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Avid golfers know that the apparel you wear plays an equally important role in golfers' performance, as their equipment does. Good quality apparel such as golf polos and pants will not provide you with just comfort, but it will help you play with the confidence that no matter what, you’ll stay cool and fresh. Such an example is Nike Dry Victory polo, a polo that has been under scrutiny to find out why golfers seem to particularly like this polo shirt.

No wonder then that many of the golf apparel companies give their best to invent technologies that will deliver optimum features needed for distraction-free performance. Maybe you are surprised that we say technologies, but indeed, the premium golf apparel companies invest a lot of money in them to make sure that the apparel they offer meets the needs of golfers.

I don’t really think that I should provide short info about Nike, as it is the world’s most dominant sports apparel and gear company, offering the most versatile plethora of products. And if you are a golfer, then you surely know that Nike has been endorsing Tiger Woods for more than 20 years now, which means that it has direct feedback, suggestions, and response from ultimately the best golf player in our modern time. This gives an assurance that your Nike clothes or shoes are particularly designed to help you concentrate on delivering your best swings, rather than all the distractions around.

Nike Dry Victory polo is a golfers’ favorite and besides the fact that Tiger Woods was victoriously trodding the course wearing it, it is surely a high quality and attractive pice of garment that every golfer needs to have it in its collection of golf clothes. If you need additional reassurance why then read our detailed review of this polo below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Dry-FIT technology that keeps you dry and cool

Made from 100% recycled polyester

Standard fit for extra comfortable and relaxed feel

Ribbed collar design to prevent curling

3-button placket and minimalistic design

More than 25 color options

Double-knit fabric delivers soft feel

Easy to maintain


Some buyers reported that the collar loses its shape after a few washings

Nike’s Technologies

If you thought that a polos shirt is just a T-shirt with three buttons and a collar, after reading about Nike’s technologies you’ll be bound to change your opinion. And, all the technologies that Nike has developed are masterfully constructed to optimize the durability and the performance of the materials utilized in the process of production.

Nike’s technologies have been developed in cooperation with the best scientists who work in Nike Sport Research Lab and the members of Nike’s Advanced Innovation Team to produce clothes, footwear, and gear that will be able to follow the natural body movement, maintain body’s temperature and regulate the process of overheating and keep the athletes cool in any temperature. They analyze materials, their weight, and composition to develop the most optimized and comfortable performance. Also, Nike’s technologies make sure that when you perform your favorite sports in inclement weather conditions, you’ll body will be properly protected without making you feel too warm and sweaty, but without letting the cold air penetrate inside your garments.

Nike Dri-FIT

As the name implies, the technology utilized in the manufacture of Nike Dry Victory Polo is their proprietary Nike Dri-FIT technology which guarantees a comfortable fit and ensures that golfers are kept dry, no matter how strenuous their activities are, and how long they have been exposed to the sun which naturally leads to sweating.

The basic function of the Dri-FIT technology is the ability to move the moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the garment which then easily evaporates without being retained on the shirt. By doing so, the garment itself regulates the body temperature making sure that golfers maintain an ideal body temperature regardless of the weather conditions and the intensity of their training.

This technology makes the clothes extremely lightweight and comfortable with exceptional knit patterns for more cooling effect. The texture of the material promotes breathability in key sweating areas while the seamless design makes the material follow your natural body movement in a full range of motions.


Nike hasn’t been active only in providing technologies that will deliver a comfortable fit, moisture-wicking properties, and assurance that everyone wearing their polos will be able to enjoy the game of golf, but they care about sustainable eco production and preserving the environment, too.

As the recycling and reusing plastic, paper and waste, has been one of the proven methods of preserving our already damaged planet. Nike’s dedication to holistic sustainability and utilizing the materials, and the waste that would otherwise hurt the environment has been active for 30 years, and almost all their apparel and shoes contain some recycled material which is averagely about 75% of their total production.

There’s one impressive fact that makes Nike an outstanding company. It is the only sports company that uses 100% recycled polyester in some of their products which are not only iconic, but they represent a featured selection of many sports leaders which is enough proof that Nike’s products stand up to their advertisement claims. As you already know, no athlete is willing to play the game if the garments he/she wears are designed to provide optimal playability and performance.

Nike Dry Victory Polo has also been made from 100% recycled polyester which is exceptionally lightweight and soft. The featherlight feel is exceptionally enhanced, so you get the impression of not wearing anything. Featuring the Dry-FIT technology, it ensures proper moisture-wicking and guarantees that golfers will feel comfortable and dry.


Every sport is different and each of them requires particularly designed clothes that will be turned into more performance-enhancing tools. From shoes to gear and apparel, every bit and piece needs to be designed to add more comfort, cooling effect and playability.

As it is the case with the rest of the equipment and gear, golfers polos need to meet certain criteria so that they provide golfers with utmost playability and performance. Among the key features when it comes to playability and performance is the ability of the material to provide four-way stretch. And nowhere else is this as important as it is in the game of golf. For a full-blown swing, you need clothes that won’t prevent you from exhibiting it. If you have ever played golf with clothes that restrict the movement, then you already know what I’m talking about.

Therefore, Nike has found a way to make their garments stretch enough so that they don’t inhibit golfers in any movements providing four-way stretch, while at the same time they don’t look baggy and unstylish. The Nike Dry Victory Polo is such a polo shirt that regardless of the intensity of the swings, it will always maintain its position. This means that golfers can reliably play golf without fearing that the seams might tear apart if their shots are aggressive. Plus, the shirt will be almost always dry since the moisture-wicking, dry-FIT technology will keep you confident that those wet circles under your armpits are just history.

Style and Design

The Nike Dry Victory Polo is one of the most sought-after models, and even though it features a rather simple design, it is still classy. The three-button placket gives it a classic look which suits well all age groups, but it is particularly appealing to those golfers who keep their traditional style. It has a ribbed collar with the same color as the rest of the shirt. The ribbed design of the color prevents it from curling and allows it to keep its shape.

The standard-fit model suits well any body shape, and it is a design that helps you conceal all your body imperfections and it provides a comfortable and relaxed feel. The fabric is double knitted for enhanced durability, while the seams on shoulders feature a rolled forward stitching to ensure maximum flexibility and a full range of movements.

The Nike Dry Victory Polo has a very minimalistic design, with the Swoosh logo modestly positioned on the left sleeve. Even though each model comes in just one color option, the number of colors you can choose from is quite impressive as there are more than twenty-five color varieties.


When it comes to high-quality polo shirts, it is crucial to care for them in a proper manner. The general maintenance rule applies for this model too, the more you care about them and as long as you stick to the maintenance instructions, the more you will enjoy wearing them.

The care for the Nike Dry Victory Polo is the simplest ever. The polo is machine washable and it doesn’t wrinkle very easily. The only issue that users have reported is the collar and its unflexible construction. Many golfers have reported that after washing it several times, it loses its shape and it collapses easily. They recommend to wash it separately and avoid driers. Other than that, it is a very durable material with exceptional stitching.

Cost and Value

When you buy a Nike product, you’re not only buying a branded product, but you invest in a high-quality design that guarantees maximum performance and functionality. The company has invested a lot of money in its proprietary technologies, and in return, the products with the Nike logo on them are pricier than most of the sports brands within the same category. However, this doesn’t mean that you are wasting your money, but it can be considered as an investment in your performance.

When it comes to the price of the Nike Dry Victory Polo, it can be noticed that it comes in different price ranges which mainly depend on the selected color and the available size. These price varieties range from very affordable to fairly expensive, depending on the design.

Key Features

The Nike Dry Victory Polo is the model that has been one of the most favorite Nike models boasting a wide range of color options. It is made from 100% recycled polyester featuring the Dry-FIT technology. This performance material and the technology itself make the garment very comfortable, easy to dry and four-way stretch, so golfers can enjoy unhindered performance and full-blown swings. Plus, the moisture-wicking properties don’t allow the perspiration to remain on the skin, but it pulls it away on the surface layer of the fabric where it evaporates easily and creates a cooling effect at the same time. The material is easy to maintain, it doesn’t shrink and it gets easily dries, so you’ll enjoy the simplicity of the care it demands.

Key Features

  • Dry-FIT technology that pulls the moisture from the skin on the fabric surface for optimal dry effect

  • Made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Standard fit for extra comfortable and relaxed feel

  • Ribbed collar designed to prevent curling

  • 3-button closure and minimalistic design

  • More than 25 color varieties

  • Double-knit fabric delivers soft feel

  • Easy to maintain material that doesn’t shrink

Bottom Line

Nike lives up the reputation of being the brand that delivers optimum performance materials and superior quality designs for all athletes out there. It is a company that invests in social responsibility and environmental protection utilizing recycled materials in its production. The technologies it has invented yield some of the best products you can find on the market and the Swoosh sign that is seen on the apparel and gear of many sports professionals prove its quality. Having said this, we are more than happy to recommend Nike Dry Victory Polo as one of the best golf polos.