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When investing in a new set of irons you need to take a few things into consideration. The exactitude and consistency, along with the strength of the loft, distance, and will the club be able to keep your ball on the course. The masterminds that created the G400 specially devised this club to not only deliver in these ranges but to redefine how you approach your next round of golf.

The minds behind the G400 have crafted a beautifully made club that brings you incredible distance and height while maintaining an incredible level of distance and control that you need to stay on course. Ping is positive that this club will consistently deliver and become one of the top game improving clubs on the market, and it’s easy to see why.

Using a wide spec of high tech golfing advancements, the G400 was created to help the common golfer achieve impeccable distances. The COR-Eye tech used within this club, alongside the top rail undercut improves the face’s flexibility. Thus, helping you achiever much quicker ball rate and a stronger ball launch.

This club’s slimmer appearance is partly due to the use of stainless steel, which has undergone an incredible heat process. Going up to heats of 1040°C for a duration of six hours. Not only is it a unique process, but it also strengthens the steel by 40% and increases flexibility by a further 18%.

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • One of the best game improving clubs currently available on the market.
  • Impeccably well-planned design helps the average player stay on the green while still maintaining a high level of consistency and accuracy.
  • This club offers an incredible amount of forgiveness and increased MOI.
  • Flexible face helps to increase ball speed and flight.
  • The strong loft produced can be overpowering to some players.


One of special points you will be able to spot about this club is its interesting bottom. While most players would suspect a wide bottom, this is not the case. The smaller appearance of the G400 comes from its additional length. This in fact moderates the size and shape to create the appearance of a slimmer form.

The top line of the club is rather thin, while it’s not paper thin, there is a resemblance to Ping’s iBlades. Also, similarly to the G irons, the sole appears invisible upon first glance.

The use of COR-Eye tech not only gives this iron an interesting appearance, but it also works to improve your game by creating more flexibility within the face. The tech employed within the production of the G400, such as the COR-Eye and the Hyper 17-4, supplies the club with a slimmer appearance. Compared to other clubs produced by the manufacturers, this particular piece is 40 % thinner.

Within the club, there is an undercut towards the peak of the iron, this helps to free up mass, moving it into the bottom.

After the cavity, there is a new badge, which is the full width of the space surrounding it. Traditionally this badge would fit around the COR-Eye, but the creators of this club have decided to take a new approach with this design choice.

A stand out features of this club is the iconic black ring which can be found over the COR-Eye. This has a slightly rubberized feel, and it works to dampen the vibrations. This works to refine the sound and character.

Within this same cavity, there is the CTP (Custom Tuning Port), which has been a key feature in many previous clubs by Ping.

The CTP is hidden, similarly to the G iron, within the trailing edge of the hollow. This helps modify the swing influence and offers balance. This works to increase the impact of D0.

There are a few similarities linking the G400 with the G. Both have a liberal soul, which is designed to go over the turf with its incredible camber.

The G400 also comes with a silver finish for an impeccable glaze. But the choice to use the impressive coating rests in more than its aesthetics. It also reduces friction by 40% through the turf and works to repel water, thus improving launch spin.

The color choice also allows to you blend it in with other clubs, which is ideal if you want to mix and match.


All of the tech used within the G400 aims to create a greater launch, give you more forgiveness, and increase range. But this club also works on increasing speed, alongside precision and coherence of your hits.

The club soon starts to show its true colors soon after you first start using it. On average the club delivers an additional one mile per hour ball speed. Additionally, it also delivers an additional yard of peak footage, along with a 1° steeper launch. The combination of which works to improve its stopping power.

This club has been specially devised to accommodate additional forgiveness on shots and offers high-quality exactness.

The generous badge works to improve the audible feedback given by the club, especially after off-center shots. However, some may find the sound and touch to be a tad hollow, but this can sometimes be expected from a larger depression.

The shaft also uses Ascending Weight Technology, which has been used in preceding Ping products. This handy bit of tech works to create a lighter shaft. This works to improve clubhead speed and accuracy.

It’s essential to remember that you still need to do some work in regards to launching the ball correctly.

The G400 is exceptional, with an incredibly forgiving design that produces impeccable results and tremendous audio feedback and feel. Think of this club like seasoning, it works to improve and develop the flavor of your game.

This iron is the perfect game developing the club, particularly for players who are handicapped when it comes to mid and high ranges. However, the G400 is also a tremendous help to golfers of all abilities, another incredible quality of this club.

Sound & Feel

Giving consideration to how the club sounds and feels is crucial, as it delivers invaluable feedback about the condition of your hits.

The sound created by the G400 is hard to sum up in one word. While the audio feedback given is too hardy and bassy to be a snap or click sound, it does have a percussion element to it. If you’re interested in finding out how this club sounds upon impact, it's advisable that you should try it out in order to get a real understanding.

However, the feel of this club is effortlessly described as solid and firm, offering slightly softened feedback upon impact with the ball.


The G400 works exceptionally well as a game improving iron, despite its thin and smooth lines and pearlescent finish. It proves that looks can be deceiving. Any off-center hits almost match the heights of straight hits.

The low center of gravitation and tungsten mass, which is saved in the CTP, helps retain the face of the club rectangle and propelling ahead on larger shots. You will also find that any mishits travel strongly. A depression badge serves to present a substantial vibration, serving as audible feedback on the quality of good and bad shots.

The clubs approach towards hitting the ball, among other things, is something that will be appreciated by more seasoned players. The enhanced distance and greater ball flights also prove to be an added bonus.

Because of the sleek heads, golfers will find that chipping with this club is a more pleasurable experience compared to other irons.


Similar to other clubs from the manufacturer, this iron plays further than most of its peers. One of these things that were used to achieve these greater distances in the ‘Power Spec’ the creators used within the G400’s construction.

This piece of tech helps you to achieve additional range while bolstering the loft between 1 to 1.5°.


As previously mentioned, the G400 uses a lot of advancements created within the golfing industry, along with some incredibly interesting pieces of technology. All of these things work together in order to improve and develop your skill level and enhance your golfing experience.

As mentioned beforehand the COR-Eye is used within this club. The invention of which is to generate faster ball speed and gain additional distance when on the course. It also means that your ball will travel faster and have a softer landing.

There is a concealed CTP (Custom Tuning Port) within the head of the iron. This enables golfers to modify their swing’s weight
The club is also 40% thinner thanks to the use of heat treated stainless steel, which also works to improve strength and flexibility within the face.

The top rain hollowed depression also adds to the face’s flexibility, providing additional distance and height. Alongside this, there is a three-piece cavity badge, which offers an enhanced feel and amplified sound feedback.

The club is also coated with a specialized chrome coating, which works to reduce any friction by 40%. It also improves spin and launches through a wide range of terrains. With the use of intensified hosel geometry, the club also has a sleeker and streamlined aesthetic.

With the use of Weight Technology, the shaft is designed to become buoyant as they get longer, and heavier when shorter. The lighter shafts promote accuracy and distance. Another helpful piece of technology is the use of high-quality graphite within the shaft, which allows for any additional weight within the head, thus improving energy transfer between the head and the ball.

Key Features

If you're trying to enhance your skills and approach to golf, then the G400 is a club you need to consider investing in. While they are mainly suited towards handicapped player ranging between ten and twenty, this piece still suits a wide variety of abilities. The club’s various features prove to be a benefit to many different golfers. For example, people who are higher hitters will admire the level of forgiveness this club provides, especially on off-the-mark hits. Lower hitters will also find the blade like appearance a bonus.
The firm feels and intense noise, along with the impressive coating are also other desirable feature. Players of any level will appreciate the impressive characteristics of the G400 iron.

Key Features

  • COR-Eye technology which is used to improve flexibility within the face and strengthen the club.

  • Custom Tuning Port (CTP) which allows players to adjust their swing weight.

  • Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel for a stronger club.

  • Top Rail Undercut Cavity creates a more flexible face which increases ball distance and speed.

  • Three Piece Cavity Badge enhances the sound and feel

  • Hydropearl Chrome Finish decreases friction by 40%

  • Improved Hosel Geometry for a sleeker finish.

  • Weight Technology creates a lightweight feel in longer shafts.

  • Alta CB Premium Graphite Shaft enhances energy transfer throughout the club.

Bottom Line

If you aspire to reinvest in your ability as a golfer also developing your skills on the field, then you should consider buying the G400 iron. This is an impeccable game developing iron, that you will simply fall in love with and benefit from its long list of incredible features. With the help of this club, golfers can potential see dual digit distance in future games.

The smaller form of the club’s head helps you to score better on the course and achieve more consistently accurate shots. The G400 delivers in a huge way, and what golfer wouldn’t want to achieve that?