Garmin Forerunner 735XT

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There are a lot of watches available these days, whether they're smart or sport watches, that's why choosing the right one for you can feel like a terrifying and endless task. Not only do you need to know that they'll be longlasting, but you also need it to match your lifestyle too. It may not seem like a lot to ask for, but there are a few watches out there that struggle to do just that.

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT has quickly become one of the best sport watches accessible on the market. With a number of incredible highlights and characteristics, it's easy to see why this watch is becoming a beloved and much-needed gadget that any fitness fanatic should have. Whether you're looking for an incredible GPS watch on the golfing green, or something you can trust while going for a run, this is exactly what you need.

With a long list of incredible features, such as 24/7 daily tracking and the impeccable GPS system, as well as the jaw-dropping battery life, its hard to think of another watch that can come close to being it's equal.

The sleek design and choice of colors open to you make it a stylish piece that will effortlessly match your everyday wardrobe alongside your golf and sporting style. Not only that but this piece is weightless and comfortably on your wrist.

If you're a very active person, someone who is juggling a wide array of sporting hobbies from golfing, hiking, all the way to running, then 735XT is the perfect thing to fill that smartwatch hole in your life. While most of its incredible innovations are matched better towards triathlon coaching and exercising, they can also be used in less active sports alongside your everyday life. It even suits your office lifestyle. Despite being originally launched a few years back, the 735XT still endures and promises to keep wowing you time after time.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • You can give the watch a personalized touch by completely customizing the data fields and the preparation pages. This allows you to get a more insightful look into your stats for each sport.
  • The Recovery Advisor offers a calculated estimation of time left until your exercise regeneration is finished.
  • Genuine MULTISPORT mode - allows you to go from Bike to Swim to run in just one button press.
  • Specific feedback is given through the Garmin Running Dynamics, alongside Max HR and VO2 Max forecast.
  • May not be the ideal choice for anyone who doesn't want a wrist-based heart rate monitor.

Battery Life

When you're investing in a new watch, particularly one with a high price tag and a lot of innovations, you want to know that the battery life is long lasting and won't need to be put on charge at least twice a day in order to cope with your exercise routine and everyday life.

There are a few things that can affect these features, namely if it's using a feature that devours your battery life or if its in a less active mode. Thankfully, this is not so much of an issue with this piece. The battery life is utterly incredible. You're able to get an average of five days uses from with. This estimated battery life also includes you using the fitness tracker and running mode on a daily basis. It's pretty impressive.

Even when you've connected the watch you a smartphone, the battery life holds its own. You could wear this watch during a marathon with very little problems at all. In testing, the watch only lost roughly 30% battery during a 31.1-mile run.

Of course, we wouldn't expect it to make it to 100 miles on a single charge. However, testing once again turned us wrong/ Simple enable the Ultra-trac mode and you'll be suitably equipped to it. The advantage of being able to wear this throughout the week on a single charge is utterly astounding and a complete rarity amongst other watches.

Running Mode

There are many reasons to love the latest addition to the Garmin Forerunner family. Not only is the 735XT a highly accurate piece, but it's so easy to use. It has all the pieces you need to be attached right to you!

Because the 735XT is switch based, you don't need to be constantly looking down at your wrist to get a better understanding of what exactly you're doing. A handy feature to have when you're on the go or running.

The level of precision that this watch provides is incredible, its the perfect go-to watch for racing and running long distances. The main gem of this watch is the overall precision of the GPS, which is very quick to lock on.

There is a lot of things you can do with the running mode, giving you very little to want for. You're able to personalize and adapt the notifications and alerts too. You can also implement your training plans directly from the internet. There is very little you can't do with this piece, it has everything you want!

You can also adapt the information screens, which allows you to have access to the data you require in two clicks when your running. So there's no need to break up your strides to find this information anymore!

The dynamics are also an incredible feature. Unfortunately, there are some potential wearers who may not get a lot of benefit from them. The main dynamic is the ability to observe whether you're landing harder on your left or right foot. But to get the maximum out of this you'll need the additional heart rate strap to have access to this data.

An additional useful feature is heart rate variability tracking. With this, you have access to your body's secrets. It can accurately tell you if you're tired when you begin a run, and can also monitor your body as it transitions from aerobic to anaerobic running. This feature is incredibly precise when it comes to marathon training. It's an incredible feature and one Garmin have truly nailed in its range.

Multi-Sport Mode

Running is not the only form of exercise this watch is designed for. You're also able to go cycling or for a swim with this piece, there are many metrics you can follow.

In terms of swimming, there is a lot of choices, particularly for a drill-based swim. It has a dedicated drill mode, but it also allows you to set in rest periods, even showing up in the app. It's perfect for tracking and observing the gritty details of your swim.

There is some stuttering in terms of the accuracy on lengths, however, this is a rare problem and something that can be found throughout the Garmin range. It isn't a huge issue that happens regularly, but it does make it difficult to trust it. However, this could be an issue due to inadeptly pushing off the ends.

The buttons are so easy to hit when you are in the water and the screen is visible enough when submerged. Which means its incredibly easy to interact with all the information available to you while your swimming.

While the accuracy can be an issue when your swimming, the general ability of the 753XT is remarkable. The overall tracking and stroke detection, alongside GPS tracking, is precise and utterly stunning.

It's hard to fault this piece, especially when examined with the cycling feature. You have a wide host of metrics available for you to look through. You can also connect it to ANT+ and any Bluetooth accessories. This means a lot of power meters and turbo trainers work with this piece, so you can upload any activities easily.


Overall the interface of the 735XT is effortless to use and understand. It's simple than the secret functions can be easily enabled by holding down certain buttons at different times.

One of the highlights is how easy it is to control, especially when you're using it at a pace. You can even easily alter the virtual pacer in the middle of a race with minimal problems. It only takes a few seconds.

The notifications pop up almost immediately, which is handy for staying in the loop while on the go. It can connect to your phone, so it means you have access to text messages, as well as any messages you may get through WhatsApp.

The Garmin Connect app is also an incredible platform. It provides you with insightful information about your exercise routine, sleep patterns, and calorie intake. However, this is just a small sample of its long list of incredible features.

The sleep tracking can be a little basic, lacking in certain insights. But overall, it performs incredibly well. Giving a good look at your movement throughout the night.


If your looking to be impressed by the 735XT then simply look at its sleek and sport-luxe style. With so many features, it's hard not to be taken aback by its high quality and stylish design.

Previous Garmin watches have been noted for being chunky, thankfully this isn't an issue as it fits comfortably on your wrist.

Marvelously Garmin has managed to place a lot of technology with this thin and round device. While it's not the smallest accessible on the market, people will recognize this as a fitness watch, that can still blend into your everyday style. Its an incredibly fashionable watch.

It's available in a small selection of colors with incredibly comfortable straps, even when they're worn tightly to accommodate the HR monitoring.

Unlike similar running watches, the straps are wide and easy to fasten in a hurry. An essential when you've been struggling to put on a watch.

The screen is relatively low res, especially when compared to some smartwatches, making it easy to understand and focus on in a number of conditions.

The transflective screen utilizes any available light in order to bring you some additional clarity during your workouts. The light is more luminous during the night time, and you're also able to leave it on for extra nighttime brightness.


The 735XT is an incredibly durable watch that never fails to impress. With its solid build, the face is incredibly resistant to any marks and damages. It's certainly able to handle any bumps or scrapes that come its way, a desirable feature anyone will be able to appreciate.

It's important to note that the face isn't shatterproof though. Drops from high buildings and similar incidents will cause issues, so it's important to recognize that it can only protect itself to a certain extent. You'll have to make sure you don't put it in certain damaging situations.

The band of the watch is also incredibly enduring too. Not only that, but the watch overall is pretty resistant to water damage, a good thing considering one of the key purposes of this watch.

Key Features

There is a lot to go crazy for with the 735XT, its long list of incredible innovations, impeccable design, and weightless feel. You'll find any excuse to keep wearing it.

Offering a wide variety of tracking features, you're able to discern everything from your pacing to nighttime movement, and your GPS location. The overall accuracy is pretty remarkable in itself.

Key Features

  • The Genuine MULTISPORT mode.

  • Garmin Elevate enables you to observe your HR.

  • A built-in accelerometer offers insights into your swimming-metrics.

  • Multiple swimming modes.

  • Garmin Running Dynamics.

  • VO2 Max forecast.

  • Recovery Advisor offers an estimation of time left until your recovery has concluded.

Bottom Line

This piece is the perfect thing for a large variety of exercises and disciplines. It shines primarily as a triathlon watch, and the affordable price is astounding when you consider how much tech is within it.

You'll struggle to find a reason not to pick it up and use it in your everyday life too.

It has a clear screen, a remarkable battery life, a high level of accuracy. It also offers a deep insight into a number of aspects of your fitness. It truly serves its purpose as a perfect companion to your sporting activities.