Graphite Design Tour AD DI

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One of the most featured golf shafts among golfers at all levels is the Graphite Design Tour AD DI (Deep Impact), and one of the best hybrid shafts on the market. They are designed to optimize golfers with an increased level of stability and power that you might expect from a golf shaft, and they did an excellent job. This became obvious when we first saw Adam Scott, and Charles Howell playing with this model but made us all aware that they do deserve everyone’s attention when Tiger Woods fitted some of its clubs with the Graphite Design Tour AD DI. It was even more striking to watch Hideki Matsuyama using it on one of its golf drivers to win some major tournaments.

Obtained results are what prove the quality of any products, and when discussing the features of golf shafts, certain preconditions need to be fulfilled in order to call them well-performing and game-enhancing.  The first variable is the use of materials and the introduction of innovative technologies that boost the performance of the shafts. And most probably, it is this area that makes a difference within the design of Tour AD DI as it integrates a new blend of materials constructed to maximize golfers’ perspectives for a more indulging game. 

Another important feature, or variable for enhanced performance, is the feel the shaft delivers. Since this model is a tour preferred model, it is natural to expect optimized feedback for individual fine-tuning of the golfer’s performance. Shafts are usually considered to be the transmission tool of energy transfer, and if their performance isn’t sufficient with golfers’ tempo, swing strength, and points of load and unload, then it is less likely to deliver its function. Here we get another tick in the box, as we have above mentioned that many tour golfers have chosen this model for their selected shaft for very important tournaments. This gives credibility and validity to the company’s attempt to stand out with their technologies.

Inspired by its popularity and driven to offer our readers the most objective and trustworthy reviews of the most influential golf designs that have left a great impression in the world of golf. Therefore, we’ll go segment by segment in revealing all the features this model has so that you can make an informed decision.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Hybrid shaft made from graphite fibers and resin

Soft butt section, medium+ midsection, and stiff tip section

Regular, Stiff and X Stiff flexes for golfers with different swing speeds

Two different colors options, black, and orange

Four different weight options

Material Stiffness Integration technology

DI technology employes nano alloy carbon fiber technology


Expensive price

General Description

Graphite Design is a Japanese company that has been reputed for delivering the highest standards ingraphite shafts production by integrating new principles and new technologies for maximized performance. Japanese companies are known to focus on the tiniest of details, and nothing less can be said about Graphite Design. Knowing that the shaft comes from such a reliable company, he or she will play confidently without any doubts that the shaft may fail the expectations they have.

Even though it was the Tour players who drew the attention to this shaft model, its versatility and the peculiar design make it suitable for golfers of different skill levels with different performance characteristics. It comes in four different weights, three flexes, and two colors for optimal playability and performance. The “Deep Impact” technology makes this shaft model very consistent and offers players superior control and workability at all levels.


The designers from Graphic Design are certainly aware that there are, generally speaking, two opposing categories of golfers, the ones that do care and appreciate any bold and outstanding design or those who just pick the most unobtrusive and plain clubs, hiding away from leaving any impression besides the good game of golf.

In a similar way can be described as the company's offer of two colored shafts that are on the dominant and the least attractive side of their appearance. The dominant, bold shaft features an orange color which is the company’s signature and which has been many tour golfers’ selected shafts. The other possibility is to have the shaft in black without any outstanding designs or patterns.

When talking about Graphite Design the company has its proprietary formula for the graphics on their shafts, and the DI model blends perfectly in. All their shafts usually come in one solid color on the shaft with rings in the butt area and relatively basic graphics.


Even with the first release, AD DI caused huge craze, and all the fuss was about the feel it delivered and the exceptional feedback that is very responsive. The tremendous kick of the shaft is suitable for more advanced players, however, you never get the feeling that you are out of control. Throughout impact, golfers get a very powerful, yet smooth kick with an impressively stable tip which never feels loose, even when you hit the ball off the center. This is mainly delivered thanks to the stiff feeling in the tip, and medium feeling in the butt.

However, Graphic Design does offer versatility related to feel, and to get all the confusion of all the shafts the company clearly indicates the tip, mid, and butt sections on a scale ranging from Soft to Very Stiff.


Graphic Design is a company that is characterized by innovative designs, an advanced approach, and a company that closely follows gofers' needs, to create shafts that will match their performance preferences. The greatest trademark of the company is the use of sophisticated materials to deliver an increased level of distance and accuracy.

The featured technology for the Graphic Design Tour AD DI is the so-called Material Stiffness Integration (MSI), the proprietary technology of the Graphite Design golf shafts. It features a blend of two composite materials, graphite fiber, and resin with different levels of stiffness. The stiffness of fibers is important in terms of vibration transmission which in turn determines the feel of each shaft, while the resin has the role of a sponge with a vibration-absorbing function. This way, the overall performance of the shaft is enhanced for more powerful swings without affecting the feel and the intensity of the impact. The proprietary formula and the combination of the materials in each shaft, make it optimized for delivering more distance, and outstanding accuracy.

Regarding the DI proprietary technology found in the Graphic Design Tour AD DI, it is one of the latest advancements in the shaft manufacturing process, based on Nano alloy carbon fiber technology originating from Toray Companies. The Nano alloy carbon fiber is one of the most advanced technologies developed with nano-technology that additionally dampens the vibrations that occur with every impact and at the same time, it delivers reliable shaft stability. Playing with a shaft developed with DI Technology means that you have an optimized tool for exceptional performance and game enhancement.


We have been hinting the performance of the Graphite Design AD DI all over the review, implying that what you can expect from it is lots of power and maximum speed and distance. It has a smooth kick that effortlessly transfers the energy from the position of load to the position of unloading so that it can effectuate into solid distance and precision. However, the performance is also determined by the flexes, and as a rule of the thumb, the shaft ought to be fitted to match golfer’s personal preferences, his/her swing speed, and the golfing style.

Once you have done all the fitting, you can expect mid to high trajectory with mid to low spin, and very enhanced accuracy. Another interesting component is the controllability of the shaft which is relevant for golfers all levels, a performance characteristic that not every shaft model can boast. However, what comes as the most prominent characteristics of the Graphite Design Tour AD DI is the consistency of the shafts and the reliable performance, even when it comes to mishits. This is exactly the reason why this model has been one of the most featured shafts in the bags of the most reputed Tour players.


Seasoned golfers know that without the proper fitting, even the best shaft will fail to deliver the wanted results. Therefore, many golf shaft manufacturers have provided specific instructions, or even step by step guidelines, to ensure that when you buy their shaft, you’ll have it optimized to work for your own specific needs. The flex of the shaft is the first thing you need to consider, and the Graphite Design Tour AD DI shaft comes in three flexes, each of them recommended for golfers with specific swing speeds. Thus, the R-Flex, which stands for regular, is recommended for golfers with slower swing speed that range from 86 to 95 mph. The S FLex (stiff) is recommended to golfers with medium swing speed that ranges from 96 to 105 mph, while those golfers that feature swing speed higher than 105 mph are recommended to use the X Flex (X Stiff) flex.

Along with the flex variability, there’s weight variability too. From the minimum of 78 grams that comes in all flexes, then progressing to 88, 99 and with a maximum of 109 grams, including some 1 gram variations for each weight, you’ll find this model considerably varied and workable for golfers all skills.

Key Features

The Graphite Design Tour AD DI shafts have been designed to provide golfers all levels of enhanced stability and more power than you can normally get from a hybrid shaft model. Made with a composite material that blends together graphite fiber and resin, the manufacturer claims that golfers can produce more powerful, more accurate and further swings thanks to the resin that acts as a vibration damper. This directly influences the feel of the shaft, making it more responsive and playable.

There are three flexes for golfers to choose from, four different weights, and two color choices. Made with the Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) technology, and DI technology which integrates Nano alloy carbon-fiber technology for maximum distance and accuracy. The fact that this shaft claims many victories and is used by multiple Tour players, makes it one of the most recommended shaft models.

Key Features

  • Hybrid shaft model which integrates a blend of graphite fibers and resin

  • Soft butt section, medium+ midsection, and stiff tip section

  • Three types of flexes, Regular, Stiff and X Stiff for golfers with different swing speeds

  • Four different weights and two different colors options, black, and orange

  • Material Stiffness Integration technology

  • DI technology employs nano alloy carbon fiber technology

Bottom Line

The Graphite Design Tour AD DI is one of the most sophisticated modern hybrid shafts which has been among the most selling shafts and this review has shown that there’s a good reason for that. The fact that it is designed to meet the needs of golfers of different levels, the multiple weights and varying level of stiffness, shows that Graphite Design paid attention to get a response from everyone that is involved in the game of golf, without leaving anyone behind. From tour players to even beginners, everyone has a choice when it comes to Graphite Design shafts.

One thing we need that might be a deal-breaker for some golfers is the high price point, but that comes as no surprise as the technologies and the materials utilized in their production are expensive and guarantee a long term, reliable use. So, if it is true that you get what you pay for, then you get a lot for a high price.