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How many times have you wished that the backpack you have could store a few more items and had a few more compartments? We all know the answer to that question, as we always need some more storage space for the things we take with us, regardless of the purpose they have. If you are a golfer, then you already have your golf bag. Nevertheless, if you are like most of the golfers I know, then you need an additional smaller bag where you can comfortably store some of your extra garments like T-shirts, jacket, gloves, etc. Plus, many of us need plenty of refreshments on the course which the golf bag can’t simply accommodate them, as its purpose is to store the clubs and the basic accessories. This is why you need Nike Hoops Elite Backpack!

The use of smart technology is more than ever integrated in whatever we do, and this use has spread on the course too, so it is not a rarity to see golfers using their tablets, rangefinders, and additional smart devices that trace the accuracy and the speed of the ball and which are connected directly online via the internet or Bluetooth. This also requires additional space for all that electronics and charging cables, for which the golf bag doesn’t provide adequate space. All of this implies that when it comes to a golf backpack, it would be one that is compact enough to be taken with the golf bag, but at the same to provide enough space for all those extras that golfers might need on the course. 

And, where else would we look for, if that’s not Nike? The world might perceive Nike as a presumably running sports gear company, but golfers recognize it as a golf company too, especially since Nike started endorsing Tiger Woods. Nike, however, is omnipresent in any sport, so there’s something for anyone there. This particularly refers to their bags and backpacks which can find versatile use in many different areas. 

Such a versatile backpack is the Nike Hoops Elite Backpack, which has been a favorite backpack of school children to basketball players. The compact design it has and the storage capacity are more than impressive, and it has been one of the most looked for backpacks within the last two years. We’ll introduce every segment of its design below, so read till the end of this review to find out why it is the backpack that you should have for any possible occasion. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Proprietary Nike Quad System allows easy access to your items

Two large compartments, one meshed and two water bottle pockets

The water-resistant bottom keeps your belongings safe

Pear-shaped, elegant and sporty design

Suitable for men and women

It features wide Air Max shoulder straps with extra padding

For extra stability and security, the bag features adjustable waist straps


A few users reported issues with the zippers


The Nike Hoops Elite backpack features a very unique design, and it does look modern and trendy when backpacks are into question. The pear-shaped design with the expandable room capacity and the sturdy top are some of the features that make it look authentic and one-of-a-kind. It is large enough to gather different types of items, from garments to balls, and it can even provide enough space to place a basketball. It is 13 inches wide, 21 inches long, and 9 inches deep.

The unique and proprietary Quad Zip System makes it one of the most convenient backpacks on the market because it allows incredibly easy access to everything you have inside from every possible angle. The black color and the white zippers make a good contrast which adds to its style and makes it modern and elegant at the same time. The Swoosh logo is on the frontal lower position and it comes in several color varieties.


It is a common agreement that a bag that has only one compartment, no matter how large it is, is very inconvenient and chaotic. Remember the last time you had to go through all your things to find one specific item in the mess inside the bag? Nike recognized the complication of the one-compartment backpacks and redesigned the Nike Hoops Elite backpack with several differently-sized pockets so that every item has its own place to be stored. The large compartment with the mesh sleeve that can be used for storing dirty clothes or shoes and the two side pockets that can be used for keeping bottles of water provide enough space for keeping your gear neatly stored.

The Quad Zip System

When you are an athlete, then you need your gear and equipment to be easily accessible within the reach of your hand, so it is crucial to have a backpack that will allow you to get whatever you need with one move. This has been the main reason why Nike has created the Quad Zip System that provides the most accessible system ever utilized in a backpack.

The top of the backpack features two of the four zippers each of them opening towards the opposite direction so that you reach the items positioned in that section of the bag without opening all four zippers. The single meeting point of the four zippers is positioned on the upper frontal section, but it is subtly covered with the stylish Velcro coverage with the embroidery of Nike Quad Zip System. This system is proprietary to Nike, and from this position, it continues downwards with two more additional zippers on both sides, so that users can open them from every possible angle.


Materials utilized in the construction of any product are the indication of the durability of the product itself, so when it comes to Nike Hoops Elite backpack, it is the 600d polyester that guarantees that the backpack will be able to provide enough storage and it will resist all the wear and tear and it will belong used. This material is sturdy and of high quality, manufactured with the specific Nike technology that is reinforced at places that are most prone to wear and tear. Such reinforcement you will find on the bottom part of the backpack, which in addition to the reinforcement, the bottom part has an added water-repellent coating, a feature that makes it stand out in the crowd of backpacks, as you don’t get many backpacks today that provide waterproofing. This is a particularly useful feature for golfers since they happen to leave their backpacks on a wet surface, so having a backpack that is water-resistant at the bottom is a guarantee for the security of their belongings. Plus, polyester is a material that you are most likely to find in all sports equipment and gear because of its unique properties such as the ability to resist water, it is very durable, it is liquid and dirt repellent and it can easily dry.


This feature is of high importance when it comes to backpacks, and it is especially valued among those people that pack a lot of items in their backpacks. Backpacks are made to be carried around, but if they are too heavy and overwhelming, then it might cause shoulder and back pain, which is the reason why many manufacturers pay special attention to their design.

Nike, as a premium sports manufacturer, is one of those companies that have taken special care to offer its customers super reliable and ergonomic straps that make carrying the weight much easier. The Max Air straps of this backpack are wide and double padded with length adjustability system. They equally redistribute the weight you are carrying, providing a perfect balance and lesser burden. For extra security, you can connect both straps so that it stays firmly on.

Key Features

Backpacks are essential for every household since they are the first thing you reach when going somewhere when you need more stuff to take. From going to the park to the basketball course, from schools to golf courses, you won’t be leaving your home until you pack your backpack. Strangely enough, people seem to be more and more reluctant to invest in good quality backpacks, even though they often complain that cheap ones get easily worn out.

If you want to be on the safe side and get yourself a decent, high-quality backpack, then Nike is the brand to go to. And, if you are looking for a compact, sturdy and authentic design which is not going to look bulky, but at the same time will provide you with optimal storage capacity, then Nike Hoops Elite backpack is the model that deserves your attention. From the large compartment for storing your basic equipment, clothes, books or even a basketball, to the meshed compartment for storing dirty clothes or shoes, and the large pockets, it will allow you to have everything you need with you. Plus, the Quad Zip System which features four different zippers that are accessible from every angle makes it one of the most convenient backpacks that you’ll find on the market. The sporty but elegant design opens up the possibility to use it in many different circumstances and occasions adding versatility to its features. The waterproof bottom is exceptionally convenient for golfers who frequently leave their bags on the wet turf.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Nike Quad System allows access to your gear from every possible angle

  • It features a large compartment with an additional meshed compartment for storing soiled clothes/items

  • The water-resistant bottom keeps moist from your items and delivers premium protection

  • Pear-shaped, elegant and sporty design

  • Suitable for men and women

  • It features wide Air Max shoulder straps with extra padding for an extremely lightweight and easy to carry weight distribution

  • For extra stability and security, the bag features adjustable sternum straps

Cost and Value

Nike is a company that has always invested in the development of new technologies and designs and they feature one of the largest sports patented designs in the world. Driven to meet the most subtle needs of the athletes around the world, they listen to their demands and act upon requests. That is seen in the advancement of the designs they offer, and the new and more sports-enhancing qualities they provide. Having said this, it shouldn’t surprise us the popularity in Nike models, regardless of the sport they feature.

The Nike Hoops Elite Backpack is one of those models that feature a versatile use, and even though primarily advertised as a basketball backpack (due to the fact that the ball can be stored there), it soon found its use in every possible life occasion, even on the golf course. Because of its indisputable quality, durable and high-quality material, the water-resistant bottom, the Max Air shoulder straps, and the Quad Zip System, the price it features is on the high end. Yet, many users claim that it worths every single dollar they paid for it which makes it a good value for the money.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs a reliable backpack with sufficient storage capacity that can be taken everywhere. There are many backpacks on the market that match that description, however, the Nike Hoops Elite backpack is the one that offers much more than just storage and reliability. It is a backpack that has a very elegant and at the same time a very modern design which is adequate for men and women equally. If you read the reviews of the users, you can’t help but notice the satisfaction of the overall performance, the quality and the convenience it offers. This basically means that Nike Hoops Elite Backpack is a reliable piece of equipment that won’t fail your expectations.