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Finding the distance to the target has never been easier. You simply point to the target or the flag pin, and in a second or even a fraction of the second you have it displayed on the screen. Today gofers can choose from a laser, a GPS or hybrid rangefinders, and they are considered to be a part of the standard and most important equipment for effective and more satisfactory performance. 

As there is no doubt whether a golfer needs a rangefinder, we will immediately state the reasons why everyone who decides to play golf should have one in his/her bag. Firstly, modern rangefinders are fairly accurate and they can provide you with information about the distance to the flag or any other target you point the rangefinder at. Secondly, knowing the distance to the target can influence the selection of the golf club and the way you perform. And lastly, you can easily scan the area and get the distance to multiple objects which can influence your strategy and the way you are going to approach your next shot.  

Knowing the distance to the flag in golf is the key to lowering the score as golfers immediately get the idea of which club to use. So, since this dilemma is already solved, then we move on to solving one more issue that golfers have- choosing the right rangefinder. We called this ‘an issue’ since you already know that there are hundreds of distance finders and the market is overflooding with new releases on a daily basis. From highly established premium brands to varieties of no-name offers, you’ll find everything, and each of the models is advertised as the best and offering all that golfers need. 

From the ocean of rangefinders, we have selected the one that stands out with the features it has and supported with the brand name it has. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized is one of the most advanced rangefinders that Nikon has recently launched, offering the company’s top-notch quality and groundbreaking technology. Coming from such a reputable optical company that has pertained on the market for a very long time and which has a guiding principle of innovations and trustworthiness, Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized has been the choice of many pro golfers. Below we discuss its features and technologies, so learn more about this exceptional distance finder

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Stabilization technology stabilizes the viewfinder and the outbound laser

ID (Incline/Decline) technology calculates the distances with the slope-adjusted measurements

An external LED indicator which confirms when the slope function is off

Locked-On technology uses a green circle around the flagstick in front of multiple objects to confirm the target

An OLED display with superior optics and 6x zoom

Waterproof and fog proof with compact and ergonomic design

Extremely fast with approximate measurement display of 0.3 seconds regardless of the distance

Measurement range from 8-1200 yards with incredible accuracy


A few golfers reported battery issues

Stabilization Technology

Pro Stabilized is a model that was released last year, and it was immediately appreciated as a superior model. The reason for its market success is due to the technology utilized to deliver superior performance. The second generation of the company's Stabilization Technology brings forth one of the most stable images ever delivered by a rangefinder, and in the world of golf, this fact means a lot.

If you have ever used a distance finder you already know what I am talking about. You know that when holding a distance finder in your hand it is never completely firm, and in case your hand even slightly shakes, it makes it recalculate the distance over and over again. However, this hand movement does not cause vibrations only to the viewfinder, but it also affects the outbound laser which additionally deteriorates its accuracy. Therefore, this Stabilization Technology stabilizes the image to the target and delivers accurate distance measurement in less than a second. This makes the device very reliable and easy to use.

Locked-On Technology

Imagine you are approaching the green and there are plenty of trees in the background while you’re trying to measure the distance to the flagstick. Many low-quality rangefinders in this situation are struggling to deliver the correct distance as they have a hard time to locate the flagstick. Nikon in this unit has used the Locked-On technology to recognize the actual flagstick and correctly calculate the distance. With the help of this technology, golfers can rest assured that the measurements they get are not to the surrounding trees but the actual target. When aiming at the flagstick, there will be a green circle that visually confirms the distance and ignores the objects in the background.

ID (Incline/Decline) Technology

It is interesting how competitive companies have found various ways to address an existing problem and chose different names for rather similar technologies. This ID technology refers to what the competition calls Slope technology, i.e., measurements that calculate the inclines and the declines to the target.

As we are all aware that golf courses are far from being flat, any uphill or downhill can affect the precise calculation and can deliver incorrect yardages to the target. This means that when this function is turned on, the rangefinder calculates the horizontal distance plus/minus the hight to better adjust the slope calculation. This way, golfers will have a better insight of how far they are supposed to play the ball, and which club will be the most suitable for that distance, which in certain situations can save a few strokes.

Actual Distance Indicator

The ID technology is superior, and it does help golfers to get a better perspective of the target and improve their performance, however, it is a function that has been a subject of many debates and controversies, and it is still forbidden for tournament play in accordance with the USGA Local Rule 14-3. This means that any distance finder which doesn’t have the option to turn off the slope measurement mode will be sanctioned from any official USGA supported tournament.

Hence, Nikon has thought of a very bright way to attract golfers who take frequent part in tournaments by integrating into the design of the unit a LED light which functions as an indicator of the ID technology. When the LED light blinks green, it indicates that the slope feature is turned on and it will stay on as long as this function is on too. Once golfers turn it off, the Actual Distance Indicator (the green LED light) is turned off as well. Having this option brings more confidence to golfers and ensures that their performance on the course complies with the Rule 14-3.


This feature is always considered crucial when it comes to distance finders since the accurate measurement of the specific target is the basic purpose of their function. And interestingly enough, not many of the existing distance finders on the market boast supreme accuracy.

However, Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized has been numerous times tested and has been proven to deliver ultimate precision in the measurements it delivers, making it one of the most reliable models currently on the market. Consistent and trustworthy performance is guaranteed with the use of the supreme Nikon’s technologies that compete with the best ones.

The measurement range spans from 8 to 1200 yards, and even though it delivers the distances in yards and meters, it comes with preset measurements in yards. Within the range of 700 yards, it is accurate to .75 yards, while the accuracy drops to 1.25 yards when the measurements are calculated from 700 to 1000 yards. When measured beyond 1000 yards it is accurate to 1.75 yards.

And, not only is it highly accurate but it is extremely fast too. The proprietary next-gen Hyper Read feature displays the calculated results in approximately 0.3 seconds no matter which distance range you’re trying to measure. This unbeatable speed allows golfers to focus more on their performance and play instead of wasting their time waiting for reliable results.

Measurement Modes

One of the most useful and favorite modes is the "Scan Mode". This mode provides an insight to golfers of their surroundings and enables them to get measurements of multiple small objects such as the sand traps, water hazards, mounds and trees in less than a second. This information is considered to be of great importance as golfers approach the green since it helps them carefully select the club and save some strokes which will help them lower their score. This mode is activated when you press and hold the power button for eight seconds and at the same time point to objects and move around the area.

The “ Play As” mode displays the actual distance to the target on the upper section of the screen while below you get the slope-adjusted distance which includes the upward and the downward incline.

The “Actual Distance” mode is the measurement that golfers get when the slope function is turned off and the only measurement you get is the regular calculated distance without taking into account the inclines and declines.

The “Horizontal Distance and Hight” mode delivers measurements of the height and the calculated horizontal distance by calculating the upward and downward incline. There is one more mode, the “Actual Distance and Height” mode which displays the height and the actual distance including the upward and the downward incline.


Nikon is a superior optics company and one of the world leaders and inventors within this range, so the technology used in Coolshot Pro Stabilized is one of their finest. The integral monocular features the company’s proprietary multi-coated optics that deliver clear and bright viewing and there’s also a back diopter ring that features fast focus and 6x zoom. The high-definition OLED display is one of the most top-notch found in a rangefinder, constructed to automatically adjust the brightness so that it delivers ideal visibility in different light conditions.


Once you take it out of the box you’ll get immediate satisfaction with its compact and ergonomic design. It has a white plastic case with a dark upper and bottom grippy surface to prevent it from falling off when the weather is wet, and to protect it from accidental slipping. One of its most prominent features is its waterproof design which guarantees that the performance will be unaltered even when used in heavy rain or when completely submerged into water.

There are two buttons on the top of it, the power button and the button that allows you to switch through modes. It comes with a case that has a carabiner that can be hooked on a golf bag and on the back there’s Velcro section to attach it on a similar surface.

Key Features

While going through the multitude of features that Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized has, we realized why it was voted the best rangefinder for 2018, and why you should consider replacing your old unit with Pro Stabilized. In this section, we summarize the key points od the most important features and stress out the qualities it has.

The key feature of Coolshot Stabilized Pro is the Stabilization Technology which allows golfers to get instant measurements in a very clear, bright and stable image without any additional attempts to recalculate the distance when the hand is even slightly shaking. Next, the ID Technology brings out distances which include slope adjusted calculations including the inclines and declines. The unit integrates an external LED light that flashes green when the slope function is on, and it is off when the slope function is not in use. The possibility to turn off the slope function makes it tournament legal and compliant to the USGA Rule 14-3. It also features Nikon’s Locked-On second-generation technology which confirms the acquisition to a target with a green circle around the flagstick that confirms the lock. The OLED display is incredibly bright and clear, and it displays four different modes, including the Scan mode.

Key Features

  • Stabilization technology stabilizes the viewfinder and the outbound laser

  • ID (Incline/Decline) technology calculates the distances with the slope-adjusted measurements

  • An external LED indicator which confirms when the slope function is off

  • Locked-On technology uses a green circle around the flagstick in front of multiple objects to confirm the target

  • An OLED display with premium optics, 6x zoom, and automatic brightness adjustment

  • Compact and ergonomic design, waterproof and fog proof

  • Extremely fast with approximate measurement display of 0.3 seconds regardless of the distance

  • Measurement range from 8-1200 yards with incredible accuracy

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a super reliable rangefinder that has all the bells and whistles, then you have found the one. It is one of the most trustworthy distance finders characterized with incredible speed and accuracy. The compact design, and the waterproof and fog proof feature make it suitable for using it under all weather conditions which is a very convenient feature for those golfers who live in wet areas. If it is true that you get what you pay for, then you pay a considerable amount of money to get one of the best rangefinders that are currently sold on the market with a five-year warranty and reliable service.