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Modern technology has enabled golfers to easily find the distance to any target they need precise measurements by simply pointing to the flag pin or any other object and in a fraction of the second, you have it shown on the device. The market is full of distance measuring devices that range from laser distance finders, hybrid distance finder or GPS based and their need and their role is invaluable for golfers who need to get a precise distance to the target which can be crucial for club selection and planning game strategy. This is the reason why we are reviewing today the Precision Pro NX7, one of the highest-rated rangefinders currently on the market.

Even though in not that distant past the individual, personalized use of a rangefinder was almost unthinkable and was taken with a grain of salt, today it is considered the basic part of golfers’ equipment. And, if just a few years ago they were really hard to get as their price was very expensive and extremely unaffordable, today we are looking at something completely different. The market abounds with modern and fairly accurate distance finders that are reliable enough to provide you with precise measurement to the distance to the flag or any other target. Then, when golfers know the distance to the desired object, this can help them the most appropriate golf club and lower the number of shots. And finally, a good rangefinder can help you get a good insight into the surrounding area and help you plan your strategy better.

A few years ago golfers were almost deprived of using a rangefinder, but nowadays the offer is so large that it is almost frustrating. The market offers hundreds of different models and prices, each with its own specifics, price points, and brands. New releases are seen on a daily basis, and all this hassle becomes overburdening for those who start the search. And there’s one more question that seems to pop up once you start looking for a rangefinder. “ A name-brand or a no-name model?” And, if you proceed to compare and contrast them, you’ll get even more frustrated as both categories seem to provide almost equal features, the only difference being in the huge price discrepancy.

Eager to provide the best for our readers, we did a market search and the Precision Pro NX7 was the rangefinder that attracted our attention. Golfers seem to love it, it is highly recommended and when you go through its features, you realize that it offers almost anything that the high-end rangefinders offer. We were equally impressed after we analyzed its features, so below we share all about this rangefinder with you. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Pro Slope technology adjusts the measurements including slope features

Pulse Vibration Technology ensures that it has locked onto the flag

Target Acquisition Technology for easier picking on a target

Precision Care Package for impeccable customer care

Sleek, compact, water-resistant design

The accuracy ranges to up to 400 yards with +/- 1 yard


Short distance range


One of the greatest differences between high-end distance finders and the low-end ones is the number of features they offer, so the most expensive ones are packed with multiple functions that make the whole item very easy to use. However, even though the Precision Pro NX7 is a mid-range model, it boasts extreme versatility and it is what golfers love about it. The number of features it integrates are many and they range from adaptive slope measurement, target acquisition, pulse vibration, accurate distance range, and scan mode. Practically, it mimics the features found in the most expensive range finders for a fraction of the price.

Another impressive characteristic of this rangefinder is the level of accuracy, which is why we need a rangefinder after all. The company even claims that in their survey, the golfers who took the survey claimed that they would gladly give up one of their clubs to be able to use this rangefinder. The reasoning behind such a claim is explained in the need for precision that drastically increases the level of confidence on the course. And, if you are a golfer then you know how much it matters when you are about to take the next shot.

Adaptive Slope Measurement

Different rangefinder manufacturers use different names for basically one thing, measuring the distance to the target with the adjustments that include inclines and declines as they can modify the accuracy to the target. This function is still forbidden to be used in tournaments, and USGA regulated competitions, however, it is perfectly fine to use it for any other purpose.

So, what the competition calls it Slope Technology, the Precision Pro NX7 has it called Adaptive Slope Measurement and refers to adjusting the distance based on the uphill or downhill features. This implies that when this function is activated, the distance finder can calculate the distance plus/minus the hight to adjust the calculation. This is a tremendous help for golfers who have higher chances to get more accurate measurements, and know better how and in what way to hit the golf ball which can save them a few strokes. This function can be easily turned off by just pressing the button.

Target Aquisition Technology

You know that when you approach the green, the distance can be obscured by the multitude of trees and surrounding objects, so it can be hard to measure accurately the distance to the flagstick. One of the most common characteristics of low-quality rangefinders is their inability to provide the correct distance since their technologies haven’t been advanced enough to quickly and correctly locate the flagstick.

However, Precision Pro has been able to develop technology which is capable of recognizing the actual flagstick and deliver the correct measurements. This technology they called it Target Acquisition Technology and the company guarantees that golfers can be assured that the calculated distance they see on the display is the distance to the flag, even if your hands aren’t as stable as needed for correct measurements.

Pulse Vibration Technology

One of the greatest doubts golfers have when using a rangefinder is whether the distance they see displayed on the screen is the distance to their specific, aimed target. Sometimes, what they get is the distance to another object which can cost them a few strokes more and failure to choose the right club to get the ball where they have wanted. In order to tackle this issue, Precision Pro has developed its own Pulse Vibration Technology that ensures golfers that the distance they get is the one they aimed at. This technology delivers a burst of vibrations which confirms that golfers have locked onto the target. When golfers feel the vibrations they have the confidence to select the right club and know how to approach the forthcoming shot.


The reason why every golfer needs a distance finder is to provide precise distance to the target, so it comes clear that this feature is among the most crucial when buying a rangefinder. As nobody knows the capacity of each of them, reviews like this are the most helpful when deciding whether you’ll opt for the model or you’ll continue with the search. And what’s very intriguing, not many of the rangefinders on the market can boast supreme accuracy.

However, the Precision Pro NX7 distance finder has been one of those models that have been subjects of multiple tests and trials and many times it has been proven to function accurately and within the +/- 1-yard range. The tests have shown satisfactory performance has been numerous times tested and has been proven to deliver reliable performance with a few deviations from the range. The Precision Pro NX7 delivers distances that range from 1 to 400 yards, in both, yards and meters. Here maybe we can see one of the greatest cons of this model, the shorter distance span, as many high-end rangefinders can measure distances to up to 1,200 yards.


The Precision Pro NX7 comes in a nicely packed box into a very stylish carrying bag which is of high quality. Once you take it out, you’ll realize that it has a nice and compact design that is easy to hold and which feels ergonomic on the hand. The whole surface reminds of reptile skin, it is rubberized and grippy allowing it to confidently hold it even during wet conditions. The front area has a very striking green plastic which makes the rangefinder look very stylish and modern. In the upper area, you’ll find the sole button which is used to operate the unit. This button switches it on and off, goes through the modes and selects the measurement units.

Precision Care Package

More and more companies are trying hard to offer their customers something unique which will attract them and keep them. Call it a gimmick, but the Precision Care Package seems to work for Precision Pro customers and it does keep them there. So, what’s the thing with this package?

Knowing the buyers’ psychology, Precision Pro invented a smart way to make the buyers happy and at the same time to always keep them with the company. The package represents a commitment deal that includes several warranties and guarantees. Firstly, with the purchase golfers get a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product. Then, and this is the bite, to be honest, comes the free lifetime battery replacement.

The company even claims that the battery replacement can be sent anywhere in the world once you fill in the form and send it to the company. This is where they got, right? But that’s not all as you get a two-year warranty that covers all performance issues in the first two years after buying the product. Here’s another bite, the trade-in allowance!

As the company is dedicated to expanding and inventing new products, it offers a 30% discount should you decide to upgrade your old model with a newly released one. If that was too good to be true, here’s another one. The company claims that they will cover the shipping cost in case an accident happens and fix the problem within a few days. In addition to this, their Customer Sevice team consists of golfers who are trained to answer all your questions in the shortest possible time. Lastly, they offer free instructional videos of how to use the rangefinder to get most of it. So, it does seem a nice package, doesn’t it?

Key Features

While going through the features of the Precision Pro NX7, it has become clear why it is so popular among golfers of different skill levels, and why it has been one of the most recommended budget rangefinders. Here, we summarize the key features this unit has.

What instantly needs to be emphasized is the Adaptive Slope technology that calculates the distance with slope adjustments. The unit is tournament legal because this function can be turned off with a press of the button. The Pulse Vibration technology makes sure that the distance you are looking at is one of the targets rather than a surrounding object, while the Target Acquisition technology ensures that you get it locks onto the flag, not something else. The design is very ergonomic and lightweight and the water-resistant structure allows you to use it in light rain. The gimmick here would be the Precision Care Package which offers a bunch of convenient features. The display is very bright and clear, it offers 6x zoom and stabilization technology.

Key Features

  • Pro Slope technology adjusts the measurements including slope features

  • Pulse Vibration Technology ensures that it has locked onto the flag

  • Target Acquisition Technology for easier picking on a target

  • Precision Care Package for impeccable customer care

  • Sleek, compact, water-resistant design

  • The accuracy ranges to up to 400 yards with +/- 1 yard

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a budget rangefinder that offers decent performance, then you have found the one. It is reliable, accurate, and very fast The ergonomic, compact design, and the water-resistant feature makes it suitable for wet weather conditions. The price is very affordable too, so it is a very attractive offer.