Garmin Forerunner 35

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If you’re looking to purchase a new smartwatch, then the Forerunner 35 is a top contender. Created with a broad assortment of incredible innovations, this piece will give your everyday exercise routine a new edge.

With its incredible ability to track many sports, from running to swimming, even helping you to monitor your cycling. It also keeps track of your active minutes, how many calories you’ve worked off as well as your steps and how much you’ve traveled in during the day. You’ll also be able to observe your heart rate during exercising and rest periods. Another incredible feature is how it can register the time you spend in different sleep stages during the night.

Alongside these incredible characteristics, there aren’t accessible on different GPS devices. You can track your step per minute count and set a virtual pace for your next workout. You can also link it to your mobile, this then sends announcements and alerts straight to you, even while your exercising. This also links your workout report to the Garmin Connect app, allowing you to closely examine the data at a later date.

Other incredible features include the external ANT+ sensors. These sensors allow you to use it alongside a chest-strap or a Garmin’s Foot Pod. These two add ons allow you to track any indoor exercises. The 35 comes with multiple activity modes for you to explore, however it is important to note that the 35 is not built with a swimming mode. However, it is watertight to 50 meters.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Forerunner 35 makes it very easy to follow your daily activity and exercise, this is due to the fact that it focuses on the key features and nothing else.
  • Runners are fully provided for, with many different outdoor modes for them to use. This incorporates adaptable intervals and run/walk workouts, it also includes a virtual pacer.
  • The battery life of this watch is impressive. Standing at 13 hours for GPS and nine days while its in watch mode. For infrequent users, you’ll need to charge this watch about once a week, while keener users will need to charge it at least twice a week.
  • The watertight design (up to 50 meters) allows wearers to go underwater and to worry less about getting it wet.
  • It can tend to take a while to lock onto your GPS at the start of each run, usually taking 30-60 seconds longer compared to other trackers.

Activity & Tracking

The aesthetic of the 35 is relatively pleasing. It also feels comfortable on your wrist. However, it's important to remember that when you buy this watch, you’re not buying it because it looks nice. You’re buying it for all the incredible things it can do for you. You’re investing in the incredible tech that's attached to your wrist.

It proves itself when it comes to its incredible activity tracking features. Offering various exercise modes, such as indoor and outdoor running, cycling and walking (which can be done with or without GPS) and cardio workouts. It is easy to understand why the 35 is so desirable to cross trainers and other indoor athletes.

Whatever mode you pick, there will always be an incredible variety of training options for you to choose. The virtual pacer is effortless to set up and updates itself as you train. It even features a nifty alert that informs you if you’re ahead or behind your pace. This is incredibly useful for anyone looking to improve their personal best.

On all of the exercise modes available there is the option to perform it as an interval training. Setting up a series of pauses is also easy to do, and you can also add in rest times during workouts. All of this lets you put a personal touch on your workouts wherever you are.

It’s also incredible for outdoor athletes who regularly exercise. While other GPS trackers struggle to find a strong signal, this watch manages to find it and keep it.

You will learn a lot from the 35, but it also learns a lot about you by your results it tracks and monitors. Analyzing your running style, it is able to give you more accurate results.

The virtual pacer can sometimes be slow when it comes to noticing an increase in pace, however, it’ll eventually catch up with the increased or decreased pace. Despite this, it still manages to track your route accurately, even registering range and time.

It’s able to seamlessly upload your exercise data to the Garmin Connect app, along with other apps such as the Strava app too.

Some previous users have noted that the tracker could be off by a couple of meters, but this small percentage isn’t too much of a disadvantage.

You can monitor your pulse before, during and after exercises using the heart rate tracker. It is effortlessly easy to record and compare the results to previous exercises. You’re also able to look at data which records your average and live pulse rate through the product itself or through the mobile app. If you want more detail, it is better if you go through the app. To take things a step further, all you have to do is connect the 35 to an external pulse monitor through an ANT+.

The VO2-max readout is also an incredibly useful feature. Helping those of you who wish to transform and develop your level of fitness. The sleep analysis is also great at breaking down deep and light sleep. You can use this information to compare against different your other sleep reports.

This information can all be reviewed in deep detail through the app, which is available for both iOS and Android phones.
The data is regularly transferred, but you’re able to manually upload the information for instant review.

The app is incredibly detailed and clearly presented data is a useful and desirable feature to have in a smartwatch.

Although the watch doesn’t have a swim mode, it is waterproof, and you can track your cardio while you swim and classify it as a swimming session in the app. Unfortunately, you’re not able to look at the lengths and examine how far you’ve swum or even check your stroke rate.


Many previous watches from Garmin (particularly the GPS ones) have a rounded appearance. However, the 35 has a square profile and flat face, which sets it apart from other Garmin watches. The appearance is a safe design choice, but in truth, it is far from inspiring. As I mentioned previously, you don’t buy this watch for its incredible looks. You’re buying it for the amazing features it holds. The safe design choice means it won’t look out of pace in everyday situations or in the gym, making it a fantastic transitional piece to wear from work to the gym.

On the right of the display, there are two buttons: the first allows you to start and select a workout, while the other moves through the menu. On the left of the display, there is a button which allows you to turn on the backlight, and there is also a back button.

The display is 0.93 inches and is 128 pixels by 128 pixels, meaning it is incredibly easy to read in most situations. The display is also a lot brighter, with a crisper finish.

When you first the 35, you may find navigating through the menu with only a down arrow button tricky, however, this is something you will get used to relatively quickly.
This watch is available in a wide verity of different colored bands. The list of colors includes black, green, white and pale blue. You’re also able to replace the bands, but you will need a screwdriver to do this.

Battery Life

When buying a new watch it's important to know that its life expectancy on a single charge is a significant one. No one wants to keep running to the charger every few hours after all.

The 35 has an incredible battery endurance which many users will benefit from as well as appreciate, because if we’re being honest, many of us aren’t exactly the best at ensuring our products, particularly watches, are charged.
With this watch, you’ll be able to get roughly nine days out of the watch, however, this is in the non-GPS mode. It also has a battery life of 13 hours when it's tracking your running. Both of these battery lives enable you to get the maximum out of the watches incredible innovations. It’s also the perfect length for regular and not so regular users. The battery power of the 35 is truly remarkable.

It's clear to see that the display is a big part of this exceptional battery life, allowing you to comfortably make it to the nine-day mark without needing to switch it off.
The GPS life expectancy on a single charge is also remarkable, while it’s not enough to withstand a solid week on one charge, it still works well. By reducing features and announcements, you’ll be able to push the life expectancy of the watch, even while recording your exercise.

Ease Of Use

Traditionally speaking, there typically is a connection between how many features a watch has and how simple it is to use. Typically, the fewer features the easier it is to scroll through, and the easier it is to use. However, less isn’t what this watch is about. It’s managed to add in some new features without making it complicated to use. The four buttons are clearly labeled, this way users don’t get confused as to which to press. The menu screen is also incredibly intuitive.

Because of their small size, the buttons can be tricky to use while exercising and can seem fiddly on occasion. Syncing to the app is also easy too, and the notifications sent from your phone are also an incredible feature.


Because of its smaller size, the 35 has a small GPS antenna. Alongside this, the 35 is only compatible with GPS satellites, unlike previous Garmin GPS watches like the Forerunner 235. This results in a slightly less accurate device. Despite this, many users have found that this product is still surprisingly accurate for what they use and need it for.

In testing, it was found that the 35 is 1-6% off in terms of distance. The GPX tracks can also be a bit off too. The GPS was also found to be roughly 3 yards off when recording your exercise.

Garmin Connect Application

The Garmin Connect app gives you an in-depth look into your active lifestyle, heart rate, and sleep pattern. Not only that, but it does an incredible job of separating all the recorded information into two categories. What you want to see immediately, and the things you may want to explore when you have the time to do it.

The immediate information is cleverly displayed on a bright homepage, using cards to detail each aspect of your day, such as activities, calories, and your steps. If you want information on any of these areas, all you need to do is click on them. It’s incredibly handy to have access to this information.

Key Features

The 35 is an excellent sports watch for anyone wanting a reliable and impressive watch. Many people have enjoyed how easy it is to navigate, and the insightful information it provides.
Whether you’re a keen runner or just an everyday gym goer, you may want to contemplate buying the 35.

Key Features

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Built-in GPS

  • Wide range of sport modes

  • Waterproof up to 50 meters

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • 24/7Activity Tracking

  • Movebar that notifies you when you've been inactive for too long.

  • Sleep pattern monitoring

Bottom Line

While this watch may not be interesting to look at, it’s certainly very interesting to wear. It offers excellent features, especially for people who are keen runners. Everything is covered in terms of how the watch works and functions, and the features are incredible. You truly get the most out of this watch.
If you’re willing to sacrifice design for the incredible features, you’ll be very happy with the Garmin Runner 35.