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Light sensitivity can be a serious issue for people who live in sunny places or those who have to spend their days in the open, so the need for high-quality shades imposes itself as highly relevant. The same applies to golfers as they spend more than 4 hours on the golf course, and recreation golfers often choose sunny days to enjoy the game. And regardless of the level of your light sensitivity, every single person needs maximum UV and glare protection. This takes us to one of the most stylish Maui Jim sunglasses, the Maui Jim World Cup.

Originating from the sunniest place of the world, the Hawaiian island of Maui, the company’s designers have had the chance to test and explore the optics and the game of colors, and create some of the most renown Maui Jim’s models. When it comes to Maui Jim’s models, they are plenty, but there’s only one distinguished technology that is featured in all of the company’s models, responsible for the optimal UV and glare protection. 

The models themselves are very varied in terms of design, and lens and frame colors so that they match everyone’s preferences, and when it comes to the Maui Jim World Cup, they are simply irresistible. Named after the only existing worldwide blue marine finishing tournament, World Cup, they inspire unstoppable determination to beat the competition with its functionality and attractive design

The wrap design they feature is recommended to athletes and people on the go, so golfers find them particularly useful as no matter how hard they swing, the sunglasses will be always on. The total UV and glare protection guarantees that the reflected glare won’t disturb your vision, and they are an excellent choice for anyone who spends some time near flat, shiny, and horizontal surfaces as the glare is the most enhanced there. 

We have much more to talk about the Maui Jim World Cup, so continue reading to get to know in detail these wonderful shades.

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Editor's Pros & Cons

The World Cup model features PolarisationPlus 2 technology

They deliver maximum UV, blue light, and glare protection

High-grade injected nylon makes the frames extra tough and durable

Three lens and frames color varieties

The wrap design delivers a stable fit

Waterproof and resistant to grease, scratches, and impacts


People with smaller heads might find them large

General Information

We have already mentioned that there are hundreds or even thousands of sunglasses models sold on the market today, and even Maui Jim company offers more than 120 models and styles, but finding the most appropriate model for you might still be an issue. If you thought that you were the one who couldn’t find the perfect model, we assure you that every third person is facing the same dilemma. As we were going through different Maui Jim models, we realized that this model features an incredible combination of protection, style, and durability, the three key features of high-quality sunglasses. Plus, the unisex design and the shape made to match different head shapes, might be just what you were looking for.

An important point to make, many people focus on the style while completely ignoring the level of protection. When choosing sunglasses never ignore the information related to the level of protection which should be the guiding principle in your eyewear quest. The UVA and the UVB sun rays are very dangerous nowadays, and without proper protection, your eyesight might be at risk if you expose your eyes directly to the sun.

In addition to the UV radiation, there’s a phenomenon called glare. This is the light that is reflected from flat, shiny and horizontal surfaces and if it reaches your vision directly can prevent you from seeing for a second or two. Plus, during the strongest sun exposure, the glare considerably reduces the colors we see, distorting the visual field and fading the colors. This is what the company has been mostly focused on, and the result of their dedication to protecting people’s eyes from the glare is seen in PolarizationPlus 2 technology, or shortly, the anti-glare technology.

We are not saying that style is not important though, we are just pointing to the fact that it shouldn’t sacrifice the level of protection. Fortunately, the Maui Jim models come as a full package of style and protection, so you don’t have to worry over it. The Maui Jim World Cup is an excellent example of both, so let’s discuss in detail the technology that is the pillar of the Maui Jim models.


We have already introduced the PolarizedPlus 2 lens technology as the key technology of all Maui Jim’s models since it is responsible for all the protection the users get, the crisps clear images, and the durability of the lens. It represents a combination of six different technologies that deliver unsurpassed performance and clarity. The Maui Jim lens will protect your eyes from all the unnecessary squinting that makes your eyes tired and overwhelmed.

One of the comprising technologies within the PolarizedPlus 2 technology is the Anti-Reflective technology that is directly responsible for blocking the reflected horizontal glare bounced off any water or shiny surface. As we have mentioned above, glare is not something that should be ignored because it can completely prevent you from seeing for a second or two, which is a very short time, but crucial in some key moments of importance such as when you are driving or swinging on the course. If you are a golfer, then you are aware that this short moment can be the moment of the contact between the ball and the club which can be totally missed if you are not able to see where you’re hitting the ball.

Another technology that comprises the PolarizationPlus 2 technology is the Color Enhancing technology that makes the lens impressive. If you have previously owned or tried on Maui Jim sunglasses, you already know that the first impression when seeing through them causes the ‘wow’ effect as the colors are so much brighter and the overall images look brighter and more vivid. The lenses feature a special coating that enables users to see the world in its true, vivid colors.

The proprietary Bi-Gradient mirror is well understood through the company’s description as the ‘mirror that squints instead of you’, meaning, it prevents eye fatigue and top and bottom sun rays penetration through the shades. Therefore, the mirror is applied to the bottom and top area of the lens, and it considerably reduces the light from above and below.

When it comes to lens durability, the PolarizedPlus 2 technology plays a big role in providing a long-lasting life span and protection. The CLEAR SHELL technology, which is also an integral part of the PolarizedPlus 2 technology, utilizes a particular coating that is completely resistant to external impacts and scratches. This technology also delivers oleophobic properties to the lenses, meaning they are grease resistant and makes them waterproof too.


The Maui Jim World Cup comes in three frame and lens color varieties. The shape of the shades is a modified rectangular that is adequate for various face shapes. What particularly draws your attention is the impressive frame design with easily-noticeable high-quality and high gloss finish. As a matter of fact, the frames feature high-grade injected nylon that is exceptionally lightweight but extremely strong at the same time. The saddle style, the fixed bridge comes with built-in nose pads that are made from the rubber compound and which leave no markings on the nose whatsoever. This makes them suitable to be worn for a longer period of time without causing any inconveniences or discomfort.

Lens and Frame Colors

You will find three different lens and frames color options that are very impressive, and designed to appeal to anyone with refined taste and style. Each of the three varieties has a different name so that it can be easily referred to when needed. Plus, the difference in the lens colors is not only for fashion purposes, as each color delivers subtle differences intended for varied light conditions. Below we have briefly described the peculiarities of each model.

The Matte Black Rubber is the name of the model that comes in matte black frames that resemble rubber, thus the name and Neutral Grey lens that delivers maximum available light reduction, offering sharpest contrast and vivid colors. The use of the PolarizedPlus 2 technology is seen in the material the lens. It is made from the so-called SuperThin Glass, material which is 20% to 32% thinner and lighter from the standard glass. It also has a special, protective coating that doesn’t allow any scratches and external impacts to cause any damage to it.

The Marlin model features a very interesting, fashionable and attractive design with translucent black to blue-green frames and Neutral Grey lens, the same as the previous model, the one that is capable to deliver maximum light reduction, the richest colors and the sharpest contrast. The SuperThin Glass is also the material this lens is made from, offering extreme durability and scratch resistance.

The Chocolate Stripe Fade model is all brownish with bamboo-like brown frames and HCL (High Contrast Lens) Bronze lens. This lens is particularly suitable for variable light conditions while the warm tint makes them suitable for all-day use. Golfers also find them very useful, as four to six hours on the course is sufficient time to go through different light conditions. The material they are made from is the SuperThin Glas and features the same durability characteristics of the previous two models.

Cost and Value

The Maui Jim World Cup model boasts the peculiar and recognizable Maui Jim design and durability. It is a stylish model that comes in three different varieties and it is rated very highly by those who use them. The fact that the company has invested a lot in these sunglasses makes them one of the best in their class, but at the same time considerably expensive too. However, within the Maui Jim price range, these belong to the average category as there are models that are double the price. Still, if you consider the durability they boast and the style they promote, then everyone would agree that they are worth the money.

Key Features

This section usually lists the most prominent features of the product under review, so it serves the function of a summary section. From what we have said so far, the Maui Jim World Cup model is one of the most sought-after models, especially popular among athletes and fishermen thanks to its wrap design that guarantees stability regardless of the intensity of their exercises. This model is also very durable and scratch-resistant, so rest assured that it will last for many years. What is important to note is the prescription availability. Most of the Maui Jim sunglasses offer this possibility, so it is great news for those who need them.

In addition to the style and design, the Maui Jim World Cup provides maximum protection from the UV radiation, the reflected and the scattered glare and the blue light. The three models come in a different color lens which offer specific light protection. It is also worth noting that regardless of the model you choose, all Maui Jim sunglasses feature the proprietary PolarizationPlus 2 technology. This technology is responsible for the unique protection features that the sunglasses have and their durability.

Key Features

  • The World Cup model features PolarisationPlus 2 technology

  • SuperThin Glass material is utilized for the lens, 20 to 32% lighter than glass

  • They deliver maximum UV, blue light, and glare protection

  • High-grade injected nylon make the frames extra tough and durable

  • Three lens and frames color varieties

  • The wrap design delivers a stable fit

  • Waterproof and resistant to grease, scratches, and impacts

Bottom Line

The Maui Jim’s designs often cause inspiration and delight, and the same refers to this model too. The Maui Jim World Cup has been one of the most prominent models, especially loved by golfers who can reliably wear them for hours without even feeling them. These are the sunglasses that are going to cause many heads to turn as you stroll along the course

In a nutshell, they are highly functional, protective and stylish sunglasses that are highly recommended to anyone who looks for an outstanding model as these shades are.