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Going golfing is one of the best past times you can have, it teaches you patience, helps relaxes you, amongst other things. So there's little wonder why many players spend anywhere between four or more hours on the course during each visit. It's a perfect game to play on your own or with some friends, and it's a great way to get away from your hectic life for a little while.

Any keen golfer knows that its a sport that comes with a lot of baggage (literally) and accessories. They'll also be able to tell you how important good and effective equipment is to the quality of their game. While those hand-me-down golf clubs you got from a loved one may have sentimental value to them, they weren't exactly built for modern golfing.

Golf companies all around the world work tirelessly to annually renew their products. The evolution not only helps improve their former golfing tools, but it helps enhance and sharpen players performance on the course, while also improving common golfing issues too. When you have the right tools and accessories by your side they not only enhance your performance but add to your overall golfing experience.

Upgrading your golf essentials is crucial for two reasons: 1) The latest additions are quite often the most game improving items available on the market. 2) They help you stand out and impress your friends while on the golfing green.

As I mentioned, companies annually unveil their latest products, which are (more often than not) better than anything that came before. This is true when it comes to all golfing essentials, from clubs to carts!

In early 2019, TaylorMade released their latest series of the cart and stand bags, all of which were not only built to last but also built to impress. With a large selection of color schemes for you to choose from, these bags are truly impressive. If you're wanting to update your golf bag and add a little vamp into your golf green look, then these bags are something you should seriously consider. One of the stands out bags from this recently unveiled series was the 2019 Tour Cart Golf Bag.

The TaylorMade 2019 Tour Cart bag has a number of incredible features that you will certainly appreciate. Not only does this bag come with a large range of specialized pockets for you to use while on the course, but it's premium structure and style offers your golfing green look a polished finish. The storage available within this bag is not only useful but also smart, something golfers of all levels will appreciate.

This bag features the classic golf bag facilities, but it has also been upgraded for a tour-ready finish. You'll always be prepared with this incredible bag.

With all of the incredible features available for you to explore, this bag is set to be a top favorite for 2021. But before you rush off to purchase one for yourself, let's investigate what makes this bag so good!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This cart bag is equipped with a large number of pockets, making it ideal for storing all your golfing essentials, from a spare pair of golf shoes, clothes, all the way to pens and golf balls.
  • Its waterproof construction allows you to play no matter the weather if you're brave enough to face the elements.
  • The velour-lined pockets add a level of luxury which is an appealing feature to many players.
  • The three-point shoulder strap offers a nice and balanced feeling while being carried, which offers unlimited support.
  • While it may not be the lightest bag on the market, it is still on the lighter side of things in comparison to other Tour grade bags that are available at the moment.


A golf bag is only as good as its endurance allows it. That's why when you're purchasing a new golf bag you have to be certain you're getting the most bang for your buck, especially if your product may be on the hefty side of the price range. Why spend a lot of money on something that won't last long anyway?

Typically a high price tag serves as an insight into the longevity of a product (alongside luxury and other key features), but there are some exceptions to this rule. So, let's take a closer look and dissect the durability of this bag.

Unlike some other bags on the market, this Tour Cart Bag is waterproof, which works to prevent water damage which is one of the leading factors in premature deterioration. Not only that but the desirable velour-lined pockets are not only there to serve an aesthetic purpose, giving your bag a desirable polish, but they also give your pockets a water-resistant finish that helps stop the effects of accidental spillages within the bag. What more could you ask for?

The internal and external compartments located throughout the bag work to enhance your storage, offering efficient and smart places to hold all your stuff without having to worry about overpacking (which can also deteriorate your bag sooner than desired).

TaylorMade are well known for creating incredible and utterly remarkable products, and the 2019 Tour Cart Bag is certainly no exception. It is constantly you showing and proving why it is the must-have item of 2019!

The overall endurance of this bag is outstanding. Not only does it offer consistent performance in even the most difficult of situations, but it also proves itself to be a true golfing green companion that puts other bags to shame. It would be highly unwise to even consider buying a cart bag with a level of endurance/durability less than this.


How well you can store everything within your golf bag is another indicator of its quality. If you can barely fit more than a few items within it, what's the use of even buying it in the first place.

While most golf bags only offer a few pockets, this TaylorMade Tour Cart Bag has 12 pockets. All of which are available in a wide range of different sizes, making it an absolute must-have for any golfer who likes to have everything on hand (in the rare case you may need it). It has enough room for a different set of clothes, shoes, as well as plenty of room for any smaller essentials you may need to bring with you. You'll struggle to find space for things.

Obviously, you don't want to overpack as this not only adds to the overall weight, but it can also help with early deterioration, which you certainly don't want.

Two of the pockets are velour-lined, which means they're the perfect storage place for phones, tablets or other electronic devices. This bag also features an umbrella sleeve, which is ideal for keeping on handy in case of a sudden bit of drizzle.

This bag has a lot of smart storage, all of which has a specific use and purpose. Obviously, I've mentioned the velour-lined pockets, but it also has two specialized clothing compartments, two accessory pockets which have been given a protective hardshell shield. Not only that but the two insulated cooler pockets offer a great place to store and chill food and drinks while you're on the course. Of course, there are also two accessory compartments and pockets for balls and tees. What more could you ask for?

If you can't already tell, storage is not an area you will be lacking in. If anything you'll have too much storage (which is thankfully not a bad thing to have when golfing with friends).

With the layout and construction of these pockets and compartments, it's clear to see that the creative designers at TaylorMade have truly put a lot of thought into this bag's creation, which is another incredible perk of this cart bag.


Our decision to buy something shouldn't rest on how that item looks, but most of the time we do just that. As much as we may like to present the image that looks and aesthetics don't matter to us, it still plays a big factor in our decision making. After all, if you don't like the way something is designed, are you really going to happily use it? No.

We like to present this image of ourselves to our friends and family, and a big part of that presentation is the look and feel of the things we use and wear. While you dress to impress yourself, you also dress to impress your friends and peers.

The look of this incredible cart bag is very desirable and fashion-forward, which will certainly impress your friends on the golf course while proving itself to be an essential accessory to the overall package.

A lot of golfers like to have a certain look while on a golf course, this can be done by selecting a certain color or style of golfing accessories. Unfortunately, the selection of color schemes for you to select from is nonexistent. This cart bag is only available in one color, but luckily for you, it offers a highly desirable aesthetic feel. Decorated with blood orange, black and white, this bag gives your look a luxuriously sporty feel. It really pulls in your look and helps you stand out from the crowd.

This Tour Cart Bag features a high-quality design, a wide verity of tour inspired upgrades which most (if not all) players will appreciate while using it. This bag also features 6-way velour finished dividers, which works to luxuriously separate your clubs to avoid overcrowding within the bag.

Upon examination, it appears that the minds at TaylorMade have really put a lot of energy and time into this cart bag's design, leaving players with a lot of areas to enjoy.

The use of gunmetal hardware and synthetic leather (animal-friendly) gives it a great finish that certainly withstands the test of time. All of its incredible features and unbelievable good looks and design show us why this is an unbeatable/highly desirable product.

Fit & Feel

This bag weighs 5kg, which means it's not entirely on the light side of things in terms of weight. Of course, this may be off-putting for some potential buyers who are uncomfortable with the thought of carrying something so heavy. But you have to keep in mind that this bag is a Tour-level bag, so if you're considering purchasing it, maybe only do so if you have the endurance of a tour player.

Having sufficient support to be able to carry your golf bag is important, without adequate support, you can be left suffering a whole host of problems from back pain to poor posture. Thankfully the soft synthetic leather offers reasonable padding against your back for additional firmness and comfort in all the right places. The bag also comes with a three-point strap, giving you full comfort and an adjustable fit every player will benefit from.

All of these supportive features help to make this golf bag an impeccable and supportive golf companion you won't want to golf without.

Key Features

If you want to look good while on the golf course, then this bag is just the thing for you. Crafted from high quality micro-perforated synthetic leather, it offers an incredibly high quality finish every golfer will envy. The 6-way velour top offers a premium finish while the stylized, yet practical, hardware embroidery adds to the overall look.

Key Features

  • 8.5″ x 11″ 6-way velour coated dividers.

  • Umbrella sheath.

  • Built-in towel clip.

  • 3 Point shoulder straps offer improved comfort.

  • Rain hood offers additional protection against sudden rain.

  • 12 specialized pockets.

Bottom Line

The 2019 TaylorMade Tour Cart is a high quality, premium product that many golfers would be lucky to own. Not only is it stylish and luxurious, but it offers enduring, high-end quality that is hard to find in many other golf bags available on the market these days.

The rain hood and specialized compartment for your umbrella (along with its waterproof construction) mean it's ideal for all weather conditions. It's the perfect way to round off your golf green look while impressing your friends too.