monitor and analyzed 10,500 impacts so that it could provide more alignment and stability. Given the fact that their sponsored Tour players Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson frequently putt about 3mm off the center towards the toe, the company focused on delivering added stability as the key feature regardless of the putting ability of the golfer.

The new Spider X features an optimized design from every angle. This time, the clubhead is about 5% smaller compared to the older version and looks much more pleasing while the carbon core which has drastically reduced its weight from 79 grams to 15 grams, frees up a considerable weight that is repositioned to the stability frame which is now 320 grams instead of 247 grams as it was before.

Another change that golfers can notice is the replacement of the so-called ‘rocket pods’ with two steel weights which move the weight towards the back corners of the putter. This mass has been particularly designed for the purposes of this putter, whereas all previous models were designed with the mass that was used int he R7 Quad driver. This is another indication that TaylorMade put a lot of effort into making this model as tour acceptable as possible. These weights come in blue color and look great on them.

Clubhead Construction

Even though the body looks the same with the older models if you look at it from above, the materials utilized in Spider X are considerably different. The frame is made from steel, while the central part is made of carbon composite. This carbon composite replaces the steel part in the older designs that weighed 79 grams, and in the Spider X, it weighs just 15 grams. But despite the lighter central piece, this model is heavier than Spider Tour, weighing 320 grams with the weight pushed towards the edges of the head so that the MOI is increased and with it, the forgiveness of the putter.

As a matter of fact, the added MOI means that all those mishits are likely to effectuate into successful shots without losing speed which means more chances to hole the ball. Actually, the reason why TaylorMade made this puter more forgiving is seen in their research that proved that even the best golfers miss the center from 1.5 to 3 cm on either side. The higher MOI therefore, makes it more appealing to golfers with higher handicap too, not only Tour players.

Face Insert

The multi-material construction of the TaylorMade Spider X is present not only in the frame design of the putter but also in the face insert as well. It represents a blend of 80% Surlyn and 20% aluminum flakes which provide a very firm feel that resembles the Spider Tour Black. The insert s 5mm deep which also implies that it has deeper Pure Roll grooves. These grooves are positioned at 45 degrees angle which makes the ball roll much faster with considerably less backspin.

The deeper insert is something that makes the TaylorMade Spider X putter an outstanding club. It impacts the solid sound and a bit firmer and which delivers excellent feedback to help you assess your strokes and now how to better shape your next putt.


Golf is a visual game and golfers often need visual aid in order to be able to precisely hit the ball, especially when it comes to putting. To be able to put well you need good putting skills, but the putter you use plays a considerable role too. Many putters nowadays feature specifically designed lines, usually in contrasting colors to help golfers better align the ball and visually help them increase their precision.

Since golfers are different with different preferences, TaylorMade offers two distinctive alignment aids, the traditional single vertical line which points to the center of the clubface and a black line on a white colored background. This way, golfers have the most optimized shape for better alignment, and when you position it down at address it does look impressive. It dominates the visual field and ensures that the face is square when putting the ball. The leading edge comes below the white line so that golfers keep the alignment as they hit the ball to the target.

Offset Design

The TaylorMade is not only the best putter for 2019, but it is one of the most versatile. As we were discussing its features we mentioned that it has design versatility, however, it comes in two offset versatilities. Golfers can choose from ¾ hosel offset or Full offset depending on their personal preferences. In case you want face-balanced putter golfers can opt for full offset. The 30-degree toe hang putter is suitable for those golfers who play with an arc stroke as it has the capacity to provide similar closing of the face with much more forgiveness.

Color Design

When it comes to color, we have to agree that the red version of the previous Tour model has been unsurpassed and it has inspired numerous imitations and similar designs. However, for the tenth anniversary, TaylorMade engineers have opted for the Dakota Copper version which reminds of the older models that were made of bronze and brass. In addition to the copper version, golfers have the choice of the Midnight Blue color which has been initially designed for Dustin Johnson as this is the color of his preferred golf apparel.


The TaylorMade Spider X Putter has been an interesting offer this year, as it clearly fits several categories, and despite the fact that they had the tendency to promote blade putters on Tour, this model pushes the mallet-style putters forward.

The heavier weight on the perimeter and the multi-material design appeals to a very wide range of golfers from low to mid handicappers, and the fact that it has two loft design appeals to players with versatile styles and performance.

The face insert is what makes the model superior compared to almost all TaylorMade models as the Surlyn and aluminum blend delivers one of the firmest feels. The sound is also highly influenced by this insert, delivering a very responsive and solid sound that advanced golfers can rely on. The grooves positioned at the angle of 45 degrees allow the ball to roll with less backspin and considerably quicker.

Another outstanding feature when it comes to this model is the higher MOI head that allows greater forgiveness which is very appreciated from higher handicappers. TaylorMade did a lot of research on golfers’ hitting tendencies and they concluded that even the lowest handicappers do tend to hit the ball a bit off the center, and this was the leading principle when deciding on the improvements when it comes to Spider X. The higher MOI combined with the optimized alignment aid improves the chances for more putts, so, all in all, golfers can expect increased playability and improved performance.

Key Features

Not many putters can boast being the best putters of the year, but TaylorMade Spider X has been officially declared the best for 2019. Not that we are very surprised by it, as a matter of fact, it was kind of expected from TaylorMade to deliver another groundbreaking model into putters category as the last few years, they have incredibly advanced their technology withing the wide range of golf clubs. Until recently putters haven’t really been their cup of tea, but with the Spider X model, they have declared dominance in the putter zone as well.

The reason for the excellent playability can be seen in the multi-material design that saves weight in the center and which positions mass towards the edges to increase the stability and the balance. The grooves and the insert help golfers get faster roll without much backspin, while the white alignment line provides considerable help to square the ball. The two-offset designs add more versatility and choice to golfers to select the preferred style of playing.

Key Features

  • Two-color varieties, Dakota Copper and Midnight Blue

  • Perimeter weighting for more balance and stability

  • Steel frame, carbon composite central section and Surlyn and aluminum face insert

  • Greater MOI for more forgiveness and greater speed

  • Deeper Pure Roll grooves for a faster roll and less backspin

  • Better alignment aid for easier squaring the ball

  • Full and 3/4 offset design

  • SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip

  • KBS C Taper Tour putter

Bottom Line

The TaylorMade Spider X putter is equally attractive putter as it is highly functional and efficient with an outstanding roll, and a superior feel. It is equally efficient on longer and shorter putts with stability and balance, making it appealing to a wider range of golfers. The smaller head and the larger MOI contribute towards its versatility which is additionally enhanced with the two offset models. All in all, having this putter in your bag means more putts and very good performance which will last for a long time. The only drawback it has is its high price, but one can’t argue the price point as it reflects the quality design and the choice of material combined into a very unique and sophisticated construction.