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Golfers know that one of the best places to play golf is on the Hawaiian island Maui which boasts the best golf courses in the world. This place has been a dream place to visit, not only for golfers but people around the world, and it is called the world’s paradise thanks to the constant sunshine, beautiful scenery with the most vivid colors and the ocean blue colors. But that is not the only thing this island boasts. This place is the homeland of one of the most sophisticated sunglasses with even more sophisticated design, Maui Jim sunglasses! And there’s one specific model that has been especially praised for its ultimate perfection-Maui Jim Peahi!

The name might sound odd, but it does have a meaning though. This model got its name from the popular surf break located on Maui’s north shore. It is the place where surfers indulge in the power of the waves, and the beauty of the surrounding nature, feeling completely free and unstoppable. So, in reverence to this complete freedom and blend with nature, Maui Jim made Peahi, the model that promises equal comfort and unlimited protection to enable you to feel the power of glare-free colors. 

The Maui Jim Peahi has been a top-selling sunglasses model since the moment they hit the market, and even though it has been quite some time since the first market release, their popularity has been constantly on the rise. These sunglasses have been golfers’, surfers’, runners’ and climbers’ favorite as their durability and lightweight design has rarely been equaled. Design-wise, they come in several lens and frame colors, and they feature a shape that can be used by people with different preferences and sizes.

Since Maui Jim Peahi has been the model that we have constantly been seeing worn by golfers on many golf courses in the country, we have decided to scrutinize their complete construction and help you make a smart decision when buying these sunglasses. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Made with the proprietary PolarisationPlus 2 technology

SuperThin Glass material which is 20 to 32% lighter than glass

Complete UV and glare protection

Grilamid based frames with extreme bending strength and easily retaining its shape

Anticorrosive spring for a flexible fit and stainless steel hinge

Seven color varieties

The wrap-around design keeps them steady

Scratch and impact resistant



General Description

Despite the fact that there are thousands of models of sunglasses on the market today, for some people choosing the ones that will match their preferences in terms of design, style and protection are still hard to find. Not that there aren’t any, but it is hard to find the perfect combination of the three basic criteria.

When it comes to protection, according to many experts it should be the guiding principle when choosing eyewear. A complete UVA and UVB protection and maximum glare protection need to be a must no matter what the purpose of your sunglasses is. And this has been the guiding principle of Maui Jim designers who soon after setting up the company realized that back then that there was so much more to wish for when it comes to glare. Driven to provide optimum glare protection, the company set itself to a mission to provide sunglasses which will enhance the colors of the world and block the glare. Fast forward 30 years, they seem to have accomplished their mission and offer some of the best glare protection sunglasses.

Maui Jim Peahi is the model that fits perfectly the picture of a premium Maui Jim model which offers everything that you could possibly wish for in sunglasses. And this is not an exaggeration since thee are the most versatile sunglasses suitable to wear for sports activities, casual daily chores, and official events. Plus, they are made with the most durable materials which ensure long-lasting use, while the proprietary PolariztionPlus 2 technology makes all the glare gone from your eyesight.


The technology that makes all the difference is the proprietary PolarizedPlus 2 lens technology that does much more than shielding your eyes from the harmful UV rays. The lenses are polarized and protect your eyes from all the forms of the scattered glare. This technology integrates six separate technologies into one and is applied to all Maui Jim models and protects the eyes from squinting and fatigue.

It integrates Anti-Reflective technology which blocks the reflected glare that comes from any water or flat and shiny surface. This glare can completely block your vision for a few seconds which can be extremely dangerous if you are driving or it can change the turn of events in just a second when it comes to sports or tournaments. This is the technology that makes the lenses polarized and protective.

The Color Enhancing feature that is also integrated within the lens design is what makes these sunglasses impressive. The special coating that they feature provides such a vivid color enhancement that many users claim that through Maui Jim Peahi have been able to see the world in its true colors.

The lenses have applied Bi-Gradient mirror design which the company advertises it as the mirror that squints instead of you. This mirror is applied on the top and bottom of the lenses and it helps to reduce the light that comes from below and above which considerably helps to decrease eye squinting and fatigue.

The PolarizedPlus 2 technology is also responsible for the durability of the lenses, as the CLEAR SHELL technology provides a special coating that makes them completely resistant to scratches. They are also oleophobic and waterproof so in case you or somebody else touches them with greasy fingers or spill water on them, they are not going to be affected, nor will be the sight.


This model is probably the most versatile model among the Maui Jim range as it offers seven different frames and lens combinations. The shape of the Maui Jim Peahi model is modified rectangular which is suitable for many different face shapes which is also supported by the stainless steel, anti-corrosive spring that provides enough flexibility without posing any risk of breaking. The wrap-around design is protective enough to prevent back-bounced glare to prevent you from seeing clearly, while the fixed saddle-style bridge features non-slip, embedded silicone nose pads that deliver extra comfort and prevent marking the nose if you wear them for a longer period of time.

There’s particularly one feature that makes these sunglasses particularly durable and that’s the frames' material which is called Grilamid, a very durable and light polymer that has an extreme bending property, i.e. it can quickly retain its shape without being broken. The temples are made from hypoallergenic cellulose propionate with rubber ends so that they stay firmly on no matter how strenuous is the activity that you have been engaged into.

Lens Color

The Maui Jim Peahi comes in seven different varieties which, as we said, make it one of the most versatile models that you can find on the market. Each of the models is differently named and has its certain specific features different from the others, so we’re going to briefly describe in details the specifics of each color option.

The Gloss Black is the model that comes in black frames and Neutral Grey lens which is characterized by the optimal light reduction and it delivers the sharpest contrast and the richest colors. The material the lens is made from is called SuperThin Glass which is 20% to 32% lighter and thinner compared to the standard glass and it has a special coating that protects them from scratches and external impacts.

The Black Matter Rubber model features black frames with Blue Hawai lens which feature blue mirror coating that makes them super stylish and trendy, suitable for those individuals who feel young and energetic and which are bold enough to defy standardized concepts. The material of the lens is SuperThin Glass that we have described with the first model.

The Matte White model comes with white frames and an HCL Bronze lens. The HCL (High Contrast Lens) Bronze lens is also made from SuperThin Glass which is scratch resistant, however, the color of the lens is brown with a warm tint, and it is intended for varying weather and light conditions. This lens color is particularly recommended for golfers as they often face varying light conditions.

The Tortoise model comes in translucent brownish frames which subtly change the color under varying light conditions. The lens model is the HCL Bronze that we have described above.

The Balck Matte Rubber model is an interesting combination of black frames and the HCL Bronze lens.

The Redfish model comes in light brown color frames and once again the HCL Bronze lens color with the same properties as we have described above.

The MahiMahi model comes in translucent color frames with a dominant olive green that changes into a bluish and brownish color. The lens color is Maui HT (High Transmission) which is also made from SuperThin Glass but with lighter lens color which delivers brighter and more naturaĺly looking effect.

Cost and Value

The Maui Jim Peahi model is one of the highest-rated models, and despite not being a new model, their reputation has always been very high. This has in a way affected their price that has always been on the higher end regardless of the new releases that the company has had. However, it is not just the high reputation of the model that keeps the price high, it is the durable and expensive frame and temple material that is almost unbreakable with extreme resistance and flexibility. This also refers to the scratch-resistant and color enhancing lenses. So, according to almost all buyers, the sunglasses are so good that they are worth every single cent you spend on them.

Key Features

We always go through the most prominent features that characterize the product within this section. The Maui Jim Peahi model is one of the most sold company's models, particularly loved by athletes, golfers and surfers, thanks to its durability, wrap-around design and the seven different models that come in different lens and frame color combinations.

As stylish and versatile as they are, they deliver maximum UVA and UVB protection and full glare block. Regardless of which model you ate buying, they all feature the proprietary PolarizationPlus 2 technology which completely shields your eyes from the scattered glare, and prevents your eyes from squinting and eye fatigue. This technology delivers such crisp bright images that many users claim that the colors they see can't even be seen with a naked eye.

Key Features

  • Made with the proprietary PolarisationPlus 2 technology

  • The lenses are made from SuperThin Glass material which is 20 to 32% lighter than glass

  • Complete UV and glare protection

  • Grilamid based frames with extreme bending strength and easily retaining its shape

  • Hypoallergenic Cellulose Propionate temple and rubber ends for a secure fit

  • Anticorrosive spring for a flexible fit and stainless steel hinge

  • Seven color varieties that integrate 6 differently colored frames and three lens types

  • The wrap-around design keeps them steady regardless of the intensity of the activities

  • Scratch and impact resistant

Bottom Line

After going through all the features of the Maui Jim Peahi, it becomes clear why they are considered to be one of the most attractive sunglasses on the market. Designed to deliver an absolute versatility and protection, they will grasp your attention in no time and once you see the day through the Maui Jim Peahi and the color clarity they bring, you will never leave them aside.

Made in seven frames varieties and different lens colors and density, you are bound to find the model that most suits your style. In addition to the universal but trendy style, the PolarizationPlus 2 technology delivers ultimate UV and glare protection from all angles.

In a nutshell, these are highly functional, protective and stylish glasses that once you have them on, you will never choose another one.