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When obtaining a fresh addition to your clubs you must to be certain that your not simply getting a club that looks and feels outstanding. Not only that but you want it to support your skills. Thankfully, the G30 is the perfect way to add some flavor to your game.

Over the past few years, Ping has invested a lot of time and thought into the construction of their clubs to help enhance your golfing skills and experience.

Overall, the G-series has been a great experience for many people who have used them. They have to be one of the most forgiving, easy-going and fun to use irons available on the market. While their overall look may not appease those of you with more refined tastes, they still manage to hold their own. Thankfully the G30 irons still maintain their forgiving nature while offering a more stylish look for the refined golfer.

The general form and size of the G30 are the same as its predecessors, but with a few little touch-ups here and there. The club still performs exceptionally well and is considered to be one of the best on the market, so they're right to abstain from playing about with the aesthetics too much.

The sole of this iron is somewhat different as the flange appears like it has been reduced. But what has actually happened is that the additional trailing edge towards the toe has been extended towards the rear of the club.

The curvature of the sole has also been modified with the intention of aiding it through the turf more smoothly, which means no more digging. The overall effect has been improved when compared to a similar curvature in the G25.

Traditionally any changes made in the construction of these irons happen within the cavity. The addition of any inserts or badges helps to reposition the center of gravity, thusly changing the sound and feel upon impact.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • While the playability does tend to default to high and direct flights, the knockdowns don't cause too much issue. It's more versatile than many people would expect and hits cleanly from sand plus through the turf.
  • This has to be one of the most effortless clubs accessible on the market. It's incredibly forgiving, also working towards bettering your skills.
  • Distance is not an issue as this product proves itself to be an iron that does all the work for you. It also helps to maintain consistency and precision.
  • It flattens the ball upon contact, creating a sharp and dense crack. This sound seems to happen no matter where you hit the ball on the face. You'll be left feeling like you've just got the most out of your swing.
  • There is a lot of metal included in the foundation, which for some can be negative. Some also find the feeling and vibration to be wanting for their tastes.


When it comes to their appearance, Ping has never feared when it came to crossing design boundaries, and there is certainly no exception to this with the G30 irons.

The interesting finish is one of the first things you may notice about the clubs design. Coated with a dark finish, it creates a sleek feel that many will appreciate. It makes for a nice change to the traditional chrome coating we see in other sets.

Another change you may immediately spot is the width of the sole. It's much larger than you'd expect. For example, the wedge in the G30 range actually looks like the real thing. The principal edge is more rounded, and there is a small amount of relief which is ground out at the back of the sole.
These clubs also have an extra bounce to them, especially compared to your traditional iron, though this is very easy to spot upon inspection.

The cavity is rather deep, the reason behind this is mostly to do with the size of the sole. You can actually feel how slim the face of the club is by simply pressing it between two fingers. While this a noteworthy design choice, it is only a minor part of the cavity's structure.

The elastomer insert has a metallic finish, but upon touching it you'll quickly deduce that it is a form of polymer.

At the address, you can almost immediately tell that they're game improving clubs. While the head is big, it's not bulky. This large appearance is due to the thickness at the top of the blade. While it was rounded out to diminish its dense appearance, it may not be appealing to golfers with a dislike for thick lines.

There is a good offset with this club, which ranges in noticeably amongst the different clubs.

The visible cavity may be a turn off for some players, especially in the longer irons. This gives the clubs a more hybrid look and feels to it, which may be a big no-no to some.
However, it's important to remember that this design feature will, in the end, build your confidence and offer more forgiveness.

Generally speaking, the appearance of the G30 irons are decent. While it may not be a headliner, it certainly displays the club's performance elements.


Examination revealed that the G30 wasn't fully able to hold their own when balanced with other clubs on the market. This is important to keep in mind, but overall it is still an effect game improving iron.

The full sole and slim face helped to generate a powerful ball launch like you'd hope for, and worked to produce powerful rotation rates comparable to the irons the G30 succeeded. As a consequence, they have greater hight, which thusly results in a somewhat lower distance.
However, for some players, this union may work towards helping you gain further reach. It depends on your skill set and ability.

The main distinction seen in distances comes with the larger irons. Their lofts are moderately powerful, roughly 2° in the mid/long irons. While they have a recognizable range, Ping has been somewhat modest in terms of loft and height.
Some players will not be happy about this, but for others, it will be a great change for their approach to distance, loft and their overall game.


Forgiveness is an area in which you'll want your club to excel in. Thankfully for you, the G30 certainly does just that. While the range may not be ideal for some, the clubs maintenance of length on mishits is impressive. Like other wider-sole clubs set to improve your game, they handled well in terms of range and trajectory.

It was also noted that most toe side mishits fell just short of center impact shots. This is another similarity to the G25 irons.

The restructured sole contributes to the incredible level of forgiveness, especially on heavier misses. It didn't dig into the ground but still works to help guide the ball.

Overall, the level of forgiveness present within these clubs is astounding and will continue to blow you away. It's one of the highlight features, and one of the main reasons the G30 are a must-have for anyone trying to develop their skills and generally improve themselves on the green.

It's important to note that in comparison to other irons (like the Karsten irons), there was a small drop-off in forgiveness. However, this is easy to understand when you consider the overall structure is not that of a maximum game improving design.

Sound & Feel

The tone and feel of a club can feedback a lot of information on the quality of your shot. That's why it's important that you can rely on your club for this specific audible information.

Overall, the noise this club makes upon contact is incredible. The impressive sound was assisted by the soft elastomer badge. The placement of which works to amplify the overall feel and audio feedback.

The CTP formation of the G30 is lower down, which produces greater flights which land oh-so-softly. Created with 17-4 steel, this helps to provide a sturdy feel upon impact with center hits.


At this point, the news that the G30 is very forgiving shouldn't come as too much of a shock. So for the overall evaluation of its performance, we won't be focusing too much on that area.

Generally speaking, the G30 is one of our top picks, namely because it really is a game improving iron. It does everything its meant to and so much more. It molds mishits that are far from the clubface's center and makes it seem like they were high-quality hits. While it may not totally change your life, it'll certainly change your approach on the green.

Your overall dispersion will be tighter and more controlled, which also work to boost your confidence on the course, which also works towards better quality hits.

A remarkable thing to note about these irons is the trajectory produced. In testing, it was found that these irons hit the same peak height as the Ping i25 irons. But it's important to acknowledge that the G30 spun less, even though it launched more frequently and consistently.


The most notable design changes within the G30 is the inclusion of the additional 2° of bounce to the G30’s sole.

Essentially, the creators of this club have taken inspiration for the G30's sole design from the i20 and i25 irons, which work exceedingly well for many different angles of attack. It even works towards increasing the playability of the G30s.

The main difference between the G30 and i25 soles is that the latter is wider on the edge. Not a part of the sole comes into action as far as turf synergy is concerned. Rather, the additional girth contributes to increased mass to be placed beneath and towards the rear.


A lot of tech was used in the creation method to bring you the most effective and execution enhancing club available. The amount of work that has overall gone into its development will utterly astound you.

Placed towards the base of the sole, the CTP arrangement works to adjust the CG, ensuring a powerful launch with plenty of forgiveness. The slim profile also works to accommodate further range and direction, alongside a solid feel. Not only this, but the elastomer badge improves the tone and touch of the club.

One of the reasons for the high level of forgiveness is the use of thin 17-4 steel. This works to maximize deflection for grander ball speeds, its also backed by the CTP cavity. Once again this works to optimize the CG and promotes MOI. This depression is undercut in order to reduce mass, allowing for a sunken rear CG, improving launch requirements and maximizing forgiveness.

The rounded edge also works to improve the bounce profile of the club, creating a smoother passage through the grass, adding to forgiveness (which is unquestionably highlighted on off-center shots).

Key Features

The G30 irons truly highlight why it's important to invest in such a reliable game-changing club, especially one that will season your play on the golfing green. All the incredible innovations used within this club were placed within to not only enhance your execution and add additional forgiveness but to grow your self-esteem so you can properly impress your golfing pals.

Key Features

  • Lowered CG helps boost MOI and aid forgiveness.

  • Stylish charcoal coating gives the club a fashionable finish.

  • Softened edge glides through the grass for a smoother swing.

  • CTP Cavity works to assist MOI.

  • Slimmer clubface generates additional bounce.

Bottom Line

Anyone who enjoyed using the G25 irons can rest easy when it comes time for an upgrade. The G30 has a few things on offer that you won't be able to resist. Overall, it promises to live up to its reputation as a game improving club that will assist your play on the green.

The distance gained through this club, particularly on off-center shots is impressive, making it a golf caddy essential that every golfer would certainly benefit from.

There have been elements taken from other distance focused irons from Ping that have been incorporated into the G30. Which certainly proved to be a wise choice as it helps to enhance your game and skills.