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Watching golf on the TV or seeing the pro golfers swing the ball with such ease, is a real delight and if you have never played golf in your life then you can be misguided into thinking that it is the easiest thing to do in the world. However, things drastically change once you get a golf club in your hands and try to produce an effective swing. Every first time golfer has had the ‘shocking’ effect when swinging off the tee box for the first time, as the length and the weight of the club make it hard to make a full-blown swing. In the attempt to hit the ball, beginners frequently get frustrated in their total inability to have the ball airborne, let alone achieve speed and distance.

Having a proper swing speed and swing plane is the key element in golf since it is the basic movement that golfers make to have the ball up and high. It takes correct body posture, correct grip and stance, stretched arms, relaxed muscles, and proper rhythm and balance. This is easier said than done because these proper swing features are not acquired overnight and you need proper training and practice to effectuate them into a long-distance ball trajectory.

Throughout the years, the market has been enriched with more and more swing training aids, designed to help golfers of all skill levels to get a faster and more effective swing, and to help them correct their swing plane. All these products claim to be the best and the most effective and guarantee that you’ll be able to properly learn how to swing or practice your swings in no time. However, do they really work?

In the multitude of a huge selection of differently constructed and sized swing speed and swing plane trainers, one needs to be very careful when choosing the training aid that will provide the assistance that the golfer needs. To help golfers find what they’ve been looking for, we went through the market offers and selected Matzie’s Assist Swing Trainer because of the incredible number of positive reviews that confirm its effectiveness in providing golfers a tremendous help to improve their performance. Below we explain in detail how to use this tool and what you can expect from it. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Patented dent shaft design, weighted head, and molded grip

Five different lengths and weights to choose from

It helps golfers improve their grip, speed, strength, tempo and timing, muscle memory and wrist release

Recommended for any golfers’ skills


The relatively high price might be an issue for some

Golfers with large hands might find the grips too small


We have all heard the saying “Appearances are deceptive”, and when it comes to the design of this training tool it can't be truer. This simply-designed tool has much more in it than meets the eye. The design itself reminds of an iron club with a bent shaft, and instead of a real clubhead, it looks as if someone attached club head mold. The grips look odd too, with some kind of bumps and humps on it.

Well, this description is what comes to your mind in the first second or two after you have seen the tool. However, every section of it has a purpose which leads to a more effective training tool. The design of Matzie’s Assist Swing Trainer is patented, and it is one of the most authentic golf swing trainers. The precision bent shaft is particularly designed to increase the release force to up to 16 times more than a standard 6 iron with a purpose to teach golfers the correct hands and arms movement which will lead to a full-blown swing and help them cure slicing and hooks.

The lower part of Matzie’s Assist Swing Trainer features a clubhead that looks like a mold of a club head but it is weighted so that it can promote more feel and control. The added weight will help golfers develop a correct arc, and rotate the club properly to avoid slices.

The grip features special hand molding so that golfers properly position their hands into an interlocking grip or into a standard Vardon overlap.

Available Options

We know that every golfer is different in his/her swing speed, size and weight, so it is not natural to expect that one size will fit them all. Therefore, Matzie’s Assist Swing Trainer comes in five different lengths and weights to meet the specific golfers’ needs. And, not only do they come in modified weight and length, but each different model comes in different color head to easily distinguish them.

The red clubhead is the Pro Model and it is heavier than all, intended to suit larger and stronger men or advanced golfers who want to practice the feel and control. The standard men’s club comes in yellow color, and it is as long as the Pro model. The female version is shorter and comes in blue color, while the junior model comes in green, and it is additionally shorter than the female version. There is one more model which is the shortest, comes in black, and it is called Globe Trotter. This model is a traveling model that can easily fit in any travel-size suitcase. It is also very practical and convenient to be used in small and limited swinging places, such as small apartments or narrow areas. All of the above-described models come in left and right-hand orientation.


This tool is very practical and convenient and it can be used practically everywhere. The company claims that golfers need at least ten minutes a day so that they can feel the improvement in their swing performance. It is a dynamic tool that helps golfers develop muscle memory which will be put into practice once you reach the golf course. With the development of a proper grip, rhythm, balance, and tempo, golfers can keep their upper body synchronized with the arms, and when they use it every day, it can develop the naturally led swing which won’t be affected by the position of the ball, but it will be more of a natural, smooth movement which will go through the ball, squaring it at address. It will help you train your muscles properly, and it is especially beneficial for those golfers who don’t have the opportunity to practice golf throughout the year. Having a proper swing aid will help them keep their shape, and retain their muscle strength so that when they actually play the game, effectuate their swing into more speed and distance.


If you go through all the reviews written by thousands of users worldwide, it is evident that the Matzie’s Assist Trainer has been performing its function very effectively. Many of the golfers, regardless of their skill levels have shared their experience with it, claiming that it has helped them break 100, and get more yardages. Plus, the possibility to use it on your own and practice it any time you want, seems to have appealed to many golfers as they say that the tremendous improvements they have seen in their performance are due to the fact that the tool is not limiting at all, and can be easily transported from one place to another. From scratch golfers to absolute beginners, this trainer can help golfers learn to swing better and maintain the tempo. It has been used for many years by PGA players and amateur golfers, teaching professionals and tour players.


The reason why it has been so popular and effective is seen in its ability to dramatically improve eight key elements that constitute a professional golf swing. Below we shortly address these key elements and explain how it affects them.

The premium material used in the grip and the specially designed mold is preformed to fit your hands to the perfect golf grip position. The molding for the fingers on the left-hand placement of the left thumb and also the molding for the placement of the right thumb and the molding for the fingers, help golfers to put the hands in the perfect grip position to attack the golf ball.

We mentioned above that the clubhead is weighted, so this weight pulls your arms back to a fully extended position and then extends them all the way up at the top of the backswing so that you get the biggest arc possible. When you stretch your muscles like this, you’ll be able to create better muscle memory for the real club.

Wrist Action
Even though ignored by many golfers, one of the most important features when it comes to swing speed is the wrist action through impact. The weighted club head together with the precision dent shaft, rotate your hands and arms down to a square impact position on through the fully extended finish on another side. This way you are able to effectuate the swing with the proper hand twist without fixing the hand unnaturally.

Weight Transfer
Another element that affects the golf swing is weight transfer. And, this is where the amazing Assist does the work for you. What you need to do is let the weight of the club swing it back and up, and then you wait for the weight transfer to your right side, swinging the club down and forward. Even though this might sound a bit complicated, in fact, it is the Assist Swing Trainer that does all the work for you.

Clubhead Speed
The speed of the clubhead is important if you want to hit the ball a little bit further, and this means all the golfers out there. To achieve this, you need to swing it back and forth, by gradually increasing the speed a little bit every time. By doing this swinging motion 3 to 4 minutes every day, the weighted clubhead will give you more strength and more speed, which means more distance on the course.

By practicing with Matzie’s Assist Swing Trainer, your hands and forearms will get stronger and tougher, and it will activate all golf muscles. The stronger your muscles, the more clubhead speed and the better contact with the ball.

Tempo and Timing
Tempo and Timing are other important components in golf swinging, and you will develop them without even thinking about it. The weighted club head will pull your body and it will dictate the tempo because even if you try to quickly release the speed, you won’t be able to because of the weight. This way, the clubhead dictates the timing of release and the tempo, which is crucial for smooth swings.

Muscle Memory
The only way to get a muscle memory is through feel, and this training aid will help you develop it. It helps you develop proper muscle motion through the golf swing. By repeating the movements back and forth, it moves your golf muscles to create correct muscle memory. The feel is only developed through practice, which means it is never verbally explained nor taught.

Key Features

Before we give our verdict on this swing trainer, lets now shortly summarize the key features that Matzie’s Swing Trainer has and get a complete idea of its performance. It is a training aid that has a patented design with a strategically dented shaft, weighted club head, and a molded grip design for proper positioning of the hands. It comes in five available sizes and weights intended to meet the needs of different golfers’ skills. It has been one of the most popular training swing tools because it helps golfers address 8 key elements for developing a proper golf swing, such as the grip, extension, clubhead speed, and so on. Many reviewers have been more than satisfied with the use of this tool and claim that it has helped them to significantly master their swing and reach incredible speed and distance.

Key Features

  • Patented swing training aid with a dented shaft, weighted head, and molded grip

  • There are five different sizes and weights to choose from

  • It helps golfers address 8 key elements that constitute proper swing

  • Recommended and used by golf PGA professionals, recreational golfers, and amateurs

Bottom Line

Choosing a good swing trainer can be a tricky thing to do, however, after the analysis of Matzie’s Assistant Swing Trainer, we got assured that this is an effective and a very helpful swing trainer. The simple, but yet, thoughtful design, and a large number of positive reviews confirm the usefulness of this swing trainer to help golfers learn how to properly swing and lower their score. Even though its price is on the higher end, its durability and long term use make it worth the money. All in all, if you are serious about getting better performance and lowering your score, then Matzie’s Assistant is a go-to product. And don't forget to analyze your swing with a good swing analyzer to learn more about your swings.