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Many golfers are all about being properly dressed for their next round of golf, and they spend a considerable amount of time and money to find the clothes that will provide the most comfortable experience and stylish looks. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with it, just there’s one thing many of them tend to forget wearing the right socks! If you thought that socks are just socks and there’s nothing more to expect from them, then we recommend playing your next round with Nike Dri-Fit socks to feel the difference.

Nike is a big name when it comes to sports apparel, footwear, and gear, with a wide plethora of models and unique designs. Most of their assortment is made with the use of their proprietary technologies which have been particularly designed to enhance athletes’ performance, regardless of the sport they play. Among the range of innovations that Nike has developed, Dri-Fit technology has been groundbreaking in many segments. It has changed the approach to sport in terms of comfort, enhanced-performance, and expectations. This technology has been used to produce different types of performance apparel and the properties it delivers to materials are top-notch.

It is odd how some people fail to understand the importance of wearing good quality socks, especially since they deliver specific benefits such as blisters prevention, arch support, cooling effect, anti-odor, cushioning and prevent sweating or dry fast. Also, they can considerably prevent conditions such as athlete’s foot, or bacteria infestation.

So, Nike is serious about their socks to the extent that they manufacture them with specifically invented technologies that boost the quality and the performance delivered by the socks. Among the best, and the highest-rated are the Nike Dri-Fit socks which golfers claim that they exceed the expectations. We decided to carefully examine their features and provide you with all the details, so we invite you to continue reading the review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Dri-FIT technology makes the fabric moisture-wicking

Easy to dry and anti-odor creating features

Made from a blend of polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex

Arch compression for increased circulation

Toe and heel area padding for greater durability

Rib cuffs for snug fit and durability

Different styles and designs


If the price point is not an issue, then these socks are simply awesome

General Description

Regardless of how advanced your golfing skills are, if you have been golfing even once in a while, you still need to do lots of walking. And there’s nothing wrong with walking! As a matter of fact, all fitness experts, trainers, and doctors recommend walking as the best exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Golfers particularly have the chance to enjoy this activity as they spend four to six hours on the course most of which is walking from a hole to a hole (unless a cart spoils the fun). For many golfers, this activity is pleasurable and reviving, however, there are many golfers who feel mild to moderate consequences from walking such as blisters, foot pain, discomfort, swollen feet, irritation, and itching, to name just a few.

And while most of them, in the attempt to find the solution to the problem, turn to buy more expensive and specialized shoes with greater foot balance, stability, and support, not many are aware that the first step to solving the problem is to get themselves specialized and high-quality socks.

In the frontline, we have Nike Dri-Fit socks, the model that has been proven to help golfers (and other athletes too), to relieve their achy feet. The moisture-wicking fabric with the strategically positioned cushioning protects your feet even when your workouts are at the highest intensity. They are very pleasant to wear and many reviewers claim that the difference between Nike Dri-Fit and any other ordinary sock type is huge and they create the effect as if you had been to a spa.

Dri-Fit Technology

Since the name of the technology is emphasized even in the name of the model, it is clear that Nike wanted to make a point with it it. Dri-Fit is a proprietary technology that is one of the most successful performance-enhancing technologies that has been particularly featured in their shirts and pants.

To stress out that you can have the same performance that your favorite Nike polo shirts deliver, modified and adapted for the feet, Nike made sure you get that guarantee even when you read the name of the product. So what is all that fuss about this technology?

Even if you are reading this article randomly and have nothing to do with sports, the Dri-Fit technology rings the bell. The moisture-wicking property is highly associated with it, as it does exactly what it says- it wicks moisture from the surface of the skin to the surface of the material and lets it easily evaporate. Within this process, you get a cooling effect, so your feet are fresh and comfortable. There is also strategically positioned mesh that at the top of the feet that enhances the air-flow and ensures maximum breathability.

These benefits are highly important if you are suffering from foot inflammation, itching, burning-feet sensation or the syndrome of an athlete’s foot. The sole fact that it will prevent excessive sweating and it won’t let the sweat get trapped into your foot, means that the naturally-occurring bacteria and the odor-creating bacteria won’t be able to thrive and cause all those underlying symptoms. And we all know how unpleasant the bad odor that comes from the feet can be. So, knowing that you can comfortably and reliably spend hours on the course without being disturbed that when you get home your feet will be the stinkiest ever, is the reason why this model is so popular.


Part of the performance of every apparel, including socks, is determined by the materials that are used in their production. Materials are the base for the technology to enhance their properties, but the better the base, the higher the chances to get the maximum from the materials.

One of the most featured performance material is the polyester, which in these socks takes up 83% of the structure. This material has been widely used by sports manufacturers because it has some excellent features that allow them to make better performance apparel. It is a material that has some water-repelling characteristics, so it is hard to get soaked, it can dry very easily and it is very flexible. Another material that comes with 13% is cotton, the material that is known to be the softest and the most comfortable to wear. However, due to its capacity to retain water and hard-to-dry features, it is often avoided when it comes to performance apparel.

Yet, the technologies utilized in the production of the Nike Dri-Fit socks, and the low percentage of cotton in the total construction means it is used to maximize the feeling of comfort, without lowering the performance quality of the polyester. Plus, for more flexibility, and snug feel, Nike added 2% nylon and 2% spandex.

All these materials do not only increase the performance capacity of the sock but at the same time, they work together to enhance the heat management, to regulate the moisture and to help athletes feel refreshed. Plus, the combination of these materials is capable of dealing with a tremendous amount of friction in addition to moisture and sweat.


There are different models that are produced with this technology, so you can find no show models, crew size, or ankle socks. They also come in multiple color varieties with different patterns. Among the things that are worth mentioning is the arch compression which enhances the support of the arch and neutralizes the impact. The toe and the heel area are the places most prone to wear and tear, so Nike enhanced them with extra reinforcement and padding. The foot is half-cushioned which allows the foot to land naturally with every step you take.


When you prepare to reach the 18th hole, then you prepare big time. You make sure that all your clubs are in the bag, along with everything else that goes with it. Then you choose the outfit that you know will allow you to focus on the game, as golf is all about focus and concentration, so unwanted distraction originating from the clothes you’re wearing is the least wanted scenario that could possibly happen. Here are your favorite Nike golf shoes that are all about performance, but did you pay attention to the socks you are wearing?

When you opt for the Nike Dri-Fit socks, you are choosing the socks that have been particularly made to enhance your performance. The ultra-light and thin material will comfortably protect your feet from the friction and the impact that is created with every step you take. Even though the material looks and feels thin, it is actually very tough so it is hard to get easily damaged. Made this way, it will reduce the volume of the sock to up to 30% which means it can reduce the friction on the hotspot which is the most often cause for blisters.

Thanks to the moisture-wicking properties, the awkward feeling of having your feet wet and slippery will be gone, and along with it the bad odor caused by the odor creating bacteria. Plus, the upper side mesh allows your feet to breathe by increasing the airflow. The support you’ll get from the cushioning is so impressive so that you get the feeling like walking on clouds. The heel and toe reinforcement makes them extra durable as these spots are the ones that are most prone to wear and tear.


Taking care of the things you wear means extending their life span, so the more you adhere to the maintenance instructions, the longer they will last. Luckily, Nike Dri-FIT socks are very easy to maintain without any special requirements. So, as with the rest of your Dri-FIT apparel, these socks are machine washable and can be tumble dried. Besides, the fact that their material is easy to dry allows them to dry naturally without drying them in the drier. However, to make sure that you do everything properly, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations provided on the labeling.

Key Features

From what we have reviewed so far, it is more than obvious why every golfer needs to have a few pairs of Nike Dri-FIT socks as their go-to sock model. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comfort you’ll have when walking on the course, as some reviewers have said, walking would never be easier.

Nobody is a fan of hot and sweaty feet and the Nike Dri-FIT will help you get rid of the excessive sweating and the bad odor that goes with it. The material is specifically made to wick the moisture on the surface so that it can easily dry out and deliver cooling effect as it gets dried. The heat management is the next top feature these socks boast, as you will never have to feel your feet hot during hot summer days.

This is not all that you can expect from these fabulous Nike socks. They are made with arch compression so that your circulation gets enhanced and improved in this area of the feet. Plus there is heel and toe-area padding that will prolong their life span since these spots are most prone to wear and tear. The mesh positioned on the upper part enhances the airflow, so your feet are able to ‘breathe’ naturally. Plus, there are different sizes and colors you can choose from so that you match them with your style.

Key Features

  • Dri-FIT technology makes the fabric moisture-wicking

  • Easy to dry and anti-odor creating features

  • Made from a blend of polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex

  • Arch compression for increased circulation

  • Toe and heel area padding for greater durability

  • Rib cuffs for snug fit and durability

  • Different styles and designs

Bottom Line

As these are high-end socks, we highly recommend them to every golfer who is seeking comfort and feet protection. You are bound to notice the difference even after the first round, according to golfers who have played with them. The price is a bit higher, but the durability and the material they are made of, with all the features they offer make them a good value for the money.