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Wedges are those clubs that require certain skills to be able to perform good shots when you approach the green. They are thin, smaller than the rest of the clubs, and they can often be the cause for your high handicap. Many golfers consider the short game to be very difficult, especially if you have to repeat your shots, one after another. This will increase your score, so it matters how you play your golf wedges. Average golfers have about three wedges in their golf stand bags, some even five, and that often depends on the golfer’s skill and his/her handicap so that they can successfully deal with hazards, bunkers and tough or thin lies around the green. And yet, many of them end up producing fat shots. So, if you are one of those golfers who are having a hard time pitching and chipping, then we recommend taking a close look at the Square Strike Wedge.

The Square Strike Wedge is an impressive, cutting-edge concept, something that we’d never seen before it was released integrated into one club. Even the design itself doesn’t remind of an authentic wedge at all, however,  before you even start worrying if this wedge is tournament legal, we’ll clear out the dilemma. Yes, despite its looks, it is legal and it conforms with the USGA regulations completely. Now, after you have put all the worries aside, let’s take a look at it closely.

The designers of the Square Strike Wedge were inspired to design this wedge because of two simple performance features that they have noticed. The first one referred to the inconsistency of the pitching and chipping that the recreation golfers often face, and which leads to losing up to five unnecessary shots which increases their handicap. The other feature that they noticed is that the putter is one of the most consistent clubs ever used by far among all golfers. These two observations were the cause of changing the concept of the wedge and led to creating a radically modified wedge that will prevent chunking and fat shots.

The Square Strike Wedge is the amazing outcome of their intention to create a wedge that is easy to pitch and chip with, and which can help you lower your score and get more successful shots. I think that our introduction has come to an end, so let’s dive into the review. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Anti-chunk sole with series of shallow grooves for less friction

Much more forgiving than any traditional wedge

Putter-like performance without opening the stance and the clubhead

Heavier clubhead that glides smoothly through the turf

Suitable for any short game shots, reduce fat shots

It features one-year manufacturers warranty against defects

Legal for tournament play


Some golfers claim that it is hard to get used to it, especially for low handicappers


Everything about the Square Strike Wedge is unconventional and out of the box. The decision to approach the problem of the chank shots in this manner is extremely bold, however, it did turn out to be fairly successful. We’ll start with the face of the club. Unlike any other traditional wedges it looks almost rectangular, nothing even closely related to the short heel and the tall toe. It has an extremely upright angle which makes it very unusual at the address. There’s one thing that can’t go unnoticed though, no matter how familiar you are with wedge designs. The bright green cavity simply sticks out and grabs the attention, while the wide sole will definitely raise a few eyebrows.

Manufacturer’s Claims

If you live in the States and are interested in golf, then there’s no way that you haven’t seen the infomercial hype about this wedge on any golf channel lasting for more than an hour delivering very bold statements about the game-changing performance it delivers. And, if you start watching it from the beginning till the very end, you’ll probably end up being completely brainwashed by all the reaching-the-impossible statements about this wedge. So, what is all that fuss about?

They do say a lot there, but if you summarize all that talk, you’ll get a few key points. Firstly, they claim that it is nearly impossible to produce fat and chunked shots because of the extremely wide sole design. They also claim that it features easier swing motion, something that resembles putter strokes that deliver greater control and accuracy. It is also claimed to be more effective than chipping with your 7-iron because it has a heavier head which glides smoothly through the turf and reduces the risk of overactive hands or wrists which is the leading cause of thin chip shots or fat shots. All in all, the developers have boldly announced that this wedge will solve all your problems with the short game.

Anti-Chunk Sole

One of the things that clearly distinguish the Square Strike Wedge from the rest of the traditional wedges is the sole design. The sole is much wider than you would normally expect from a regular wedge, and it is slightly curved from back to front, and heel to toe. The edge is a bit beveled to prevent extra digging into the turf, and allow it to glide smoothly along with it in order to enhance the speed.

Another thing that is characteristic of the sole of the Square Strike Wedge is the series of shallow grooves that have the capacity to reduce friction when the grass is matted or sticky or the turf conditions are wet. There are three available wedges of 45, 55, and 60 degrees, and the sole width progresses with the loft degree from the pitching wedge to the sand wedge.

Center of Gravity (CG)

The Square Strike Wedge is intended to meet the needs of average golfers, golfers that struggle to get the ball out of the bunker, or those who need a few shots before they manage to produce successful shots. Therefore, it is more than understandable that this wedge model is much more forgiving than many other traditional models. In order to make it more forgiving, the developers have moved a considerable amount of mass from the heel to the toe which led to the possibility to create two key aspects that enhance the game.

Firstly, this mass relocation has placed the Center of Gravity in the exact center of the face of the club which is marked with a vertical line. Secondly, they have increased the MOI (moment of inertia) all over the place and enlarged the sweet spot so that the wedge produces successful shots even when golfers hit off the center. As a result, the Square Strike Wedge is extremely accurate with center shots, but it is also very forgiving with the off-center shots.

Anti Rotational Weighting

By moving the weight from the heel area to the toe, the designers created the opportunity to prevent additional clubhead opening and closing. The blade of the clubhead is engineered to remain square to the target line, without posing the need for wrist hinge and good timing for solid shots. The way you swing with this wedge is different from the traditional wedge because the traditional ones require opening the stance and the clubface so that you can produce a rotational swing, while the Square Strike Wedge allows you to set up and aim towards the target with a simple, putter-like shot. This makes a huge difference for those golfers who are struggling to pitch or chip the ball.


In the introduction, we mentioned that the Square Strike Wedge designers were motivated by putters to create this wedge, so they gave their best to integrate putter-like features into the design of this club. Also, they made it suitable for men and women equally appropriate allowing them to take advantage of it regardless of the strength, skill and the height of the golfers who use it. The length is the same as the length of any putter, i.e., it is 35.5 inches. The angle if the 45-degree wedge (the most popular loft degree) copies the putter-like lie angle of 68 degrees so that golfers produce straight-back-straight-through strokes that enable them to have greater control and enhanced accuracy. The clubhead is heavier compared to the traditional wedge head and it is 330 grams which makes it easier to glide through the turf.

Versatile Use

The design of this wedge allows golfers to use it for different turf conditions and different lie angles for a variety of purposes. You can use it chip close from different lies. It is an excellent choice for cut strokes and bump and runs. In addition to this, it is claimed to be more effective than chipping with the 7-iron. The reason behind this claim is in the shorter length which allows you to control it better without gripping down. Plus it has the loft of the 7 or 8-iron because the 45-degree loft is about 12-15 degrees more compared to the 7-iron and this allows golfers to play a wide range of shots. Combined with the ultra-wide sole, added weight in the toe, heavier clubhead and the beveled leading edge you get a wedge that maintains the square position and sweeps through the grass instead of digging it. This means faster clubhead and greater precision.


When it comes to new, bold designs that are usually over advertised and sold through commercials, there’s usually an aura of distrust that those clubs can perform well. And that’s usually true for a large deal of the infomercials we see on the TV. However, the Square Strike Wedge is definitely not the product that fits into that category. Anyone who has tried this product claims that it works the way it is advertised. It is especially functional for shots that are 60 yards or less or shots that need to go up over the bunker.

What you might find difficult to perform with this wedge are the long shots because of its putter-like design which normally inclines towards shorter shots.

The fact that you don’t open your stance or the clubhead is definitely much easier to perform any short shot for high and even mid handicappers, however, more seasoned golfers might find this odd and unfunctional. When it comes to the sound, it is muted, soft, and for many golfers even pleasant. The same unfortunately can’t be said about the feel, as it is much more obscured when you hit the ball off the center.

Key Features

There are several features that make this wedge outperform others within the same category which we are going to clearly single out so that you have a clear perspective on what to focus. The Square Strike Wedge is a wedge particularly designed to meet the needs of high to mid handicappers, even though the company advertises it as ‘the wedge for golfers of all skills’.

The sole purpose of this wedge is to help golfers chip and pitch better around the green and eliminate fat shots. The extremely wide sole, heavier head, and the higher lofts are masterfully crafted to make it easier for the club to glide through the turf. Also, it has the length of the putter and the anti-rotational, putter-like weighting doesn’t require from you to open your stance and the clubface to execute those flop and over the green shots. It is claimed that it chips better than your 7 or 8 iron thanks to the design it has.

Key Features

  • A perfectly weighted wedge that eliminates the chunked chips around the green

  • It allows you to square the ball without opening your stance or the club

  • Three loft degrees of 45, 55, and 60 degrees with a progressively extra-wide sole

  • Unconventional design including extra-wide sole with grooves, light green cavity insert, putter-like lie angle and length

  • High MOI and very forgiving

Bottom Line

The Square Strike Wedge has definitely outreached many golf experts’ expectations, and even there’s been an intensive marketing hype, this wedge has proven its uniqueness not only the way it looks but the way it performs as well. It feels and acts like a putter but it will help you get the ball up and straight without experiencing any fat shots. The price is a very competitive one, so, all in all, it is a recommended choice for those golfers who need some boost from their clubs when it comes to the short game.