Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD Shaft

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Mitsubishi is one of the most dominant companies in the world of golf shaft production, especially influential in the woods shaft manufacture. Especially popular are their fairway woods and driver shafts which can often be seen in many tour players’ bags. Many golf experts consider Mitsubishi undisputably the most dominant golf shaft production and there’s a good reason for that. The company has been making golf shafts for quite some time and one of their greatest features is the consistency and reliability of their products. The Kuro Kage XD Shaft is considered to be one of the latest iterations in the Kuro Kage family offering the smoothest performance within its range with extreme performance features.

Before we talk about the shaft, we’d like to say a word or two regarding the actual need for replacement of your existing stock shaft. As you know, most of the high-end clubs come with the company's proprietary shafts or affiliate shafts that have been optimized to deliver maximized performance. However, in addition to the stock shafts, most of the top golf manufacturers offer a variety of shaft selections which are usually designed to match a specific player’s needs. 

It is often the case to come across the Mitsubishi model either as a stock offering or as an option of choice, a fact that speaks for itself about the quality of the shafts the company produces. There have been many popular Mitsubishi models, among which we must mention the Diamana and Tensei series as being the best performing series of shafts over the last few years. Even though the Kuro Kage line is not as broadly popular as the previously mentioned ones, it is the most dominant among golfers who feature aggressive swings. 

The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD is one of the lastest additions to the lineup, and it is built on the platform that was created for the Kuro Kage XT, however, it is upgraded to a higher level to deliver even more enhanced performance. What Mitsubishi’s designers did, and how well it has been made is described below, so continue reading our review. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Premium driver shaft that utilizes carbon fiber and dual TiNi wire prepreg in the tip section

Low torque, low launch, and low spin

Designed particularly to meet the needs of players who tend to be more aggressive

Rich, Ion plating with a sophisticated finish surface

Weight range from 50 to 80 grams and four flexes (R, S, X, TX)

Low Resin Content (L.R.C) Prepreg


One of the most expensive models on the market


If you are kind of obsessed with the looks of your clubs, then it is also expected that you pay extra attention to the shafts too, especially since it is the design of the shafts that give that special flair to their appearance. So, as we have previously mentioned, the Kuro Kage XD represents an upgrade to the Kuro Kage line, so this model resembles previous designs.

As you can see from the design of the shaft, it features a white upper section that is subtly transitioning to a silver lower part. It has flashes of shiny segments that make it look glamorous and attractive, and when exposed to sunlight it can reflect coloring from the color spectrum to create the rainbow effect.


The feel is what the golf club shaft is all about and it is definitely the response you get from your shaft that will either attract you to it or discourage you from using it. The shafts are usually compared to the function of the transmission of a vehicle which differs from one car type to another, in the same way, the shaft transfer appropriates energy to the clubhead for optimal clubhead speed. This means that the golf shaft will directly affect your performance, the consistency of your play and the speed.

The feel, in other words, means how well golfers ‘communicate’ with the shaft and it handles the force that a golfer applies on it when swinging. There are few variables that determine the feel, among which the most important are the tip and the flex of the shaft.


If you go observe the load golfers apply to the swing, you’ll notice two ends. Those who apply a late load when swinging, which means they need a stiffer tip of the shaft and those are generally more advanced golfers, while most recreational golfers who extend early in their swing would benefit the most from shafts with a softer tip. And among all the Kuro Kage X model varieties, the XD model would fit the aggressive category of seasoned golfers who are more inclined to stiffer and tighter feel, as what you get from it is tight feel and low torque. It delivers mostly lower spin rates, so to get the maximum benefit from it you must get the proper fit as the shaft is very sensitive to tipping.


Many golfers think that it is the flex that determines the playability of the shaft, however, within this review you realize that it is mostly a combination of several parameters that deliver the complete playability of the shaft. And, of course, flex does play an important role in delivering the specific feel that is differently perceived by golfers of different skill levels. The flex varieties vary from Regular (R), Stiff (S), X-flex, and XT-flex.

Another important feature is the weight of the shaft and we can see multiple weight offers from 50 to 85 grams that meet the needs of golfers with different swing speeds but generally speaking they are designed to provide enhanced play to golfers who have more aggressive and faster swing speeds.


Golf clubs have been drastically modified over the years and along with the clubhead design modification and material change, the shafts had to be changed accordingly so that they are able to deliver the most suitable performance of the clubhead. Take for example the woods. They are called woods because they used to be made from wood until TaylorMade produced the first stainless steel wood clubheads which implied that the shafts need to match the clubhead design.

The change of wood material has caused a complete redesign of the shafts and even today shafts are still undergoing multiple changes, among which, the material change is one of the most obvious. If you know something about shafts material, you’ll know that they had been mostly made from stainless steel, until graphite was introduced and that was the beginning of a revolution in shaft design. The graphite was first used in woods but nowadays with the invention of new and modern technologies, it is slowly replacing the stainless steel shafts in irons as well.

Since Mitsibushi is one of the leading shaft manufacturers, it comes naturally to expect breakthrough designs and innovations in the technologies and material use. The Kuro Kage XD is the latest member of the Kuro Kage X driver shafts, and the whole lineup started with the Kuro Kage Proto TiNi a few years ago. This line was later modified into the Kuro Kage XM which represented an upgraded version of the previous model which was very successful on the market. The KuroKage XD is actually an upgrade of the XT which was instantly popular on the PGA tour.

This means that the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD features the same elastic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) wire into the tip section of the shaft. However, this model features a dual wrap of this TiNi wire embedded into prepreg which is very elastic and which springs back to the previous shape when stretched. The purpose of this TiNi elastic wire is used to increase the stability of the tip of the shaft. This is the key point of the upgrade, where the single wrap has been replaced with a double wrap and this means more enhanced stability. The previous model resulted in multiple PGA tour wins, so the double reinforcement has brought extreme popularity.

However, the base material of the shaft is high-modulus 40-ton and 46-ton carbon fiber which one of the finest material that comprises graphite shafts. The blend of the carbon fibers and the TiNi wire makes the butt and the tip of the shaft firmer while delivering a low torque at the same time.

Regarding the finish of the shaft, as we have previously mentioned, it is one of the most appealing right now on the market. The shaft features rich ion plating which makes it stunning, especially when it is exposed to the sun, creating a rainbow effect.

The Technology Behind

As you could guess, the featured technological highlight is the dual Titanium Nickel elastic wire which springs back to its original shape once it is stretched. The TiNi and the carbon fibers in the tip-section allow maximized energy transfer when the wires stretch and at the same time, it provides more stability to the tip and extra strength. This leads to tighter shot dispersion even when it comes to aggressive players that have high swing speed.

Officially called Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) prepreg, features about 13% less resin compared to the traditional prepregs which allow an increase in the density of the carbon fibers without increasing the weight of the shaft. The final effect is enhanced feel and added strength.

The Ion Plating is another technological advancement that this model features and which refers to the finish the shaft has. This premium, sophisticated finish which is drastically different from just applying paint. It is a very advanced process that places the shaft into a vacuum chamber in which silver or chrome alloy ions are fused to the shaft. This process is one of the reasons why the shaft is more costly since the whole procedure is time-consuming and expensive. However, the final outcome is a stunning finish that is hard to challenge.

Key Features

From the segmented review of the Mitsubishi Kura Kage XD shaft, it is clear that it is a premium driver shaft model that features an impressive technological advancement and playability features. Since it has been made to satisfy those golfers who tend to hit the ball faster and more in an aggressive manner, it is generally speaking stiffer models with low torque. Designed like this, it delivers low spin, low launch and a lot of stability. The double use of the TiNi wire is responsible for the enhanced stability and the fact that this wire is extremely elastic and easily regains its shape, golfers can expect almost no curvature at impact at all. Of course, this refers to golfers with faster swing speed who have enough strength to produce swift energy transfer.

Another very important feature that the Kuro Kage XD shaft features are the Low Resin Content prepreg which features more carbon fiber and less resin which means more density of carbon fibers without affecting the weight but considerably enhancing the feel and adding strength.

What also attracts the attention of golfers is the Ion Plating finish that is obtained by placing the shafts into a vacuum chamber where the shafts are fused by silver or chrome alloy. This way, the finish looks astonishing with a rainbow impression under the sun.

Key Features

  • Premium driver shaft that utilizes carbon fiber and dual TiNi wire prepreg in the tip section

  • It features firmer butt and tip-section

  • Low torque, low launch, and low spin

  • Designed particularly to meet the needs of players who tend to be more aggressive

  • Rich, Ion plating with sophisticated and marvelous surface

  • Weight range from 50 to 80 grams and four flexes (R, S, X, TX)

  • Low Resin Content (L.R.C) Prepreg

Bottom Line

Aftermarket shaft fitting has been a trend lately, and some companies even offer pre-purchase shaft selection with specifications that match golfers' swings. This has been considered crucial for impeccable performance and more advanced play.

The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD shaft has been some of the latest offers coming from this high-end manufacturer that has been focused on delivering high-end features and technologies into their shaft offers. The model is very popular and golfers with more enhanced swing speed and aggressive style of playing are likely to benefit the most from it. It is a very versatile model, however, the most highlighted feature it has is the low spin, low torque and low launch with extreme stability. If you think that these features are what characterize your performance, then the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD shaft is one of the most recommended models.