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The Odyssey Red Ball putter represents an upgraded edition of the Red Ball putters family, a design that has been a breakthrough in putter offers, and which has been played by thousands of golfers worldwide. Odyssey putters have been considered some of the best putters in golf, and they have made quite a name in all skill levels golf. You can frequently hear golf coaches advising their students to get a good Odyssey putter as they feature varieties in style and design suitable for the lowest to the highest handicap. 

If you are wondering what makes Odyssey putters so valued, we’ll shed a bit of light with you, just to hint that Odyssey is a subsidiary of Callaway, the most groundbreaking golf company that has excelled in integrating sophisticated technologies within their designs. This implies that the company has the technological and financial support from the greatest golf manufacturer to integrate their perspective ideas into well-performing and optimized golf clubs

And, it is the putter manufacturing where they have focused their energy and made the Odyssey putters the most outstanding on the market. You don’t even have to know all their putter offers to realize the sophistication and the detailed construction they feature. The putter that we are reviewing today is an example of a redefined concept that serves a much wider purpose than just hitting the ball into the hole. As a matter of fact, the design it has can help high handicappers to practice and produce more accurate putts and to improve their stance and set up when putting.  And, if you thought that the red-eye design is there to make the putter look fancy, once again you’re wrong since it functions as posture correction so that you’re able to produce more successful putts.

The Odyssey Red Ball putter was released last year, and it is already one of the most selling putters from this brand. Golfers of different skill levels have already realized that the simple visualization that comes with the red ball is easier to follow and better to understand, so it is the putter that will help you shave a few hits. High to mid handicappers do claim score decrease as this mallet-style putter is not only easy and fun to use, but it is also very forgiving. 

If we have already attracted your attention, stay with us as below we have described in detail the design and the performance features of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter, and what to expect from it.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

The red ball alignment aid helps golfers correct their body posture and putt better

White Hot steel mesh face insert for a softer feel and more feedback

Mallet-style putter with perimeter weighting

Higher MOI and larger head deliver more forgiveness

Perimeter weighting for greater stability and balance

Excellent for high to mid handicappers


Some golfers think that the ring comes too large relative to the ball which might misguide the golfer

The Red Ball Design

It totally makes sense to start with the red-eye design as it is the most striking feature that this putter has, and which determines its overall function. Since the right alignment is the key to successful putting, the designers of the Odyssey Red Ball putter made sure that this model will help golfers align the best they can (even when they can’t). The alignment is determined by the body posture and the position of the hands and the eyes on the club, and this is what the red ball does.

The visualputting aid is the simplest that you’ll find, even though other putters feature similar concepts. The red ball is positioned on the sole, and it protrudes through a round scope that is positioned on the crown of the putter. When you are at the address, you are supposed to see the red ball in the center of the scope in a perfect position. This means that your body posture is correctly positioned for a precise putt, and your eyes are looking at the right spot. In case the bottom part of the ball can’t be seen, this is an indication that you are keeping your eyes much more inside the putting line, so you need to approach it until you see the ball centered in the scope.

Golfers agree that this is the most fun to use alignment aid, and it is an excellent putting tool for those golfers who need extra putting aid or the players who need to practice body, hand and eye position whilst putting. However, before you completely rely on the ball system, make sure that the sole lies on a flat surface as it can misguide you completely otherwise.

Clubhead Design

Before starting playing golf and grab the putter, one might think that putting is the easiest part of the game, and this opinion is frequent among all those couch golfers who get that vague idea that putting is an activity that comes naturally to everyone that has a putter in his/her hand. But, once you get the putter, you realize that the situation is quite the opposite and that you do need good putting skills but a good putteras well.

Talking about a well-designed putter, the Odyssey Red Ball putter has all the rights to be called one of the best in its category. The empty central portion and the excessively high MOI put it into the mallet-style category. The larger head design and the weight shift from the center to the edge of the head increases its stability and balance. This means more confidence for high handicappers as the overall design speaks forgiveness and enhanced performance.

Alignment Design

The crown, or even better, what is left from the crown, is well-thought-of to deliver additional alignment aid and to help golfers increase their accuracy. You might think that all the alignment aid lies in the red ball, however, the red ball serves more like a posture and stance correction, and it guides the position of your eyes, while the putter also features a more traditional way to help golfers align better. If you remind yourself that this is a mallet-style putter that has been designed to meet the needs of high to mid handicappers, then it makes sense all the alignment aid that it abounds.

The striking color contrast of black and white, the white being positioned at both face ends as well as the white perpendicular central line, help golfer square the ball and hardly miss a putt. Many golfers say that they love the color contrast which doesn’t look at all distracting as some similar putters tend to be within this category.

Face Design

The Odyssey Red Ball putter is not a brand new concept, and as we have mentioned before, it comes as an upgrade of the original model that appeared on the market three years ago. With the original Red Ball putter, Callaway designers used the White Hot RX insert and the same insert has been utilized in the design of this model. The White Hot material uses a mesh pattern design which mostly impacts the sound and the feel of the putter, making it a bit softer than the original putter, but not too soft. With the original design, golfers seemed to have been deterred by the firm feel delivered by the steel mesh, so it was a clear signal for a bit softer feel.

There’s a little drawback that we need to mention when it comes to the White Hot insert though. The meshed design is thus designed so that it gets caught blades of grass, which might distract those golfers who tend to get all neat and clean. The 3-degree loft on the face seems a little to get the face hidden at address, however, it isn’t distracting, so you can still produce good putts.

Offset Design

Callaway is a brand that influences common trends or closely follows them, so you will hardly find anything traditional in all their later products. All these features that we have presented to you somehow imply that Callaway would have opted for face balanced model, however that is not the case with the Odyssey Red Ball putter. Since today’s trend is directed towards toe balanced putters, Callaway decided to go with it too. This way, it can help golfers who play with a little arc when hitting the ball, but also to deliver optimized performance for those golfers who feature straight strokes.


For one product to be called one of the best in its own category it needs to tick all the boxes on the list that include innovative construction, advanced design, and superior performance. The performance is mostly influenced by the two previous preconditions, which in this case are more than advanced. The design itself is simple but sophisticated and there’s nothing that it lacks or has more than needed.

The Odyssey Red Ball putter features larger clubhead and higher MOI, the two characteristics of a very forgiving putter. This means, when golfers hit off the sweet spot, the speed of the ball is likely to stay the same and result in a nice putt. The White Hot insert delivers hot and soft feel which have been happily accepted by the golfers worldwide. In addition to good feel and sound, it is also well-balanced, so you’ll be practically guided by it, with great control and accuracy. This makes it a very playable model which goes in line with player’s comments who say that it has helped them shove off some strokes.

Key Features

Clearly, mid and high handicappers have a lot to expect from the Odyssey Red Ball putter and our review of the putter confirms that it isn’t an exaggeration to have high expectations from it. The larger head and the MOI make sure that you produce a precise putt even if your stroke is not centered. The perimeter weighting makes the putter stable and balanced, while the White Hot steel mesh face insert delivers a soft feel, and very solid feedback.

Yet, the greatest highlight of the putter is the red alignment ball that helps golfers practice and achieve correct body posture, focus their eyes on the ball and produce precise putts. In addition to the red ball, there is a white perpendicular line that helps golfers align the ball even better. It is a wonderful putter that delivers maximized performance.

Key Features

  • The red ball alignment aid helps golfers correct their body posture and putt better

  • White Hot steel mesh face insert for a softer feel and more feedback

  • Mallet-style putter with perimeter weighting

  • Higher MOI and larger head deliver more forgiveness

  • Perimeter weighting for greater stability and balance

  • Excellent for high to mid handicappers

Bottom Line

High handicappers usually have a tough time to become able to put right, and one of the most difficult things to learn is the correct body posture. Even though there are many putting aids out there, this model is actually a putter that has the capacity to practice your putting skills by perfecting your setting up and your body posture for improved putting skills. Made from one of the greatest putter manufacturers, it promises unprecedented performance and more putts.