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Rarely have I seen a golfer playing without his/her sunglasses on during sunny days, and that comes as the most natural thing nowadays. Sunglasses have imposed themselves to be the most necessary global accessory and the reason is more than well-known. The sun’s glare, the blue light, and the exceptionally strong UVA and UVB sun rays make it impossible to see normally during sunny days regardless of the season or your location.  Golfers know this very well as they have to spend four to six hours directly exposed to the sun. And it isn’t just a matter of style and protection, every golfer needs to have the best eye protection, such as Maui Jim Breakwall sunglasses.

In line with the obvious necessity of always having sunglasses on, many companies got their chance to contribute to the market with their own offer. These extremely versatile offers range from very cheaply made ones that you can practically find in every corner, to sophisticated and superior designs which come with ridiculously high prices. In between, there are plenty of good choices that provide the utmost eye protection, and enough style to be called trendsetters. 

Among those companies that are dedicated to delivering the best of the two worlds, protection and style, we have picked up Maui Jim, a Hawaiian company that has the chance to test its designs to one of the most beautiful, the hottest, and the most colorful places on the Earth- Hawaii. Maui Jim’s sunglasses have also been golfers’ favorites, not only because they have always contributed in the game and supported golfers, but because their design has been compatible with golfers’ demands to be able to swing from all different angles and directly face the sun. 

The choice of today is Maui Jim Breakwall, one of the most sold Maui Jim’s models, a model which replenishes with its style and design, offering unprecedented protection. This model is among the most elegant ones and at the same time it is ultra-lightweight which is an excellent choice for being outside all day long without feeling your shades as an annoyance. There’s so much more to talk about Maui Jim Breakwall, so we invite you to read below and find out more about this model. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology offers ultimate glare protection

100% protection from the UVA and the UVB sun rays

Rimless and extremely lightweight construction

Scratch, and shatter-resistant

Three different lens colors


Some users reported that they can get easily smudged

Not available in prescription

General Information

When looking for a good pair of sunglasses, several aspects need to be taken into account before deciding if the pair will be a good match for your needs. Since we are all different, our preferences and wishes greatly differ too. Therefore, you need to get yourself shades that will be a perfect match with your style, head shape, and hair color. Luckily, Maui Jim Breakwall offers several lens color options to satisfy everyone’s needs regarding style and design aspects.

Polarization is another feature that is more than necessary as it prevents the glare to penetrate your field of vision and interfere with your vision. Next is the durability and the way they are made since you don’t buy shades every other day, and if you decide to invest in a good quality sunglasses which never come cheap, then, you’d like them to last for quite some time and deliver decent protection. When we are at the protection, it is of utmost importance, meaning, never settle for anything that doesn’t provide at least 99% UVA and UVB shielding, including the glare that we mentioned above.


The ultimate reason why we all need good quality shades is because of the protection they deliver against the harmful sun rays. There are two types of sun rays that can be very harmful to human eyes and skin, the UVA sun rays which penetrate deeply into the eyes and the skin. These sun rays can deteriorate your central vision and they pose the risk of damaging the retina positioned at the back of the eyes and the macula.

The UVB sun rays do not penetrate deeply into the eyes because they are absorbed in the front part of the eye, i.e., the lens, and the cornea. However, if the eyes are directly exposed to the UVB rays they can cause even more damage than the UVA as at their peak time, the intensity is very high and can be a direct cause of cataract, deterioration of the vision or even complete blindness.

The reflected glare is an additional problem caused by the sun. Namely, during strong and bright days the sun rays reflect from horizontal flat surfaces, reflecting the light in different locations, so when you look directly into the glare, your vision will be completely blurred and you won’t be able to see what’s in front of you for a few seconds. This can be especially dangerous for those who drive as the glare can blind them in crucial moments which can be fatal. For golfers, the glare reflected from the irons can prevent them from hitting the center of the clubface in the key moment of the swing.

The arguments above are enough reasons to convince everyone that good quality sunglasses are more than needed for all outdoor activities. Maui Jim Breakwall are such sunglasses that provide maximum 100% protection from the UVA and UVB sun rays and 99.9% protection from the reflected glare. But, this statement is hard to be taken for granted if we don’t explain how that is made possible, so read further on about the technology used to deliver maximum protection.


There are more than 120 different Maui Jim models, and all of them feature the proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology that integrates six authentic technologies into one. What this technology does, is to provide an advanced block of the horizontal glare which is reflected from smooth, shiny or flat surfaces.

Plus, the patented Anti-Reflective Treatment technology delivers sophisticated protection from the glare that comes from behind, and which can affect your frontal vision because it gets bounced-back from behind which is the cause of eyes straining.

Another common feature of the Maui Jim Breakwall lens is the Bi-Gradient Mirror which is applied on the bottom and the top of the lenses to decrease the impact of the light that comes from below and above. This is a very useful feature that prevents wearers from squinting and helps them fight eyes fatigue.

The CLEAR SHELL technology is developed to ensure the extreme durability of the lenses making them resistant to scratches and external impacts. Plus they are grease-repellant and waterproof, making sure that your sunglasses are not going to have those smudges when accidentally touched with fingers.

Lens Colors

Even though many people think that the color of the lenses is just for fashion and styling, that’s far from being true. Each color lens has a specific purpose and is intended for certain weather conditions. The Breakwall model comes in three color varieties, Gloss Black, Rootbeer, and Translucent Smoke Grey.

Gloss Black color lens is, actually Neutral Grey lens color which offers a maximum reduction of the light, and at the same time, it delivers rich colors and sharp contrast. Gloss black model is suitable when you spend the day outside, on direct, bright sunlight.

Rootbeer is a bronze-colored lense, and actually, in Maui Jim’s technological glossary, it is called HCL Bronze meaning High Contrast Lens. The name is self-explanatory and implies a high contrasting effect and very varied and vivid colors. The wonderful warm tint is excellent for wearing them every day in different weather conditions.

Translucent Smoke Grey- this lens type features the Maui HT (High Transmission) proprietary lens which offers the greatest contrast and color. Golfers love the excellent color contrast, and the opportunity to wear them in low light conditions, especially if the game extends during twilight.


When it comes to materials utilized in their production, once again we encounter the excellent versatility in the process. Take for example Gloss Black model, which has been one of the most popular lens material. It blends together extra-crisp optics like the SuperThin Glass with a coating that it is exceptionally light, and scratch and shatter-resistant. The material used for the Rootbeer resembles glass in its optics, just it is one-third lighter in its weight, while Maui Evolution is the name of the material that is used for the Translucent Smoke Grey lenses. It integrates a blend of all the features that SuperThin Glass has, and polycarbonate so that the final outcome is a very lightweight and impact-resistant material.


In the myriad of variously designed sunglasses that differ in size and shape, for many people finding the most suitable frame design is an issue of itself and for equally many people, shopping for sunglasses is a painstaking ordeal. This is why Maui Jim’s designers often turn to shapes that can suit different head sizes and shapes. Such is the case with the Brickwall, as these stylish rimless sunglasses feature a modified rectangular frame which has been proven to suit a range of face shapes and it is equally suitable for men and women.

Even though they are rimless, their durability and sturdiness are far from being questionable, since the material of the lenses that we have above described, together with the rest of the elements, constitute a very powerful construction which is guaranteed to last long.

When wearing sunglasses for a long time, it often happens with the lower quality sunglasses to leave a mark on the nose which looks odd. The Brickwall model features a saddle-style bridge that has a non-slip, silicone nose-pads for enhanced comfort and anti-marking. The hinges are made from stainless steel which is very durable and anti-corrosive.

Key Features

The rimless design and the exceptionally lightweight metal frames with the proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology, make the Brickwall model extremely ultra-lightweight and barely noticeable even if you wear them all day long. This is the reason why this model is very popular among golfers of all ages. The lenses are exceptionally protective, durable and scratch-resistant, while the different lens colors provide not only stylish variety but also different type of protection under different circumstances. What must be emphasized when it comes to Maui Jim sunglasses is the fact that not only do they provide a 100% UVA and UVB protection, but also they deliver 99.9% glare protection that comes from any reflected surface. There’s only one feature that can be considered a con. Many Maui Jim followers love the possibility of having their favorite models in prescription, however, this model is one of the rare few that doesn’t provide the possibility of having them in prescription.

Key Features

  • Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology offers ultimate glare protection

  • 100% protection from the UVA and the UVB sun rays

  • Rimless design and extremely lightweight construction

  • Stainless steel hinges, ultra-light metal frames, and silicone nose-pads

  • Resistant to external impacts, scratch, and shatter-resistant

  • Three different lens colors for various circumstances

  • Very comfortable, silicone nose-pads that leave no marking whatsoever

Bottom Line

When going through the features of these Maui Jim sunglasses, one can’t but notice the simplicity of their design that blends together with the high-quality materials into some of the most unobtrusive, stylish Maui Jim models. The rimless frames and the lightweight construction will be your perfect match for all-day protection without distracting you from the activities you’re engaged into. This is particularly true for golfers who need trustworthy sunglasses that won’t be felt while the game is on. And, there’s one more feature that is worth mentioning. The price of Brickwall is relatively lower compared to some other newer models, so they are definitely an excellent value for the money.

All in all, if you are looking for an all-day companion that will protect your eyes without even feeling them, the Brickwall is a serious candidate.