Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes

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Our feet go through a lot throughout the day, that's why we need to ensure they're properly protected with the correct footwear throughout the day (especially when you're golfing). You wouldn't go hiking in flip flops, so why go out golfing in a pair of flimsy shoes? Because the landscape of a golf course can vary, and the conditions can be easily affected by things like the weather, it's essential that you're wearing proper footwear.

We spend a lot of time on the golf course, typically anywhere between 4 to 6 hours, and during this time we're mainly on our feet (either walking or standing). While the exercise is naturally good for us, the amount of pressure put on our feet is not as beneficial. It can result in bunions, calluses, collapsing arches, and other horrible foot-related health issues.

But golf shoes are a bit like golf balls, with so many variations and brands available, finding the right ones for your feet can certainly be a handful! Your new shoes must be durable, comfortable, securely fitting, waterproof (or at least water-resistant) and suitably stylish.

As we mentioned beforehand, there is a wide range of golf shoes for you to choose from. But with so many types to choose from, how on earth is one person suppose to happily settle on a pair?

Well, when it comes to shoes, sometimes turning to well-known brands pay off. After all, these brands are typically well-known for their high-quality, reliability and superb products. While these products may sometimes come with a slightly higher price, it's important to remember that you're not only purchasing the product for its name, but also the incredible attention to detail and incredible use of shoe innovations.

This is where Nike's Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes come into play. If you're looking to give your golfing green style a fresh update, then these are the shoes for you!

The Lunar Command 2 shoes utilize the very latest in shoe-based technology, featuring incredible Flywire tech and specialized Lunarlon memory foam. This foam creates an irresistibly comfortable and utterly lightweight layer that comforts and cradles your feet in all the right ways. They also feature a highly advanced TPU midfoot shank, which has been placed within the shoe to help deal with a variety of different surfaces. You'll also notice the BOA fastening arrangement, which includes wide fitting, this helps the shoe fit comfortably, yet securely, onto your feet.

The soles of the Nike Lunar Command 2 golf shoes are also spiked for extra support while on the grass. Not only that, but these shoes are also water-tight and are available in a small selection of different colors. With five choices in color schemes, you'll certainly be able to find a pair of golf shoes that helps you blend in or helps you accentuate your natural flair for fashion, the choice is yours.

But of course, these shoes feature a wide verity of incredible characteristics that it would be impossible to summarize in just a few short paragraphs, so let's dive in deeper into the reason why these golf shoes are the ideal shoes for you!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The use of waterproof materials mean you can walk freely throughout the elements without getting your feet wet!
  • Lightweight and utterly comfortably cushioned lining means you feel like you're walking on clouds thanks to the specialized Lunarlon memory foam.
  • Available in a small selection of colors to help you accessorize your own personal sense of style!
  • Spiked soles allow you to move with additional grip on grass and dirt surfaces.
  • The price tag for these shoes may be an issue for some potential wearers, but once you get past this issue you'll quickly realize they are worth the investment.


If we're being practical we would probably skip this section and simply say that the overall style and aesthetic of these shoes don't matter. But we're not being entirely practical here, we're being realistic. The look of your shoes will greatly influence your decision to buy them. After all, even if they had some great features, if they looked horrible, you're not really going to buy them. Plus, just like other things like your socks, bag, clothing, and other golfing products, your shoes are one of the ways you accentuate your sense of style and accessorize, so it has to be right for you and your own tastes.

In comparison to Nike's other shoes, the Command 2 Golf Shoes are rather modest in terms of their looks and appeal. The branding is relatively underplayed, keeping to the sides of the shoe, meaning (in comparison) the toe is left plain. However, there is some interesting visual detailing going on with this shoe. The designers of this shoe have used a mix of the general style and interwove it with some visual technical detailing. It's a bold and interesting choice which is largely thanks to the use of Flywire tech within the construction of this pair. While it has been toned down, it still proves to be an interesting detail.

Because of it's underplayed beauty, these shoes are exceptional for transitional wearing. This means you can easily take them from the golf course and straight into your everyday life! While they were mainly designed for the course, they go effortlessly with your day-to-day. Not only do they work well for daytime wearing, but also after dark too.

These shoes are available in a selection of five colors too, which means you'll easily find a pair that perfectly matches your own unique sense of style and your golfing wardrobe.

While the selection of colors may seem slim, there are a number of customer reviews that have praised the selection, proving there really is something for everyone.

Whether you like to downplay your style or stand out from the crowd, these shoes promise to do just that and help you realize your golfing style potential, regardless of whether you're on the course or not!


Because the average golfer spends so much time on the golf course, most of which (if not all) is spent on their feet, it is essential that proper footwear is worn. You want a pair of shoes that have exceptional cushioning, are padded around the cuff of the shoe and also have a thick, soft tongue. While all of this may sound like things that naturally come with shoes, they're an often overlooked area that many people underestimate the importance of.

Thankfully for you, the Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes are impeccably comfy, supplying you with comfort to spare thanks to their use of luxurious padding and Lunarlon cushioning.

Of course, just like with all shoes, you will need to break these shoes in so they properly accommodate the size and shape of your feet. However, this break-in time is relatively short.

There are a number of shoes available on the market that offers a sufficient amount of padding, however, these shoes combine padding and cushioning technology and then perfect it, providing unlimited comfort for all to enjoy.
Not only that, but it also provides adequate grip and stability, helping you walk slip-free on a wide verity of surfaces.

The shoe's hits also help you with your posture and positioning while you're on the golf course, helping you to figure out how you should be standing. This feature is incredible for helping you perfect your golfing technique.


When it comes to shoes, typically a sign of their high quality is shown through their performance, and how well they hold up while being used. In order to successfully evaluate whether your shoes are comfortable, you need to consider whether they are waterproof and how well the sole traction performs. The traction is very important as it is a supporting feature of your shoes.

Thankfully, after much testing, the Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes passed (while also impressing us with the results).

The spikes on the soles of these shoes are removable (there are seven spikes on the shoes), and they are placed in an assertive pattern. They are also uniformly effective on dry ground as well as wet. You'll notice next to no sliding with these shoes!

You'll find a new sense of confidence with these impressive shoes, thanks to their ingenious use of spikes. This means you can safely and comfortably search for your golf balls on the course in wet and slippy conditions without getting wet feet! Speaking of wet feet, these shoes have been specially made to be waterproof, meaning its nearly impossible to get your feet soaking wet. They even come with a special one-year watertight guarantee.

There is another area that deserves to be mentioned in this section, and that is the BOA. They're excellent at ensuring the Lunar Command 2 shoes are tightly fastened (while still being comfortable). This fastening system was designed to handle the common lacing issues many golfers face with their favorite golf shoes. Your shoes stay comfortably (yet securely) fastened, without coming undone.


As you would expect of any Nike shoes, the Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes are truly impeccable when it comes to their design and overall endurance. With their strongly constructed frame, sturdy sole & seams, and use of high-quality materials, you won't have to worry about your shoes falling apart after a few weeks or months. Obviously, it is worth mentioning that their overall care and upkeep will play a part in how long they last, but overall is it not an issue.

Their thick, rubberized sole not only creates a comfortable cushioning effect, but it also means they're a sturdy and firm base that won't fall apart easily.

Another sign of their unending endurance is their waterproof materials, which greatly reduce the chances of your shoes developing mold and breaking down due to water damage.

If you're looking for a reliable pair of golf shoes, then these are the ones for you to purchase.


The Lunar Command 2 Golf shoes are brimming with a wide range of incredible design features, which collectively push the envelop when it comes to comfort and technology.

The shoes utilize Lunarlon foam, which was originally designed to help people understand the movement of astronauts while they walked on the moon. This foam offers spring-like cushioning that is hard to find in any other shoes out there. It cleverly spreads the impact across your feet, absorbing any shock (no matter the surface). This means your feet are put under less pressure, which is relatively neat and handy to have.

This (what seems like) limitless comfort is incredibly useful as you'll be spending a lot of time on your feet while on the golfing green. It also prevents any wear and tears in areas of your shoes that are high-pressure points. Thusly making them sturdier than traditional golfing shoes.

Another key piece of technology featured within this shoe is the Flywire, which was originally designed as a key piece in protective equipment for astronauts. It's both almost weightless and tough while offering incredible flexibility within the upper section of your shoes.

All of these incredible pieces of technology work together to create a pair of shoes that are out of this world.

Key Features

These shoes take all the highlights of its predecessor, the Lunar Command, and works out the kinks of its weaker areas, creating a high-quality, and truly impressive pair of golf shoes you'll struggle not to love!

These shoes are very impressive, and while the price tag may be an issue for some, keep in mind you are really paying for what you're getting in return, luxury, style, incredible comfort, an exceptional performance, and endurance. With its endless support and amazing traction, these shoes are a dream come true that any golfer would be lucky to own!

Key Features

  • Flywire technology which works to offer you a supportive fit and feel.

  • Assertive outsole pattern ensures adequate traction for a range of golfing environments.

  • Specialized Lunarlon foam cushions and supports you all across your feet.

  • Waterproof materials.

Bottom Line

These shoes offer unbeatable comfort, alongside a great deal of other incredible features (including excellent performance while on the golfing green). If you haven't tried these shoes yet, they're seriously worth every penny!