Mizuno JPX-900 Driver

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When it comes to hobbies and past times it’s always a good idea to be prepared for whatever may happen (especially if it involves the outdoors), but also to have the right tools and equipment for that past time. After all, you wouldn’t go fishing with a stick, some string, and a paper clip, so why do the same when it comes to your golf equipment?

Because golfers spend such a long time on the course, they must have the right tools for the job, a part of which is looking the part. Whether you’re golfing with buddies or by yourself on a driving range blowing off some steam, you still want to look the part. The right equipment helps you blend in with your peers while also sending the message that you’re not just some newbie or someone they can underestimate.

Not only that but you also want to be able to perform the best of your ability. Think you can do that with your Grandad’s set of golf clubs from the 70s? Think again.

A lot of modern golfing equipment, like your golf carts, golf balls, clubs, and even golf clubs have been designed with the modern golfer in mind. There a wide range of issues golfers face, from uncomfortable straps on golf bags to a lack of Center of Gravity within clubs. Thanks to these modern golfing problems, golf manufacturers have to design and update their products to easily assist golfers with these issues. Essentially, updated golf clubs and such are designed with contemporary golfing in mind.

With a wide range of golf companies out there, it can sometimes feel like they’re offering the same products, which of course is far from the truth. Each company put a lot of time and energy in bringing you excellent golfing items, all of which use incredible design features and are home to incredible technology, especially within their golf clubs. However, with each piece of technology implemented within the clubs, there is usually a downside. For example, while weighted clubheads typically create higher ball speeds, it does displace the Center of Gravity, which can have negative consequences on your performance.

Nailing weighted club heads while minimizing the negative effects of this implementation can be best described as a pure scientific genius, and it takes a team of inventive and smart designers to do so. If you’re interested in owning such a design, then you should highly consider purchasing the JPX900 Driver by Mizuno. This club has been described by reviewers as a truly inspiring and performance-altering club, offering golfers (no matter their skill level) an enhanced performance while they’re on the course.

The creative minds at Mizuno have perfectly crafted this club, offering effective and scientific optimized performance and adjustability, without sacrificing Center of Gravity or MOI.

If you’re looking for a product that offers high tech forgiveness, flexibility, and impressively high build quality, then you should seriously consider purchasing the JPX900 Driver. There are so many incredible details at work within this driver, all of which work to create one highly impressive product! With a handicap range of low to high, it’s a perfect driver for golfers of all levels.

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Incredibly light Cortech clubface, offers a larger sweet spot, which means you're able to achieve grander ball speeds and additional forgiveness.
  • This club offers more distance and control.
  • Moveable weights within the clubhead ( precisely sixteen grams), located within the toe, head, and VEA, meaning you have complete flexibility at your fingertips!
  • Incredible sound produced upon impact thanks to the use of Harmonic Impact Tech.
  • The price is a bit high, so naturally this driver will not be desirable for everyone. However, it's important to keep in mind that you really do get what you pay for with this driver.


With the JPX900 Driver, the name of the game is adjustability. If you're searching for something that will truly add some flavor to your performance and really help you improve, then this is the driver for you.

The level of adaptability and flexibility given by this driver is utterly remarkable and jaw-dropping. This is largely thanks to the scientifically designed weighted head, which adapts to your own specifications. It's so simple to use and the benefits of it are almost immediate. Not only that but it also offers up incredible control, outstanding forgiveness, as well as high ball speeds. This is all thanks to the outstanding customization this club offers.

This driver features two adjustable weights that weight eight grams each (total of sixteen grams), and you're able to move these weight as much as you'd like. You can do this on your own, or by having an expert professionally customize the setting for you.

The customizations allow you to really optimize the launch and spin as well as to adapt your draw and fade. You also have access to an adjustable hosel, giving you an additional two degrees at each side. That's 9.5° loft you have available to work with.

There is also a silver disc that sits within the sole of the club, made out of aluminum it allows you to move the angle of the face. Not only that, but it offers additional adaptability. The Visual Face Angle (VFA) hosts a sliding device that allows you to set the face as clear, closed or somewhere in the middle. However, this depends entirely on your own personal tastes.

But, that's not all! The newly formed CORTECH face offers varied thickness and lightweight tuning. This weighs roughly five grams. Not only that but the enlarged face makes it easy to find the driver's soft spot.

The creative minds at Mizuno believe that the coefficient of restitution within this driver stays just above 0.80, which allows the surface area of this driver to be grander (especially in comparison to other competitors). Due to the immaculate level of forgiveness provided by this particular club, it's easy to see how that is possible! With this beautifully designed and thoughtfully planned out golf club, it's easy to see why people are going crazy over it!


With the JPX900, you can really see how the innovative use of technology and high-quality materials translate into overall greatness. This is one of the many reasons (but the main one) why this driver excess above its competitors. The incredible build quality and scientific use of adjustable weights make this product one of the leading products available on the market.

One of the best parts about this driver is the incredibly pleasing sound it makes upon impact with the ball. It's a deep, definitive thud that is ever so pleasing to the ears.

The incredible sound created by this club is largely thanks to Mizuno's use of their Harmonic Impact Tech, which is used within the clubhead. This produces a high-quality sound which is (so far) unbeatable, especially in comparison to the sounds created by competitor drivers. However, the sound of this club is easily beaten by the handling. The sensation you get from the club after hitting the ball is so rewarding. It's firm, sturdy and unlike anything else.

Despite all of these incredible features, what makes this excel compared to other clubs and drivers, is the performance, incredible forgiveness, range, and authority given by the JPX900.

In terms of the clubface, there is very little (if anything at all) that you can go wrong with! The response this driver has to mishits is also incredible, helping them to fly straighter than ever before. It truly is remarkable!

Obviously, most clubs have a certain level of forgiveness to them, lessening the effect of the word due to overexposure to the term, especially for more experienced players. However, this club promises to go above and beyond your expectations.

Thanks to the club's wide cross-section and boundless adjustability, issues with shaping the golf ball or influencing the trajectory of your shots won't be a problem. You'll soon be working the course like a pro.

The improved distance is another remarkable benefit on offer from this driver. You can squeeze a few additional yards of range with next to no issue, and no that isn't just the wind doing most of the work. It's the club itself!


Generally speaking, this club is unlike its peers in many ways. Not only is it scientifically crafted, but the overall aesthetic of this driver is truly exceptional.

While other golf clubs and drivers downplay their own appearance, the JPX900 enhances it, offering an ultra-modern and stylish feel with its charming shade of blue. It will certainly stand out from the rest of your golf clubs, and why not? After all, this is a high ticket and a high-quality item. You deserve to brag about this!

While it may not be everyone's pick when it comes to color schemes, it must be said that it's done a great job with the stylization. The shade of blue gives you royalty vibes, which certainly goes well with the high price and overall quality. You will certainly feel like royalty on the golf course with this!

The look of this club isn't entirely brand new, looking fairly similar to the JPX850, but of course, there are a few changes that set the two clubs apart. Mainly the size.

According to Mizuno, the JPX900 is wider, lengthier and more lightweight, especially in comparison to their predecessors. However, if we're being honest, this just gives it the feeling that it is easy to hit, which is largely true. This additional boost of confidence adds to the overall results of the club.


If you hadn't have guessed by now, the JPX900 is remarkably flexible and offer (what seems like) boundless adaptability. It has to be one of the most adaptable drivers we've seen yet! You're able to adjust the clubhead to a wide range of setting: from Slice to Sky High (just to name a few). It can accommodate most swing types thanks to the two adjustable weights, weighing eight grams each. The club also provides you with adjustable loft too!

Adjusting the club is very easy, especially for the average Joe. However, if you want something a little more personal, then you should have it professionally adjusted to accommodate your swing.

You'll see almost immediate benefits from this club after making a few adjustments.

Key Features

If you're looking for high-end performance and build quality, then you should seriously consider purchasing the JPX900. It offers unbeatable performance unlike anything else available on the market. The adjustability is also an example of scientific genius at work, allowing you to fully control your swing without sacrificing Center of Gravity or MOI.

Not only that but the incredibly consistency, influence and confidence this club provides you with is utterly remarkable. It's truly unlike anything else you have ever laid your hands-on, and the quality it offers is arguably unbeatable. The price may be an issue for some potential buyers, but you need to consider the fact that this club is a sound investment in your golfing potential and collection. You're paying for quality, durability and incredible performance. That in and of itself is priceless.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed 450cc head, made with an enduring design which produces incredible MOI.

  • Remarkable ball speeds available across the clubface.

  • Outstanding use of fast track tech.

  • Fully adjustable club.

  • Two eight gram weights within the clubface.

  • Adjustable hosel.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a driver that is capable of competing with the professional level drivers then you should seriously consider the JPX900. It is an incredible driver that is unlike anything we've previously reviewed. Specially crafted for accuracy, optimized performance and faster ball speeds (as well as a few other perks).

It will certainly stand out from your other golf clubs. While we wouldn't be too thrilled with this in other clubs, with this club we're more than happy to brag about it, and you should be too!

It's fully adjustable, utterly incredible and well worth every penny spent on it!