New Balance Minimus Golf Shoe

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We all know the value of high-quality shoes. The success of the entire round of golf may depend on how well you feel in your shoes. Therefore, it is more than recommended to consider carefully all key elements of the shoes before buying them.  The material comes first, but there are other important features as well, such as their weight, size, waterproofing, sole, laces, etc. ‘Why weight?’,- you might ask. Because if your shoes are heavier than you can handle, your feet will get tired very soon, and will not be able to reach the 18th hole on the golf course. Should we comment on wearing the right size? Wearing the shoes that fit you best will not only enhance your comfort but will prevent you from missing a shot because swinging with a heavy and tight shoe is really hard. Water-resistance or water-proofing, of course, must be considered as well.  All the shoe models coming from New Balance have a two-year waterproof warranty, and men’s New Balance Minimus golf shoe is one of them.

What best describes this model can be summarized in these two words: extra comfort and durability. Dedicated to never-ending experiments and continuous research, New Balance’s research and development team has set itself up to develop nothing less than top-notch quality shoes. They are not interested in creating a superficial brand image, but their aim is to help athletes reach their full potential.

With over a century of experience in producing and designing golf shoes, you should totally trust New Balance as it knows well the specifics of the entire golf course and the true needs of a professional golf player. Since its foundation in 1906, New Balance is dedicated to improving the quality of their shoes as they come up with new ideas, modern styles, and advanced technologies. Today they offer us one of the best spikeless waterproof golf shoes for men – New Balance 1005 Minimus. Are you ready for them? If yes, then keep reading and get to know them better.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

REVlite technology for exceptional cushioning and comfort

Water-resistant through the microfiber leather

Classic style packed with modern technology

Lightweight due to the ultralight FantomFit support

4 mm drop for excellent stability and balance

Ortholite insole for cool and dry feet

Spikeless rubber outsole that enhances stability and traction


Durability issues

The Basics

Have you ever thought why spikeless golf shoes are becoming more and more popular among golf players? What is their advantage over the well-known spiked shoes? There are different preferences in golfers depending on their age. Younger ones long for spiked shoes because they love the feeling of being attached to the ground.

On the other hand, seniors prefer spikeless shoes due to their increased level of comfort. Both models are waterproof so it is really up to your choice but take in mind that spikeless shoes not only offer you optimum grip but also comfort due to the softer outsole. So there is no reason for something to stop you in analyzing men’s 1005 Minimus and taking serious consideration of having them in your golf shoe collection.

New Balance manufacturers have developed an ultra-soft and responsive system to support cushioning and to enhance comfort. Maybe you as a golf player will ask yourself – Does this comfort will cost me my stability that I really need? There is no reason to panic because you will fall in love with these shoes after playing your first golf round wearing them, and until you have them in your hands, believe all the happy customers. What will amaze you is how light they are, only 8.6 ounces. And you will adore the super cool and dry feeling on your feet as you play. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? This footwear offers you complete enjoyment during the entire round because you do not need to worry about being injured or the worst feeling of wet socks. Regardless of the weather conditions, you will always feel secure and warm.

Overall Design

Manufacturers come up with different designs for a different purpose. That’s why it is great to have all in one but it is not very easy to achieve that. New Balance Minimus golf shoe is not only a new design, but it is a quality one that combines a traditional look with modern technologies. That’s right, it is possible to have all in one and this is your opportunity to get one.

This classic New Balance style has a stable low-profile design made for comfortable swing. The low profile design comes as a result of the 4 mm drop of the shoe that really helps with your stability and balance.

We all have different color preferences, so to aid your style perfectly, the manufacturer has designed this model into various attractive colors, so you can choose among black, white-blue, grey-green, grey-orange. So if you liked the latest New Balance models, then you will definitely love this design even more because it is even lighter.


There many factors that determine how comfortable shoes will be, and if they are combined well, what we get is an unsurpassed feeling of comfort and ease. That is exactly what this design is made for. Above 90 % of the customers have reported that the comfort these shoes offer is rare and surpasses any other brand they have used before.

Where does this comfort come from? As we have just said, there are many elements that contribute to it, but the clue is the technology that is used. New Balance is a brand that is unsurpassed in using the best and the most modern and sophisticated technologies in the creation of their shoes. REVlite technology is amazing in the provision of comfort and flexibility. And in combination with the FantomFit support, it delivers an even better result.


What attracts us first in a shoe, is its upper design and the way it looks. So we must admit that the first impression has a great influence on our choice of whether to buy it or not. The New Balance Minimus features a stylish and attractive look beside the classic and traditional elements. That is what makes it suitable for golf players at any age, especially for those who love the blend of the traditional with the modern.

The upper is made of waterproof microfiber leather. Even though the material is not real leather but synthetic one, the material itself is durable and of high-quality. The FantomFit lateral support gives a stylish look and provides lightweight performance. It is non-sew and water-resistant.


If you want dynamic stability and excellent traction on the golf course without feeling tight in the rigid spiked golf shoes then this model is just for you. Now you can enjoy flexibility without losing stability. These golf shoes with spikeless rubber outsole flex with ease in order to give you an unlimited movement of your feet and toes. It also helps you with traction so that you can use them on ice, mud or snow too. The rubber sole is durable to withstand any kind of turf conditions.

The strongest feature of 1005 Minimus golf shoes is the 12 months outsole guarantee. If we take into consideration that most of the shoes have 6 months guarantee, then this a rare opportunity you should grab it.


The way the midsole is constructed is crucial for many aspects of the shoe. The midsole of the New Balance Minimus has REVlite technology that is very successful in shock absorbing and controlling every impact. This technology supports and minimizes the shock throughout the entire round. It delivers lightweight cushioning for even greater comfort.
The drop of the midsole is 4 mm from the heel to the toe to enhance balance by providing lightweight cushioning and extra responsiveness.


The material of the insole is of great significance for the flexibility of your feet. That’s why if the material of the insole is hard then you should avoid that kind of shoes, and buy only shoes with a soft insole. New Balance Minimus golf shoe will allow your foot to mold as the game requires.
This model comes with an Ortholite insole that keeps moisture away from your feet giving you full protection from sweat. Your feet will feel super cool and dry throughout the entire round. What more could you ask for?

Grip & Traction

Every professional golfer's dream is the same: perfect grip and stable traction. Maintaining balance is very important when you swing the club from different slopes. This is possible only if the shoe delivers stable traction. The spikeless outsole is patented NDurance and combined with the Ortholite insole prevents your shoes from slipping on the grass. This combination truly provides you with amazing traction and support.


Two year-waterproof warranty, 12 months of outsole guarantee, and high-quality microfiber leather are more than enough to convince us in the durability of this golf shoe. But the long and successful history of New Balance is something we can rely on when it comes to quality and endurance. This brand is dedicated to producing shoes for any kind of sport that will last long enough and will satisfy even the pickiest customers.

Sizing & Fit

New Balance is a brand known for diverse shoe sizes that fit not only different foot widths but also feet that suffer from different conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. It is great to know that regardless of the type of your foot, there will always be one pair of shoes made just for you.

Although these golf shoes are extremely flexible due to the wide forefoot, in order to be able to enjoy the benefits you need to make sure to get your size. If you do then you will find out why walking in New Balance Minimus feels like walking almost barefoot! The way the shoes are constructed is tight through the heel, tighter through the midfoot and added width at the front foot.

Key Features

After this detailed analysis of New Balance Minimus golf shoe, we hope you have a clear picture of what to expect, and we hope that is nothing less than the best. And what is better than this: excellent contact to the ground, wonderful comfort and support, and all of that thanks to the spikeless rubber outsole and the super-soft Ortholite insole. Probably the best feature that describes New Balance Minimus is the two-year water-resistance warranty and a one year guarantee for the outsole. Waterproof, light, durable, with great stability and balance, these golf shoes are something that offers you complete enjoyment on and off the golf course.

  • REVlite technology for exceptional cushioning and comfort

  • Water-resistant through the microfiber leather

  • Classic style packed with modern technology

  • Lightweight due to the ultralight FantomFit support

  • 4 mm drop for excellent stability and balance

  • Ortholite insole for cool and dry feet

  • Spikeless rubber outsole that enhances stability and traction

  • Overall Value

    Considering your budget before buying golf shoes is a smart thing to do. Although people think that the bigger the price the higher the quality is, there are always some very good shoes for decent prices. So make a careful investigation before bringing your last decision.

    Buying New Balance Minimus golf shoes will not only save your money but will also save your time and the value you will get is a comfort, durability, stability, and balance. It is simple: learn how to get more for less.

    Bottom Line

    Golf is a game that requires a lot of focus and concentration. That is why you should make sure your shoes will not be the reason for distraction but your biggest help on the golf course. This design from New Balance will not let you down but will help you achieve your highest potential. Give it a chance and enjoy flexibility without losing your stability all game long.