High Sierra Loop Backpack

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While purchasing a new bag that you can depend on, then there are several points you need to think on before settling on a purchase. The main point of consideration is what purpose you need it for. Will it be for a specific purpose like trekking, is it for work? Deciding this will help you identify the specific things you need from the backpack. If it’s an outdoors type, then you will need it to be waterproof, have plenty of handy storage and be lightweight. If it’s for everyday tasks, like work or transporting your laptop, then ensuring it has a laptop sleeve would also be useful.

The High Sierra Loop Backpack’s form and build mean it is more adapted to everyday use, ideal for work, urban travel and exercising,  indoors or in the sun. It’s a simple yet helpful design also means it is great for school.

While this bag may not be 100% watertight, it still proves itself to be an undeniable essential in your day to day life.

Produced with a number of useful sections, this piece is able to hold and store a number of your daily must-haves, from your wallet, keys, all the way to larger items, such as a binder or notebook.

Available in a large variety of colors, this piece will perfectly match your everyday fashion and character. It promises to become your new favorite wardrobe essential that you’ll struggle to live without!

But don’t just take our word for it just yet, here are some of the reasons why this piece really stands out from the crowd!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The six handy sections that are ideal for everyday must-haves.
  • Weightful & compact build mean its ideal for indoor and summertime exercises.
  • Loops provide a useful place for you to store and fasten lanterns onto it.
  • Adaptable straps allow you to customize how it fits for improved comfort.
  • Because it is not waterproof, you may want to avoid using it outside where it may get wet or rained on, unless you know the weather will be dry.


When purchasing a new bag you need to make sure it's functional, but you also want to ensure that it looks good too.
Available in a multitude of styles and colors, this bag is truly a stylish daytime piece. Whether you’re searching for a simple black bag or something with a little more color, there are lots of options for you to choose from. The overall design of this piece is quite something, with an athletic aesthetic and overall sleek and minimal design. However, despite its sports profile, its still an accessible and useable piece for anyone with a passion for fashion, or want to give a stylish touch to their overall look.

The bag includes a number of compartments and a useful mesh slot, which is ideal for handling your water bottle. The bag’s dimensions are 19.5” by 14.5” by 8.3”.
With this incredible daypack, you’ll look and feel ready for anything, whether it’s an important meeting or exploring the park.


While the High Sierra Loop Backpack may look the part, how well does it perform while in use and what can you use it for?
Well, as we previously mentioned, this bag wasn’t designed for certain outdoor activities and certainly won’t be a good pick for camping or hiking. But it does have a few useful traits that allow it to function in other areas of your life.

If you’re searching for a versatile bag that is excellent for use at work, school or for a day exploring in the sun. Whether you’re using the bag for carrying your essentials, gym gear, or just a few snacks it’s an absolute must-have that’s perfect for your daily needs.
The headphone port also allows you to listen to your music on the go, all hands-free! I think we can all agree that being able to listen to your favorite songs while out and about makes the time spent more enjoyable.

The larger hook also lets you attach any equipment to it, such as lanterns, rope and such. While it may not be a suitable hiking bag, this lightweight piece is ideal for lighter activities.
The many available compartments mean that it is a great choice for anyone looking to invest in a transitional piece. This bag will take you from your commute, to work or school, and to the gym. It’s also ideal for students who regularly take part in after-school projects.


You need to ensure you are as comfortable as can be, especially when purchasing a bag you will regularly be using. Regardless if you’re not planning on using this for anything physical and purely for work or school, you need to know you’ll be comfortable enough wearing it. This is even truer if you’re filling it with things like notebooks, your laptop, textbooks and such.

Typically, the comfiest backpacks are ones that are a close fit to your chest. If the bag fits your body or can be properly adjusted to fit your body, then you will be more satisfactory and feel more supported. This is especially true when dealing with a weighty bag.
This bag is great at combining comfort and style, particularly in terms of the innovative loop straps.
Loop bags are typically connected via the shoulders with a loop. This is a stylish touch that creates a supportive feel. Though, if the straps are ill-adjusted, this can cause some chaffing against the neck, causing mild discomfort.

The adjustable side straps allow you to move around more freely, even when using the bag. Another highlight is the incredibly comfy straps, which are stuffed.
However, some people have found the back padding of this bag to not be thick enough, commenting they can feel their belongings pressing against them. This can be resolved by effectively storing your belongings inside the bag. Alternatively, you can place some thick material, such as cardboard, against the back of the bag for additional support.

This backpack is very durable, particularly when loading in a lot of bulky and heavy items.


Why spend the money on a bag that you're going to be using almost every day if it isn’t going to last? If you’re looking for a real investment piece, then you should seriously consider this bag. This impeccable bag is designed to go the distance. It’s durable, with plenty of room for your belongings, and it's a smart wardrobe investment. Whether it's for the gym, school or work, this piece is a true companion to your every need.

While the bag may not be waterproof, it is water resistant, which is perfect when dealing with an unexpected light pour of rain, or a small leakage from your water bottle. It also does a good job of storing and transporting lighter items, like your clothes or even a change of shoes.

While this bag is ideal for loading some bulkier items, it's a good idea to avoid overloading it. This bag was designed for mainly lightweight use, so overloading it in terms of how much weight you put inside it can affect how durable the bag is in the long run.

With a separate sleeve designed to carry technical items such as a tablet or your phone, you have plenty of secure and safe places to store your most precious items. This bag also comes with compression straps, which shrink when not in optimal use. This is secure as well, so there is no need to fret over items falling out.

There are numerous pockets on the inside of the bag too, which work to optimize your internal storage, a handy perk for anyone with lots of little essentials. There are even card slots available for you to use, another incredible feature we’re sure you’ll make the most out of.

This bag is an excellent bag with reasonable durability, perfect for light to midweight use on a regular basis.


Making sure that you get the most out of your bag is essential, particularly if you are using it for work or school. With this bag, you are able to store all your daily essentials. However, as we’ve previously stated, overloading this bag with heavy items is a bad idea, as it wasn’t designed with that in mind.

There is enough room to store your tablet, even a laptop or digital notebook, alongside smaller items like your planner, keys and wallet. It’s also a great way to store your lunch. Because this bag is designed for your everyday life, you don’t need a lot of space. However, still, the bag still provides a lot of creative storage that you will certainly benefit from. Such as a key fob, which is ideal for attaching house, car or office keys. There is also a headphone port, which enables you to listen to music on the move, and a phone pocket on the shoulder straps. Though, this pocket is better suited to slimmer phones or MP3 Players. There is also a mesh compartment on each side of the bag, these are perfect for storing plastic bottles and flasks.

Internal Space

The bag has three separate sections, the main can safely hold a laptop, while the second can store notebooks, binders, even textbooks. In the third compartment, you'll be able to store smaller essentials. These things include pencils, pens, keys, and wallet. These separate compartments work to prioritize and organize your belongings in a more ordered fashion.

With multiple pockets and a spacious main section for you to use, this bag will ensure your items are safe and organized.

The overall design is compact and can be properly secured with adjustable compression straps which secure items within. You will also find adjustable straps at the bottom of the bag. These are perfect for lightweight, yet bulky items like a sleeping bag or blanket.

There is also storage for your electronics like your mobile or tablet. This compartment also has a key fob, which is ideal for handling your keys.

The loop also serves as a useful hanging point, allowing you to attach a lantern or a water bottle with a hook clip. This bag also features a zipped pocket that is designed to hold an MP3 player and with a headphone port connected at the exterior of the pocket.


When transporting your belongings, particularly on a daily basis, you need to ensure you feel supported. Relief is given from the straps suspension help transfer mass and adjustable band compression truly helps.
When there are a lot of storage options available within a bag, ensuring you have adequate support is essential. With cushioning for a comfier fit, and non-slip padding, the shoulder straps offer optimal support.
A ring adjuster pull also allows the wearer to tighten the fit after putting on the backpack.
While the bottom thongs won't support additional heavy loads, it can accommodate and support lighter items.
Alongside this, compression bands tighten in order to prevent weight being too far away from your body. This way, less should stress is produced and more comfort and support is felt.

Key Features

Designed with a wide range of internal compartments, this bag can safely and securely transport all your essentials.
This bag weighs two pounds and can hold up to fifteen pounds worth of weight, making it ideal for everyday use at work, school, or at the gym.

Key Features

  • Flexible base and side compression straps.

  • The bottom straps and hook allow you to transport additional items.

  • Grab and go with the blended grab handle.

  • Large and numerous internal compartments.

  • Mesh side refreshment pouches.

  • Stuffed and shaped air mesh shoulder straps.

  • Internal organizer.

  • Key fob and various pockets.

  • TechSpot tablet jacket.

Bottom Line

This is an exceptional pick for anyone looking to update their daily bag, plus its sleek style will blend in perfectly with your everyday style.

With its many compartments, you'll be able to keep your stuff organized with this versatile piece that's perfect for work, school, or hitting the gym.