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If you are one of the many golfers out there looking to develop your mechanics, improve the strength of the swing or just find the right tempo, SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer might be the perfect option for you. SKLZ is a brand name known for its high-quality sports equipment and this can be proved by the specific Golf Swing Trainer as it is with robust and sturdy construction made to last many years. 

On the pretty long list of golf gear and gadgets for training, SKLZ Gold Flex Warm-Up Stick, with more than 1250 Amazon reviews, seems to be quite popular with both beginner and more experienced golfers. It is intended to be a tool for warming-up and aid for training and definitely an accessory that can be frequently used. 

Another great thing about this golf training aid is that it can be used by the whole family as it works exactly the same for all the family members willing to train. Reviewers agree that SKLZ Gold Trainer can be used easily and it is of great size. It can fit in a golf bag as well as at home or in your backyard for regular daily swings; just to keep the tempo. Last but not least, this Golf Swing Trainer is a great tool for all golfers regardless of their golf handicap. 

Too often those interested in purchasing this type of golf equipment have doubts between choosing this product and the Orange Whip Swing Trainer. We have answered all the questions about the Orange Whip Trainer in one of our previous reviews. So now if interested to learn what is behind the buzz around this SKLZ product make sure you read our detailed review. It is worth checking especially knowing that this trainer is a great competitor in reference to the quality as well as the price! Let’s dive in.  

Editor's Pros & Cons

Available in two sizes: 40” and 48”

Can be used by beginners and more advanced golfers

Can be used by a different type of handicappers

Great as a warm-up tool

It fits in a golf bag

It helps you develop the right mechanics and find the right tempo


Not the most affordable option

Product Description

SKLZ offers the Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer in two sizes: 40” and 48”, both with 2.5 lb head. One of the first questions that pop up is what the difference is between these two and how one should know which is the right one for him/her to purchase.

The shorter option is recommended for individuals who are beginners or mostly up to intermediate level and at the same time not taller than 5’ 6”. It is also recommended for junior golfers and ladies. This automatically answers the 48” size, meaning it will be more correspond to golfers taller than 5’6” and those with greater golf experience. However, if you are buying this product with the intention to be used by more than one person we would agree with the most reviewers suggesting that the 48” would be a wiser choice.

The style is resembling one of the fishing rods and the shaft ends up with a ball. The stick’s grip does not have a mold of any kind which makes it perfect for both left-handed and right-handed golfers. However, for those who are not sure where to place the hand for a grip, the company provides guidelines for the appropriate placement of the hand. The head as we mentioned weighs 2.5 lb made of polyurethane, which is a durable material that makes it ideal for frequent uses. The weight of the head is just perfect for achieving kinetic sequences while swinging and it helps with building more power.


One of the main uses of the Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is for finding the right tempo of swinging and enhancing it further. Almost every golfer wants to develop the tempo from a number of reasons such as the natural interest in hitting the ball further and creating greater clubhead speed. This trainer can help you out with this as you can swing it multiple times and by doing this it teaches you how to control the acceleration.

The Swing Trainer is made of plastic and it is very flexible so you can easily bend it with your hands. If you choose the 48” option it is a bit longer than the typical golf driver but this can contribute to greater control and providing you more power. Its great flexibility leaves space for a lag while you are doing your backswing and this assists in correcting the bad habits and finding the right tempo - not to start too early or too fast.

For beginner golfers, SKLZ Gold Flex can be recommended and serve as an exquisite warm-up tool. The low-impact stretch created by swinging the trainer will add to the flexibility and achieving consistency in swinging and swing plane. The reviewers agree that the warm-up function is the best feature of this trainer.

Apart from the tempo and warm-up function, this trainer can really be helpful for training to achieve better control and power. The shaft and its flexibility assist in lengthening the swing. It is simple to use and the weight of the shaft makes you swing naturally. The ball is attached so no worries about hitting it too far while practicing in the backyard or at home.

Personal Benefits

What we guess is a common question among people who are thinking of buying this type of golf accessory is whether it can actually do something more than a regular workout and warm-up?! Can it really assist you in correcting your slice by practicing on and improving the swing path? How can one know that he/she is using it correct way, as there is no feedback! So let’s get this straight!

Although primarily used as a warm-up tool, at the same time it can really help you in building your skills of achieving and keeping the right rhythm and tempo and finally building a good swing path. The extreme flexibility and the fact that SKLZ Gold Flex is really whippy helps the players or rather people using it get the sense of swinging with rhythm. Due to the weight of this trainer, there is a greater probability for you to turn back shoulders and hips and swinging the club with whole shoulders. What we also need to understand is that with practice you will get better but it will definitely take some time.

Talking about the swing path, again as mentioned this trainer is on the heavier side of similar training aids and as such, it almost leaves you no choice but to turn more hips and shoulders in the backswing and turn through these in the downswing too. Which is not the case with the lighter models of related trainers. Usually, in order to achieve the wanted outcome, meaning practice the right way, you should be careful of the hand flip at the beginning (when you start practicing) and you will want to avoid that flip in later phases of your skills building.


Many people might be a little bit skeptical at first when it comes to golf training aids. Do they really help, or they are just a waste of money and time?! One thing that you need to understand is that you have to be aware that in the sea of a wide range of golf training accessories you need to assess what you would really like to improve. The SKLZ Golf Swing Gold Flex - Trainer can help you with developing your tempo, it provides weight transfer, improving the swing plane and swing path. It is extremely straightforward to use and constructed with size and weight that provides a great option for practicing on your swing path while building muscles.

Surely, what makes this training aid great is that it is at your home so your practice does not have to depend on the weather conditions or you do not have to go to the course just for practicing a couple of swings. Having the SKLZ Golf Trainer Gold Flex at your home gives you the opportunity to work on your skills on a daily basis for a shorter period of time.

Key Features

Some of the basic features that make this training tool a popular choice among others can be the answers to the question: “How can the SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer help me?” So, here we summarize the facts and answer this question.

  • It helps you to reduce the slice;

  • It encourages the swing plane to be flatter;

  • It makes the lower body initiate the downswing;

  • The stick itself is made of fiberglass that is extremely flexible and contributes to the building of the power;

  • The weighted head attached to the shaft is made of polyurethane and also assists in
    building muscles and developing the right tempo and rhythm;

  • A great warm-up tool that you can use daily;

  • Great for workouts - the manufacturer claims that 10-20 times a day will be sufficient for improvement of some of the skills that matter for the game;

  • It helps you in lag training;

  • You can practice at home but also take it with you in your golf bag and take it out on the course for a warming-up session.

  • Excellent for synchronization of the lower body movement to the upper body.

Cost and Value

Definitely one of the features that make this product competitive to the other top-rated brand names is its cost. It is a great buy especially taking into consideration that it can be used within a family and you can take it with yourself in your bag. The price also makes it a great option for a gift for golfers so if you are thinking about buying one you will not regret it as people who are using it highly recommend this product. If you compare it with other related products used for training in reference to the price, it is definitely not the most affordable option out there but it is pretty much reasonably priced taking into account the high-quality materials and the great performance supported by the many positive reviews. By investing in this high-quality trainer you can be sure that you are investing in your sports achievements and goals.

Bottom Line

The Golf Swing Trainer by SKLZ is an excellent tool that can be used for warming-up, training the swing and tempo and workouts. Thus, it is no wonder that it ended up on our list of 10 Best Golf Swing Trainers.

Now you do not have to go to the driving range to practice your swing but can easily build muscles in the comfort of your home by choosing SKLZ Flex Gold. Easily used by many reviewers it comes also in a great size that is just right for one of your golf backpacks. It can be found as mentioned in two sizes, so make sure you read our recommendation before you choose the right size for you.

With more than thousands of reviewers with a rating with flying colors, this product has been popular both with beginners and more experienced golfers. A perfect tool for warming-up and for developing a swing plane to be flatter. It is an extremely flexible shaft with an attached ball at the end with just the right weight of the ball for practice so when you go to the course you will be able to hit any ball with the right tempo with ease.

SKLZ Flex - Golf Swing is rather a popular choice among golfers because it can be used by different levels of handicappers and as such a tool can be used for an excellent workout and for improving the lag of your swing. Many positive comments by people who have been using the product confirm the claim of the company that this is a golf training aid that really works as described and serves the purpose for which it has been designed.