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We all want to play our best on the green, but this comes easier for some than others. There are many of us out there who would truly benefit from a game developing club, one that will transform and strengthen their abilities on the course, no matter their skill level.

If you’re searching for a club like this, then Ping’s G700 irons may just be the thing for your caddy. Created to perfectly suit any mid to high range handicappers, this club works to help with inconsistent ball strikes. It also works to improve the accuracy of ball hits alongside increased range plus balance on a number of different strikes.

The appearance of the G700 is unlike anything we’ve previously seen. It’s the sleek, simple and clean cut design will perfectly blend in with other golf clubs (if you want to mix and match). Despite the enlarged club head, the G700 still near perfectly hits the ball time and again, working to develop and enhance your execution and skills.

Devised with a depressed system, the club works to improve forgiveness, creating a higher MOI & increased distance that many users will greatly appreciate. Whether your a seasoned golfer or just play the odd game in your downtime, you will be astounded by how effectively this club performs. The added use of 17-4 stainless steel further increases the club’s strength and flexibility, which once again contributes to a more improved MOI.

Since there are already so many irons accessible on the market, all of which promise to improve your game, we’ve closely examined this club to determine whether it lives up to its promise.

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Outstanding levels of forgiveness provided by this club, alongside steady ranges & a tight distribution.
  • Large spins work to help point players increase their carrying range and help you maintain control on the course.
  • The clean, sleek & minimal look will blend perfectly with other golf clubs.
  • Exceptional levels of forgiveness.
  • The noise created upon contact with the ball may not be a pleasing sound for some players.


As it is the way with most other clubs, Ping has gone all out in terms of the design of the G700. The whole piece has been given Ping's personalized finish, alongside some key pieces of golf innovation.

The medium sized head has been created with an internal hollow. But that's not all. Made using C300 Maraging Steel within the face, it also utilized specialized stainless steel throughout the body.

A feature you don't see in many other irons from competitor brands is the unique hollowed head. This works as a weight, which counters the other one located at the base of the shaft.
By using this, the engineers were able to conceive of a way of preventing club twisting upon impact. They managed this with a screw that's located at the toe of the club's face.

The head has been filled with a foam-like material, which serves to modify the impact sound, smoothing them out so they don't bounce inside the head.

Typically a thin face requires a dense and filled in the head, which works as a level of support. But the fact that Ping has managed to maintain a hollow center with such a thin face just shows you how innovative and wondrous this creation is. This incredible piece also works to ensure the ball speeds are maintained throughout its time on the course.

The bottom groove is something you'll see in many other irons from Ping. They were designed and placed at the base to improve alignment.

Despite being longer at the address, the G700 doesn't feel as big as you'd expect. However, this could be due to the club's styling. Coated with HyrdoPearl, the club has a satin and sleek finish.


The golfing industry is almost constantly evolving, particularly when it comes to their clubs and the innovative tech used within them. When you purchase a new club, you want to be certain that what your paying for will not only work effectively for you but will also work well against competitor clubs.

The G700 has been designed with a few goals in mind, the primary one is becoming one of the best game improving clubs on the market.

All of these unbelievable pieces of tech runs concurrently to intensify and strengthen your skills and execution on the field.

With its hollow construction within the head and the use of thinner steel within the face, Ping believes they have their greatest iron to date (in terms of distance and height).

These days more and more golfers are looking to increase their range, which means brands are working with engineers to help their club users do just that.
Ping have been able to do just that with one of their most eye-catching clubs to-date, and all without sacrificing performance and consistency.

The use of 17-4 specialized steel allows the head's interior geometry to place its mass away from the front, for more flexibility. By also using Maraging steel, players will now be more able to generate higher ball speeds and distance.

Not only does this club look impeccable, but it also performs better than one would expect. Control and consistency are maintained (things players need to have in order to improve their game). The innovative construction and impeccable design combined to create a golfing experience unlike any other.


The sound and feel of a hit often reveals a lot about the quality of said hit, but what will this club say about yours?

The G700's club is made with leaner steel and a hollow design serves to generate greater launch, improved ball velocity and increased MOI. But it also works to improve the audible noise feedback given by the club. Of course, as many of us know, this feedback gives us an insightful look at our shots. An impressive sound is often (if not always) a sign of a powerful hit, while weaker impact sounds create a less impressive sound.

The sound created by this club is very solid, yet slightly modest too. The club creates a reasonably loud 'knock' sound.

The feedback given through touch is also sturdy and reliable, an added advantage to any golfer'#game.

There are some golfers who may not be impressed with the sound and feel, this can be down to the clubs unusual approach to feedback.


The engineers behind the G700 have worked towards making forgiveness and power a top priority. They have managed to do this by using the advantages of a hollow body and a slim and leaner steel face. As a result, they have managed to create one of the longest and highest flying irons to date. An impressive feat in itself.

With their incredible design, the creators of this club have proved that you can produce one of the best clubs on the market which still manages to afford incredible heights and distances to anyone who uses it. This is done both accurately and consistently. From the very moment the club makes contact with the ball, golfers will understand what an incredible iron they have within their hands.

The hollow structure and use of numerous stainless steel throughout the club, work collectively to increase flexibility. Thus producing greater ball speeds and grander launch, which will barely cease to amaze.

The Maraging steel used in the development of this club has also been used in previous Ping products. It's one of the strongest alloys available on the market, and it's also used in the aerospace industry because of its strength and versatility. Both of these features are put to good use with the G700.

Players will find that the range generated with this club is impressively consistent. You'll find little problem with launching the ball into the air. Some people even found impressive speeds of just over 600 rpm. Of course, there are some environmental factors to be taken into account with your overall speed.


Ping users may see some similarities between this club and its predecessor, the G400. They both feature specialized steel, which promotes force and flexibility within the club. The use of this steel helps the ball jump off the clubface at impressive speeds. But this club has an elongated head as well as a thicker topline.

Alongside the cavity construction, Ping's engineers have also used screws. Located within the base of the golf shaft, with another at the toe, they have been used as weights. Thus creating a counterbalanced and sturdy club upon contact with the ball.

The HydroPearl coating gives a smooth finish. However, it also works to remove any moisture upon impact. This helps to reduce troublesome flyer shots from thicker areas of grass.

This iron was designed for greater launching shots that will gently land on the course. The typical loft created from these irons can range from 29 degrees to 2 degrees, depending on the type. Which proves to be an additional advantage of this particular piece.

Most users have commented on their improved play and reach created as a result of the G700. If you want to impress your golf pals, then we'd highly suggest using these irons.


Ensuring your club performs well while on the field is an absolute essential. After all, it would be like buying a sports car without an engine.

Ping is well known for their clubs, particularly because they're very consistent and accurate with their hits. They also never seem to be lacking in terms of range. So it leaves many of us wondering how much more range this particular club can provide.
During testing, it was observed that the G700 had an additional ball speed 3-4 miles per hour. It also launched roughly 2.5 degrees higher than other clubs. This means you have an additional 10 yards of carrying, making it an obvious answer.

So far, during testing, the G700 has continued to stay true to its name as an incredible game improvement club.


One of the many targets of this piece is to maintain long and honest hits and to minimize mishits, which is an added benefit to some mid-range handicappers. But it's also an appealing choice for any handicapper in the double-digits. This club has adequate workability for those who are trying to improve their skills.

Key Features

When you first start using the G700, you'll soon notice the incredible effects of the clubs signatures features. If your looking for a confidence inspiring club, then this deceptively inoffensive club is the perfect must-have for your golf caddy.

As we've mentioned beforehand, the sound and feel aren't as most people would expect. However, it still delivers excellent feedback, while the clubs itself ensures amazing ball speed and range.

Key Features

  • The slim base width and luxurious HydroPearl coating give the club a polished feel and an impressive finish.

  • The cavity amplifying flexibility works to achieve a greater trajectory and enhanced feel and influence.

  • The brilliant weight distribution within the shaft and head ensures you have a balanced CG location while maintaining distance and speed on mishits.

  • The C300 Maraging steel works to increase speed, by creating double flexibility within the face. This is the result of a two-step heat treating process.

Bottom Line

The G700 irons will truly improve your next game. They may not look or seem like it at first glances, but on the course, you'll find them to be precisely the thing you need.
The minimal and sleek designs show you don't need huge cavity backs, badges, varied colored materials or tungsten weights to have an impressive club. This club will perfectly blend into your caddy, allowing you to mix and match while still performing well on the green.

Working to increase range, speed, and launch, this club is an essential for any golfer, regardless of their abilities on the green.

If you're looking to invest in an exceptional set of clubs, that will impress your friends. All while ensuring speed, range, and launch, then this club will deliver on each of those fronts.