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The game of golf has never been so popular as it is now, and it has never been so accessible to almost anyone as well. If you track back the history of the game, you’ll realize that until the sixties of the previous century, the game was considered to be the ‘sport of the rich’. Well, we all get the idea as the many films illustrated the concept very vividly. Since the game wasn’t very popular among ordinary people, the need for golf gear, equipment and accessory were limited to just meeting the needs of golf minority.

However, technological expansion, among other things, meant more innovative golf clubs and less expensive products. Actually, golf has been long considered a rich men’s sport because of the ridiculously expensive clubs and gear that common people couldn’t afford. But, new industries and market competitions created many possibilities for new companies that created innovative and playable golf products.

This development brought the game closer to the average men and women, which sparked up the common interest of getting more and more involved in the game. And consequently, more involvement in creating things that would help golfers practice better, learn more and advance in the game.

Fast forward today, we are witnesses of hundreds, maybe thousands of variously crafted golf gear, accessories and training gadgets that have been made to make the game easier and more satisfactory. Many of you know that even though it looks so easy, the reality is much more different, and it is painstakingly hard to even launch the ball first place. So, to speed up the process of learning how to develop a full-blown swing, how to keep the balance and the tempo, you will need a good swing trainer that will allow you to practice not only on the course or the driving range but in the comfort of your home and everywhere you go.

Among the most popular such gadgets is Orange Whip Trainer which has been voted number 1 teaching aid among PGA and LPGA professionals.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Made to help you develop your flexibility, timing, tempo, and rhythm

Patented, counterbalanced shaft design with a weighted orange ball

Practical and convenient and it can be used everywhere

You get feedback instantly, with every swing

It is recommended and used by PGA golfers and experts

It helps you synchronize your upper and lower body movement

It can be used to train your long, short and approach shots

It simulates an athletic swing

It comes with a two-year warranty


Golfers complain that it is very highly-priced


The idea of creating Orange Whip Trainer didn't happen just like that, but it came as a result of a long term observation, experimentation, and dedication. Namely, the PGA professional Jim Hackenberg had had the opportunity to observe first-hand PGA players training and playing through his engagement as a caddy and then as an instructor, before he got the idea of developing Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

While he was observing every detail of golfers’ performance, he realized that most of the golfers, irrelevant whether they were beginners or seasoned golfers, had the same basic problem in common which was related to improper balance, rhythm, and posture. He noticed that golfers were so focused on attempting to hit the ball rather than swing through the ball. So this gave him the idea to develop this tool that will be the basic aid to let golfers swing in rhythm while keeping the balance.


If you have been asking yourself why you would need such a strange-looking club, you ought to read this section and understand the obvious benefits that golfers are expected to have when consistently practicing with Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

Firstly, this is a club-looking tool which can be taken literally everywhere. To practice with it, you don’t need any additional equipment or larger area for practice. It can be with you everywhere you go, and the only thing which is required from you is goodwill and dedication to consistently practice. Secondly, training with it doesn’t take up much of your time, 5-10 minutes in 2-3 sets during the day are sufficient to develop the swing feel and rhythm. It is particularly recommended to those golfers who live in challenging weather environments when going to the course is practically impossible for quite some time. Finally, you will be able to train on your own without needing an instructor or professional which saves your time and your money.

Personal Benefits

Provided you use it regularly, the practice says that there are multiple areas where you can experience gains. Besides the expected improvement in the golf swing, your body will become more flexible thanks to the low-impact stretch that happens every time you are swinging. Also, each of the drills enables your muscles to work out in a repetitive motion and the most active are the wrists and the forearms because of the hinging action while swinging. As you do the movements, thus your arms and the body get synchronized which is an imperative of delivering a natural swing so once you get your woods on the course, you’ll notice how coordinated you are. Many golf experts claim that the tempo is the key, so as you exercise your body and arm thus the natural rhythm dictates the swing, and this is the tempo. The so-called centrifugal movement will take over and the repetitive swing will be developed, subduing the instinct to hit the ball.


Even though it might look simple and pointless, the science of physics stands behind it, proving it is as functional as we have described it. For the purpose of maximizing the effect, the flexible shaft comes in several lengths, each of them designed to meet different golfers’ needs. This means that the original Orange Whip Swing Trainer is 35.5 inches long and weighs 1.6 lbs. However, the size of the shaft and the weight of the tool can vary depending on if it is made for men, women, seniors or teenagers.

The patented, flexible shaft design features a counterweight system. This system is achieved with the help of the weighted orange ball which is positioned at the lower end of the flexible shaft and which delivers instant feedback with every single shot you make. On the other end of the shaft, on the top of the grip, there’s a smaller ball that functions as a counterweight. The grip on the shaft is of superior quality and helps you develop real feel.


As observing as Jack had been, he realized that the distance and the power come from the shaft but the concept had been misunderstood. According to him, golfers need maximum centrifugal force in their swing they need and a shaft that is malleable and soft, and which has a weight attached to it so that there are energy release and energy transfer.

With the repetitive swinging, golfers realize that the muscles react to the weight and wait to swing back but at the same time the shoulders get coordinated with the movement of the forearms and the legs get synchronized with the upper body movement since they need to lead the downswing. While this synchronization occurs, your arms wait for the mass to speed up and all your movements are directed to the point of swinging through, while your head stays firm and your eyes focused on the ball.

Jack also claims if you are able to visualize this process and translate it into a real movement that you’ll practice, again and again, the improvement will happen in no time. You can’t expect a perfect swing to happen overnight but once it gets into your mind, it is hard to forget. Reaching this state of swing flow means, reaching the state of full potential, however, until you get there, your swing won’t be optimized.

And, the Orange Whip has been designed to provide you with enough feedback about your performance. When the ball wobbles, it tells you that you need to readjust the coordination between your hands and legs. The counterweight helps you to load and release the golf club while at the same time allows you to practice your rhythm, timing, and tempo.

Key Features

After going through all the important aspects regarding this trainer, it is time to summarize its effectiveness and functionality. It is considered to be number one PGA and LPGA training aid, and it has been recommended by many tour players and teachers. It features a patented shaft design that is based on the weighted and counterweighted system that delivers immediate feedback about your performance. The weighted orange ball is the one that delivers the response, so if it wobbles, make sure that you need some extra practice. It has been considered the basic golfing training aid which helps golfers warm-up, avoid injuries and develop overall muscle flexibility. In addition to this, Orange Whip Club will help you develop your timing, tempo, and balance. Claimed to be used by over 300 golf professionals, it is the training tool that will help you retain your rhythm by practicing anywhere you want.

Key Features

  • A training aid that helps you develop your flexibility, timing, tempo, and rhythm

  • Patented, counterbalanced shaft design with a weighted orange ball

  • It can be used everywhere you want without needing additional practice tools

  • It provides instant feedback with every launch of the ball

  • Used and recommended by over 300 PGA golfers and experts

  • It helps you synchronize your upper and lower body movement

  • It can be used to train your long, short and approach shots

  • It simulates an athletic swing

  • It comes with a two-year warranty

Cost and Value

In the ocean of multiple training devices, it is very hard to find completely functional and effective training aid that will be an excellent value for the money. Sometimes it feels as if you were looking for a needle in a haystack and this fact additionally overwhelms golfers.
Orange Whip Swing Trainer has been one of those tools that represent innovativeness, functionality, and performance. It is the first product on the market of this type and its patented design has been praised by many golfers. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that it has the highest price compared to other similar products that have been launched on the market after it was launched, as it inspired the competitive companies to imitate the design.

Bottom Line

Every golfer needs training and additional practice, and no matter of your handicap level or when you started playing golf, there are specific movements of the golf swing that occur only when you are trying to swing the ball, and these movements need to be practiced. According to the creator of Orange Whip Swing Trainer, the crucial thing for delivering a full-blown swing is developing enough rhythm and balance so that golfers develop the strength and flexibility of their muscles which creates sufficient muscle memory to produce effortless swings.

It is no wonder that it is one of the basic training aids of tour players and golf instructors since it was invented by a PGA professional who had gained much insight into where golfers err and what they need to avoid making mistakes before he made it. He changed the approach by focusing on creating tempo, rhythm, and coordination, instead of stressing out the stance and just hitting the ball, as he claimed that golfers need to go through the ball, not to aim at the ball. This has proven to be a very functional method of successfully swinging the ball.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer is comprised of three components, a flexible shaft, a weighted orange ball that represents the clubhead, and a counterweight on the other end of the shaft. This design synchronizes your arms, lower body, and the upper body and the result is a balanced swing and a perfect tempo for maximized swing capacity. The multiple reviews by experts and users who have had the chance to use it seem to support the manufacturer’s claim that it is a training aid that works.