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Time is a valuable thing. That’s why keeping track of it is so important, especially when you’re golfing or training. In these situations, it’s important that you have a decent companion.

The Garmin Forerunner 935 promises to be an excellent and essential accessory. With its multiple features, this award-winning watch will stick with you no matter what, making the 935 one of the top running watches on the market.

Its list of incredible features includes the wonderful extended battery life, a real must-have when it comes to watches. It also features a number of tracked activities, another helpful and desirable feature.  Winner of the Outdoor Gear Lab’s Editor’s Choice Award, this stylish and tech-savvy watch stands out on its own.

Unlike its higher-priced cousin, the Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Sapphire, the  935 is slimmer and more lightweight while still performing as accurately as its cousin.
While this watch has fewer features than the Fenix 5x, and less activity tracking, this watch makes up for it with its weightless and ultra-modern design.

With this piece, you well and truly get what you pay for, quality at your fingertips. Not only is it ultra stylish, but it’s also the perfect investment for anyone looking to improve how they handle their training time. However, don’t take our word for it until you’ve read through some of the reasons and areas we believe its one of the most superior products available to date.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Lightweight design
  • High tech tracking feature
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lack of music playback


If you’re familiar with the Garmin range, then the Forerunner 935’s look and feel will not be a total shock to you.

This watch has a lot of things in common with the Fenix 5x, however, it’s shell uses less hardened glass and metal, creating a sleek rubber build. While the 935 is less of a traditional fashion statement piece, it’s more of an elegant form. It’s metal buttons surrounding the display, for a striking finish.
Its versatile design allows you to make the most out of the watch. Whether you’re training or at work, this piece offers day to day style and functionality around the clock.

As I mentioned, while the silicone design choice may not necessarily be a traditionally stylish one, it’s sleek aesthetic creates a modern and minimalistic feel, ideal for personal style trailblazers searching for something different. Not only that, but the silicone strap also sits comfortably on your wrist.

The 1.2-inch round display features 64 colors, and 240 x 240 resolution; it also uses transflective technology. This means it will remove any ambient lighting and reflect it back, this way the watch is always visible when outdoors.

Its small size means you're not visually overpowered, but still enables you to see four data screens effortlessly. This means you’re able to see how fast you’re going, how long you’ve been training, your heart rate and the time the sun sets. All on one screen!

While it's not a touch screen, you’re able to control the device with the side buttons. They’re easy to find and hit (you won’t even have to look at them), which is a perfect feature when you’re exploring or swimming.

This watch may be a tad heavier than some watches, weighing 49g, but it’s much lighter compared to its cousin, the Garmin Fenix 5x. It also goes unnoticed on your wrist while you’re running and training.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your 935, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s compact and sleek frame means it fits alongside a shirt perfectly.

While the cost may be higher, the tech you’re purchasing is the perfect companion for your wardrobe, making it the top fitness watch that’s ready to go at any time.


The 935 tracks a large range of sports, however, the crown jewel of all features is the running mode. Simply turn on the run button on the GPS, along with any devices you may have close by, such as running pods like Stryd.

The response time is always surprisingly fast, usually locking down on your position in ten seconds or less. Its high-quality performance is just the thing to help you up your game.

Scrolling through the watch’s data and screens is a completely effortless and pain-free experience. Everything is just a touch of a button away. While you won’t need more than four screens at any given time, the digital display is clear, easy to control and responsive.

The overall performance of the 935 is rather impressive, especially across all of the sport modes in regards to its highly reliable and specific heart-rate and distance tracking.
The watch’s features, including distance and heart-rate tracking, are highly accurate - a real stand out feature of this watch.

Typically, the optical sensors on wrist watches are not as dependable as you would hope, however, the 935 is very reliable, which means strapping it to your chest is not needed, regardless of if you’re following a workout based on your heart rate.

The overall performance of the 935 is outstanding, allowing you to create multiple workouts based on numerous factors, such as time, pace and distance through the Garmin app (which can be connected to your watch wirelessly).

Garmin has been one of the top market leaders for countless years, bringing us the very best in GPS watch technology - there’s a very good reason for this. With the 935, they combined a variety of features into a sleek and weightless smartwatch.
Whether you’re wearing it casually, training, or running professionally or recreationally, you will not be disappointed in this watch’s accuracy, performance, and customization.

Tracking and Activity

The other sport modes used on the 935 all work similarly to the running mode. They measure pace/speed, distance and the span of the workout. It also adds a few stats which are specific to the sport you're following at the time. These including your stroke rate if worn while swimming. All of these tracking features support your overall training too.
Because this watch is a triathlon watch it comes with an open-water mode, unlike many other GPS wearables. It also comes with different multisport options, this includes swim duathlons and run.

One of the sports modes, strength training, is different from the others. With this sports mode, the watch counts the number of reps you’ve taken during each set. It can even recognize what exercise you’re currently doing. While this is an impressive feature it doesn’t stop there, you can even adjust the reps counted from your wrist and make note the weight you’ve used or are using. The exercise recognition is truly an invaluable bonus of his watch for anyone who likes to keep track of their workouts in minute details.

When it comes to tracking your daily activity, this smart watch does an incredible job. It records your steps, any active calories, even breaking down your week and looking into your active minutes and rest time. It even calculates the number of floors climbed. The 935 even records your stress levels, which is generated using heart-rate discrepancies.

The step tracker target is also generated based on your previous activity, meaning it’ll be several steps shorter on your rest days in between lots of running.

All of your tracking information is presented to you in a simple, yet engaging, manner with the Garmin Connect application. It uses small tiles which are placed within the home page. These tiles show you fundamental data. Whenever you tap on these tiles you're shown a detailed look into your previous activity. It even breaks down this information into trends, which can be seen over the past previous weeks, even delving into previous months.

Via the watch itself, you can go through and take a look at your daily stats. You can even set up notifications that tell you to move about if you’ve been still for far too long. While day-to-day tracking isn't the main goal of this smart watch it does an especially good job at it.


A major advantage of the 935 is the long list of incredible features: GPS, a barometric altimeter, GLONASS, Garmin’s Elevate optical heart-rate monitor, thermometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

It can be connected via Bluetooth and ANT+, along with other sensors like heart-rate monitors, power meters, speed and cadence sensors and running pods.
As previously mentioned this watch is waterproof, 5ATM, with a display that doesn’t dazzle (compared to other smartwatches like the Fitbit Ionic and Apple Watch. Reading this watch is effortless, only becoming brighter in ultra-bright sunlight.

Most, if not all, of the watch’s features, relate to sports tracking, but this iconic smartwatch is very tech savvy too. When your phone is in the Bluetooth range, the watch will receive notifications, and all the messages will appear on your watch, and you’ll even have access to your phone’s calendar. Another amazing feature is the music remote, which allows you to pause and skip your music straight from your wrist!

Garmin also has the Connect IQ store, which includes a huge variety of downloadable watch faces, along with handy apps like Uber. But, as you would expect, the selection of apps is smaller than you would find in your usual app stores. It’s very unlikely you’ll a lot of time using the Connect IQ store as the watch’s features come already installed and ready for use.

The heart rate feature tracks your rate around the clock, and you will even receive an estimate of your resting heart rate every day. This way you are able to effectively monitor if you’re getting healthier and fitter (with the number decreasing being a good sign of improved fitness).

Your sleep is also recorded using advanced sleep-monitoring features, which uses your heart rate and other information to give you a clearer, more detailed idea of your night’s sleep along with info on your sleep duration. This feature will also inform you of how much time you spent in light, deep and REM sleep while depicting your movements throughout the night.

Battery Life

The battery life is listed at 24 hours for it’s GPS use, however, this can be extended to 60 hours with the Garmin’s UltraTrac mode.
While this mode isn’t as accurate (because it takes readings less frequently), it’s still a handy feature for anyone taking part in an ultramarathon. This feature gives the watch a bit more longevity for these types of situations.

Key Features

This watch takes your fitness to the next level using its many incredible features, while it’s sleek and minimal design adds some style to your look (both in and out of training). This lightweight number sits comfortably on your wrist and perfectly matches your casual/smart everyday wardrobe and your athletic gear.
All of this and more makes the 935 the perfect piece for any casual fitness fan and professionals alike.


  • Silicone strap

  • Five side buttons

  • Bluetooth

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Barometric altimeter

  • Accelerometer

  • Compass

  • Gyroscope

Bottom Line

The 935 is one of the best running, cycling, hiking, and triathlon watches available on the market at the moment. Not only does it have a lot of potential for the right user, but it is also filled with a number of desirable sensors. Want to know your height while hiking a mountain? No problem, thanks to the barometric altimeter. Forgotten to charge it before a last-minute training session? Don’t panic! The battery life on this watch is incredible.

This piece is perfectly fitness-focused and blows most similar smartwatches out of the water. Not only does it offer in-depth insights into your fitness and training, such as running, cycling and swimming, but it also takes a look into your daily activity too. It’s lightweight and cozy design is ideal for wearing at all times too.

There really is a lot of incredible features and reasons to love this incredible smartwatch. The key selling points come from the insane battery life, heart-rate monitor and running mode. You will be left utterly impressed by almost every feature this watch has to offer.