PING i500 Forged Black Dot Irons

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Are you searching for a new set of irons? Well, as we all know, investing in equipment that suites your needs are very very important. Whether you are looking for a new set to add to your collection or working to improve your overall performance, investing in exceptional equipment is a must.

With that being said, we did some research and found that PING recently launched their i500 Black Dot Irons. This set includes 8 clubs, two of which are a pitching wedge and utility wedge. This set is very attractive to all golfers, whether you are just starting out or consider yourself a professional, adding this set will surely improve your game. With this set, we learned that PING has made its greatest improvements in overall distance and build quality.

As many of us may know, PING is a leading brand in the golf industry. They are known for their advanced technology and the aesthetics they incorporate into all the products they make. From heel-toe balance, custom fittings, cavity back designs, investment castings and more, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is made to last. Therefore, if you are in the market for a new set of irons, this set by PING is one you should highly consider.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Increase in distance, speed, and overall performance
  • The club faces are forged and made of C300 maraging steel
  • This set includes 4,5,6,7,8,9, pitching wedge, and utility wedge irons
  • Guaranteed launch angle and flight are high up in the air
  • Smooth turf interaction due to its smooth Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish
  • PING guarantees that this set of irons will increase your overall performance on the golf course
  • Sleek compact design, very favorable
  • Users get the best of both worlds with this option because its shaft is light-weight and delivers the Tour-caliber feel
  • Hydropearl Chrome finish is their top quality
  • Customizable loft and line angle
  • On the pricier side of the spectrum for a set of irons
  • Some say that the forgiveness area is not as large as other options

Build Quality

Like we just mentioned above, this set of forged irons is their lastest model and a very popular, to say the least. Many users compare this option by PING to the G700 model. This set is PING’s first forged irons that have been released in a very long time. We learned that it was designed to be an upgrade from their i200 model and will certainly increase your overall performance on the green.

For this set, PING designed its face made of forged and C300 maraging steel which will allow you to achieve a surprisingly impressive distance. After digging in a little deeper, we discovered that this material is three times stronger than 431 steel. One of the strongest alloys in the world, C300 maraging steel is made to last and will ensure that your performance is elevated. With this option by PING, you will see at the launch how fast and how far your golf ball will go.

These players style irons are designed with a traditional muscle back and is extremely compact. Some golfers say that this size assists them in hinging the face. Hinging its face allows for exceptional trajectory, distance, and speed. When you examine its heel-toe perimeter, you will find that this was designed for higher resistance and even more compact dispersion. The overall structure of this iron makes this option by PING a perfect investment.

Another feature of its build quality that we’d like to point out is its lightweight shaft. With this option by PING, we learned that users get the best of both worlds with this option because its shaft is lightweight and delivers the Tour-caliber feeling of the Dynamic Gold. This mid-launch shaft will meet every expectation you have about a Dynamic Gold, even adding speed and distance. Also, the heavier the weight is at the head the more energy you will have when you hit the ball. Overall, the build quality of this set knocks it out of the park. If you are looking for a set of irons that are made with durable, premium materials, we seriously suggest you keep this option by PING in mind.


Are you looking to improve your overall performance on the golf course? Are you hoping to improve your initial launch, forgiveness, and playability? These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself while searching for your next new set of irons. With that being said, we believe this set by PING is the perfect choice for you.

The good thing about these irons are, if you want to play it high it will go high, if you want to play it low, it will go low - but it is not the recommended setting to play on a windy day. For instance, we saw that the 7 iron was recently tested and gave speeds up to 126 miles per hour with a spin rate that is less than 5000 rpm and a carry distance of 186 yards. Also, some users have said that hitting with the 7 iron didn’t feel like other PING irons they have hit with before, in fact, this one was a bit softer. It is responsive right off of the face and has a great sound.

Overall, we believe that these statistics are pretty impressive for this iron. Comparing this option to other PING irons on the market, we learned that this is the longest tested. Performance for this option by PING is very strong. In conclusion, what makes this product stand out from all the others on the market is its explosive launch. Just like we mentioned above, once you hit the golf ball you will notice immediately how high and far your ball will go.


With PING advanced technology and innovations, it does not surprise us to see that this new set they recently launched is in demand and getting a lot of attention. Many consider this option an upgrade from their i200 model, but we see this set as an advanced set of irons.

Somehow, PING has managed to create an exquisite set of clubs in such a compact design. Compared to iBlades, this design is very clean and also follows a blade-shaped style. As we mentioned above, its face is made of forged, C300 steel and is known to be one of the strongest material in the world. PING states that its precision grooves were designed to provide not only a flat surface but to also ensure that your ball speeds are consistent. They also made sure that when you hit the golf ball, the same power and energy that is transferred is the same each time.

Our favorite feature about this option is its HydroPearl 2.0 Chrome finish. We found that PING is incorporating this finish into a handful of their products and we can completely understand why. This quality finish ensures your hits are consistent and will allow for distance control. From its looks to performance, PING's HydroPearl 2.0 Chrome finish is a hit amongst all golfers. No matter if you are hitting in wet or windy conditions, you can count on this set.

Additional Features

When talking about ball speed, we believe that this is very important. We found that you want the ball to spin fast, far, and high. Ball speed is all determined by your swing. The faster you swing your club, the faster your ball will go. With that being said, this also allows you to have more control over your grip. We learned that controlling the tempo of your swing will maximize your overall swing efficiency and ultimately improve your balls speed. Furthermore, we believe that this set will guarantee straight and stable trajectories no matter where you hit the golf ball from.

Another feature we would like to take about is the sound that you hear once you strike the golf ball. This is one of the many features passionate golfers consider before purchasing and new club or set. From our research, we found that users of this set say the sounds it makes when hitting the golf balls are explosive and outstanding. Many can agree that the sound gives them confidence and makes them feel like they’ve hit the ball fast and straight.

Value and Cost

Investing in an exceptional set of irons is important, especially if you are looking to improve your performance on the green. We believe that this option by PING is a great choice and should be seriously considered. Whether you are looking to improve your skills, or change up your irons by buying a new set, we guarantee that this option will meet all your needs. From its initial launch to forgiveness, you will feel in control with these irons.

Compared to other sets on the market, this option by PING is pricier, but we can assure you, you get what you pay for. PING designs quality products and is always top of the line because of their innovated and advanced technology. If you purchase this option, there is no doubt that your performance will increase. If you are not worried about the price tag, you should seriously give this set a shot.

Key Features

Investing in a solid set of irons are very important when you are a golfer. Not only can this set increase your overall performance, but also having a whole set will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have all the clubs you need for a day on the golf course. There are so many different brands and models out there on the market today and choosing the set that suits your needs may be challenging. With PING’s latest launch, we researched its playability, forgiveness, and its long list of other features. With that being said, we found this set by PING that is very popular and in high demand. Overall, the performance of this iron is extremely strong. Continue reading to learn about our
key features:

  • This set is considered a players distance iron

  • The weight for these irons sits more towards the bottom of the club

  • The forgiveness level of these irons are very favorable

  • Its overall construction is exceptional

  • Forged, C300 maraging steel face insert

  • Offers a light-weight shaft with a Tour caliber design

  • Its Hydropearl Chrome finish is their top quality finishing which allows for a smooth hit every time

  • With this product, you can change the loft and line angle on it to customize its fit specifically for you

Bottom Line

As we all know, PING is a very popular brand in the golf community. Not only does this set look phenomenal with its forged steel face, but PING also guarantees that its launch and distance is explosive. This option by PING is considered a distance iron by many players and can be used by all skill levels. It is easy to use and will improve your game on the golf course.

Anyone who has used PING’s irons will surely enjoy using this set. If you have tried their G700 model you can compare the distance of these irons to that club. You gain exceptional distance with this product and you do not have to worry if you happen to find yourself hitting the golf ball off-center, its forgiveness is favorable. Based on other users, they have all agreed that any product by PING is a great choice. From their products to customer service, you can trust that this company has your best interest at heart.

As always, we hope that this review has helped you and can guide you in the direction that you are seeking. If you are searching for an exceptional set of new clubs, we guarantee that this option will meet all your standards. We understand that it might be challenging and overwhelming to choose a set with all the different options on the market today, but rest assured, this option by PING will deliver.