Tag Heuer Connected: Golf Edition

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Editor’s Conclusion
When you’re thinking of golf, Tag Heuer probably isn't the first company that comes to mind. The Swiss manufacturer is most famous for its luxury watches, ranging from beautifully handcrafted timepieces to more modern smart watches. Now, however, Tag Heuer has released something very interesting: the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition, Their first watch designed to be used by golfers.

Key Features

Firstly, it goes without saying that the Connected Golf Edition watch also functions perfectly well as a regular smart-watch. It has everything that you might find in an Apple Watch, for instance: you can receive notifications to it, use Google Pay, check the weather, and access all apps on the Play Store. But what’s really exciting is how Tag Heuer has made it integrated with golfing. This is done through an exclusive golf app, designed specially to work in tandem with the Connected Golf Edition. Golf apps are nothing new - the Grint, Golfshot, and many others fill an already crowded market - but the app brings a little bit of glamour in the fact that it’s only available to people with the watch.

Tag Heuer's golf app does most of the same things that you would find in those other offerings, but again with the little sprinkling of luxury and exclusivity that such a famous and renowned manufacturer can bring. Just like the Grint, it allows you to record your scores and statistics, which it will then keep for you in the app and display whenever you wish, generating stats like average scoring on Par 3s, 4s, and 5s, your handicap, your putts per hole, and your driving accuracy. All of these can be entered directly into the watch, so while you’re playing your round there’s no need to pull out your phone and risk getting distracted by life or work.

Also available through the Tag Heuer app are previews of the courses you’re playing, allowing you to get to grips with a hole before you tee off. What’s cool about their app specifically is that the courses are 3D rendered. I use Golfshot, which just gives you an overhead satellite photograph of each hole. In the app, you get a 3D sculpted model of each course, including trees, bunkers, fairway, rough, and greens. I don’t know if that will help much in terms of performance, but it really looks amazing, and a touch classier than the more common apps.

This is where the Tag Heuer app’s features start to get really cool. Like with other apps, you can record each shot as you hit it, allowing you to build up a super-accurate database on how far you hit each club. What this brand does that’s really interesting is the ‘Driving Zone’ feature. When previewing each hole, you can see where all your previous drives went, and what score you made, allowing you to really build up a fantastic knowledge of how to play each hole. This works especially well for club members who play the same track week in and week out, but could also be great for the more nomadic golfers - if you’re playing lots of courses sporadically, the ability to check back in with where you hit it last time and how that went could be a real plus.

As well as the ‘Driving Zone’ feature, their app and watch also feature an integrated virtual caddy. The app will analyze all the shots you have tracked, how far you are from the hole, and suggest you the right club to hit. In theory, this could take all the guesswork out of yardages, and really speed up play - you just walk up to your ball, check your watch, and swing with confidence. Most golfers I know would probably still want to check the yardage, but if you’re somebody who struggles knowing how far you hit your clubs and doesn’t have access to a range with Trackman or Foresight, it could be a fantastic little feature. Of course, it will work best if you’re tracking every shot, so try not to fall into the trap of just measuring the good ones, as that will tend to skew your averages and ruin the point!

Style And Comparisons

This is where the Tag Heuer Connected really sets itself apart from the other smartwatches and golf watches on the market. As to be expected from a luxury Swiss watchmaker, it looks amazing. It’s sleek while still being sporty, and the screen design on the face looks lovely as well, with a number of really cool displays to pick from - these range from a virtual version of a traditional watch face, to a more simple digital look, and even to constellation maps and other more funky options.

The Golf Edition comes with a brushed black titanium case and a green and white rubber strap, though there are multiple other colors available (for a little extra cost) and the pack comes with a plain black one should you wish to swap it out. The Golf Edition also comes with three Tag Heuer branded golf balls, four Tag Heuer branded tees, and a divot repair tool, as well as a wall plug and charging cable. All of this makes the whole experience of buying one feel a little more premium. It does, of course, come with a price - and a rather hefty one at that.

The Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition costs $2550 dollars. By comparison, you can pick up an Apple Watch, which works perfectly well with any GPS golf app on the Apple Store, for around $400, or a Garmin Golf Watch for less than $200.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition is a beautiful piece of kit. It’s stylish, has some great features, and carries an air of luxury about it that will surely appeal to those with money to burn.

It is an incredibly expensive toy, especially when compared to other smartwatches that will do functionally the same thing. But if you’ve got the cash and are looking to set yourself apart from the crowd with a gorgeous, well-designed watch that can also double up on the golf course… well, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous offering from Switzerland.