PING G400 Max Driver

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If you are searching for a new golf club to add to your collection and/ or increase your overall performance, you came to the right website. We discovered that this option by PING will make you reconsider all the options you already had picked out. But first, when choosing the right match for you, you might consider several factors and features. These can range from the overall build quality, loft and angle, ball speeds after launch, total distance and more. 

The G400 Max Driver by PING is the most forgiving club on the market right now. This club is made with premium durable materials that will not only increase your total ball speed and height, but you will see an increase in your overall Moment of Inertia (MOI) and Center of Gravity (CG). Overall, your scores are guaranteed to improve with this option by PING. After doing extensive research, users have said that this is one of their favorite clubs to hit with. 

Investing in a quality product is essential if you a looking for it to last a few years. The last thing you want to have happened is your club breaking on you, especially if you’re in the middle of a game. If you are looking for an option that is easy to use, made of durable material and will increase your game the next time you’re on the golf course, you should highly consider this option by PING. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • With this club, you are able to customize the shaft to your personal preference
  • Above-average ball flight, spin, speed, and distance
  • Considered the most forgiving club on the market today
  • Compared to other models, this option is a bit thinner
  • Interchangeable weight to improve angle at launch
  • Designed with a thin forged face and durable titanium body
  • Available as a right and left-hand club
  • Currently, very popular and in high demand in the market
  • Versatile and can be used by any player level type
  • Some have complained about the sound, they say it is a little too loud
  • This club is not the best option to use on a very windy day

Performance and Design

As we mentioned above, this option by PING will give you the most forgiveness while you play. When searching for a new club, it is very important to consider the distance, its overall playability, and forgiveness. With that being said, right off the bat, you will notice its attractive forged face. This material is known to increase the speed of your golf ball which will ultimately lead to further distances. There are several features that PING has designed specifically for this club to hit the way that it does.

With this option, PING claims that these design features that we are about to mention are the reason why this club boasts the best in forgiveness overall. First, its larger and longer head shape allows for a large surface area for you to use. PING has designed the head of this option with a full forged face and 460CC surface area. Using their advanced technology, they have also designed large turbulators and dragonflies.

What makes this product by PING stand out from the rest of the options in the market is its interchangeable weight. PING has added more tungsten weight to the back of the head. Adding this weight which also helps in increasing the angle at launch will increase your overall forgiveness. We found that even when you are hitting the golf ball of centered, this will ensure that your club does not twist. You can say goodbye to bad hits with this club. We believe this is one of the main driving factors in overall performance.

Even though some say this option by PING is not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other models, we believe this option performs exceptionally well. From its titanium body to its forged face and customizable shaft options, you will find that this option is a great choice overall. This PING club has a very solid look and we guarantee that it will increase your overall performance on the golf course.

Lastly, you may be wondering what is the difference between this option and the G400 driver. First, this option by PING was released 6 months after their G400 drivers came out. And then, compared to the G400, you will notice that the head of this option is bigger, almost 3% larger to be exact. This might not seem that big to you but it truly makes a world of a difference. From our research, we learned that when PING designs max drivers and max irons, their main focus is fully around forgiveness and increasing it. With that being said, performance-wise, the G400 Max Driver should be highly considered because it is an excellent choice.

Build Quality

After doing extensive research, we found that PING really invested a lot in designing this option. As we mentioned above, we believe that its forged steel face makes your golf ball fly high and far when hit.

Even though this option was only released just 6 months after its first model, the G400, there is quite a difference in what it offers. Users of this club have said that at its initial launch, you will notice how fast your golf ball travels in the air and once it hits the green, how forgiving it is. What adds height and distance to your hit is the gold plated weight that you see on its large head. This weight is located at the back of its head and is designed to assist in the angle of your initial launch. These weights are interchangeable but in order to maintain steady hits, these weights must be removed and replaced correctly. By positioning this weight lower, your CG is decreased, allowing for exceptional forgiveness.

If you are wondering what color this shaft it, you’ll be just as surprised as we were. PING’s Alta CB 70 is the most popular shaft on the market right now. Paired with this exceptional club, no wonder your performance increases. This shaft is lightweight and copper-colored. Some have said that they enjoy this shaft the best because it changes colors. When you have the golf ball ready to hit and look down at the copper shaft, it will look more black.

Sound and Grip

When searching for a new club, many of us take the sound and grip of the club into consideration. We believe that when you hit the golf ball with this club, you will have a sturdy grip on it. Having a good grip will allow you to hit the ball consistently.

As for its sound, some users of this club say that the sound it makes what you hit the golf ball is too loud for them. But for clubs, we found that the sound can be a personal preference, some may say they like the sound and some say it is too loud.

Ease of Use and Flexes

From our research and the reviews we read, we found that this option by PING can be used by any player level type. With that, you will not have to worry about this club being too advanced or not advanced enough for you, it is very easy to use. Also, this product by PING comes in left and right-hand options and regular, stiff, or senior flex shafts.

Another reason why many favor this option by PING is because of its interchangeable and customizable shafts. We learned that PING has made different shaft levels designed for specific types of hitters. For instance, it is suggested that golfers who are known to hit the golf ball an average to above-average distance should use a regular shaft. Meanwhile, for golfers who hit the golf ball hard, it is recommended that they use the senior flex shaft option. Lastly, if you are a distance hitter, the stiff shaft that flexes the least is highly recommended.

If you are unsure of which flex shaft is the best for you, we recommend going into your nearest golf retail store and meet with a professional club fitter. He or she will use a machine to figure out your exact club speed and swing style so they could recommend the perfect shaft that will suit your needs. Investing in this option by PING will improve your game on the golf course.

Lastly, as we learned, its interchangeable weights are the key to top performance with this club. This is very favorable to all golfers because who doesn’t want to increase their overall performance, right? This is why we highly recommend that you take this option by PING very seriously.

Value and Price

A club that can be used by all skill levels is very favorable amongst golfers nowadays. Whether you are looking to expand your collection or improve your game, this option by PING offers great value.

You may be wondering what its priced at by now. Compared to other options on the market, it is a bit pricier. But when you see its features and what it is built out of, it is worth every penny. This product is made to last, from its forged steel face to its titanium body, you can rely on this forgiving club. With this option, you will see the benefits as soon as you hit the golf course. With PING’s advanced technology today, you are guaranteed to hit the golf ball high, fast, and far. Even if you are not centered, don’t worry, you will be able to hit the ball with an increased angle at launch with your tungsten weight attached.

Overall, we believe this option by PING is worth every penny, especially if it is helping you improve your skills on the golf course.

Key Features

Choosing the best option for yourself with so many options on the market may become overwhelming because there are many different brands, models, styles, and colors to choose from. From our research, we believe that this club will increase your overall performance on the golf course. Not only will this club look good in your golf bag but it is very easy to use. Also, there is no need to worry with this option, it is very versatile and can be used by any player level type. Continue reading to find our summary of key features:

  • designed with interchangeable weights that will assist in increasing your MOI, CG and finding the weight that allows you to swing perfectly

  • its thin forged face which creates faster ball speeds

  • this option is considered the most forgiving club on the market

  • not only is this the most forgiving club on the market, but your ball speed, height, and distance is also increased with this option

  • PING has allowed users to customize their shaft. They have the option to choose the Alta CB shaft and X Torsion.

  • this club is also considered a drivers distance club

Bottom Line

Definitely a huge upgrade from the G400, this option is an exceptional investment. It is easy to hit with and will increase your overall scores and forgiveness. Not only is PING known for their quality products, but they take their customer feedback very seriously. They take into consideration all aspects of their products and what they can do to improve it. You will immediately notice how much work they investing in designing this product.

With this option by PING, it is said to decrease your overall drag by around 15% compared to other models. This is important because with this your distance and clubhead speed will increase as well. Also, with its aerodynamic design, we believe that this adds additional distance to your hit. This club can be used by all skill levels and will make a great choice if you are looking to increase your overall performance.

Furthermore, if you are serious about this product, we guarantee that you will be very happy that you invested in it. Whether you are just a beginner or consider yourself a pro, your skills will advance and you will start seeing your scores increase. If you are looking for a club that will also increase your forgiveness on the green, this driver by PING is the best choice on the market right now.