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Golfers and those interested in golf recognize FootJoy as one of the most dominant companies when it comes to golf footwear, apparel, and accessories. There’s almost no golfer regardless of his or her skill level that doesn’t own at least one FootJoy piece, not just because the brand speaks tradition and status, but because a FootJoy product is most likely to last several seasons.  The rain glove that we are reviewing today, the FootJoy RainGrip has been the most praised among weather gloves and its superiority is seen in the utmost playability and performance features.

Footjoy was founded as a shoe company more than a century and a half ago, and until the date, it does that function the best it can, offering premium quality footwear. It has been officially a golf shoe company for about 80 years now, and it has been the company that has been the most praised by golfers all ages, styles, and preferences, amateurs, and professionals. It is the company that reliably delivers performance and comfort, luxury designs and sophisticated technologies. 

However, with the entry into the glove business in 1979 FootJoy has set new standards in golf gloves production, i.e. the Sta-Sof model, made with Cabretta leather became the number one glove in golf, a position that it still holds today. But, it wasn’t just this model that brought a never-ending triumph to FootJoy. The company has expanded its production line to a wide range of glove models each of them unique in their own way. 

One of the long-term successes is the FootJoy RainGrip model which has never decreased in popularity since it was launched in 1996. It has been called the most reliable glove when the rainy days arrive. The material and the overall performance have been proven to work in the wettest conditions, guaranteeing firm and stable grip. Golfers call it the queen of the gloves and every seasoned golfer has it in his bag. Therefore, we invite you to read below about all the features that make the FootJoy RainGrip number one golf glove. 

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Proprietary AutoSuede material delivers superior grip in wet conditions

It works the best in wet conditions

Very breathable, easy to dry and moisture-wicking upper-hand material

Removable ball marker and a tee placed in a loop

Velcro angled closure for an adjustable fit

Durable, flexible and comfortable

Comes in a pair


If the price is not an issue, then it is a great product


When you play golf in wet conditions, especially during constant rain, it is hard to mimic the normal, dry conditions. It is not a rarity to see the club flying instead of the ball, so the grip plays a crucial role if you want to have a performance that will be close to identical to playing golf in dry conditions. Any club that is soaking wet is under the risk of being thrown up in the air as the golfer is trying to make a good swing, so FootJoy took the matter very seriously when creating this glove.

The palm is the place where the grip needs to be at its peak performance, so the AutoSuede palm features an outstanding characteristic of the fibers being ’activated’ when it gets in touch with a wet surface, allowing it to provide a very good gripping property. The same “activation” process occurs to the index finger area since it is made with the same material.


When the weather is rainy or humid, playing golf without gloves is virtually impossible, and companies have been trying hard to make their gloves better and more advanced. However, it is the FootJoy RainGrip that boasts dominance in this area as it is a model that has no negative reviews whatsoever. Plus the fact that it has been thriving on the market for more than 20 years tells a story of success. And, part of that success is due to the choice of the material enhanced with the technologies used to make it more grippy and functional.

The AutoSuede ™ material, which has been particularly designed for the palm and the index area, gets ‘activated’ once it gets in touch with water or moist. This means that it doesn’t have to be particularly rainy, just a bit of moist or humid weather, even sweat is enough for the material to be ready to “stand up” and deliver a grippy surface. This surface delivers an unbeatable connection between the golfer’s palm and the club in wet circumstances. This will help you exhibit more control over the club, and achieve a full-blown swing which will get the ball fly higher and longer.

There's one important point to make regarding the workability of this glove. The wetter the glove is, the better it works, and in case you want to use it in super dry conditions, it won’t deliver the expected results. Some golfers deliberately make it wetter or run the palm over wet surfaces to get the fibers activated and deliver a better grip.

The backside of the fingers and the upper part of the hand feature QuickDry ™ II knit material which is the company’s proprietary material characterized with superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties. It controls the perspiration and lets transport the sweat from your skin to the surface layer of the material, allowing it to evaporate easily. This way, the glove can be used even in humid areas when the air is too hot and damp and the body excessively sweats. This material dries very easily and provides great flexibility and comfort regardless of the season you are wearing the glove.


As we have already mentioned, using the FootJoy RainGrip will deliver performance that you usually have during dry weather conditions as the fibers from the material become activated and function to make the surface of the palm area anti-slip, and provide better contact between the hand and the golf club.

As the material of the palm area is more functional when it is wet, you can use the glove in different seasons, including the summer, when the rain suddenly pours or when it is too hot and your palms are extremely sweaty. According to many golfers who live in extremely humid places, Golfers are particularly advised to make it as wet as possible since it is then that it functions the best.

The functionality of the glove is indisputable and, as we have mentioned before, it has no negative reviews which is one more indication that it matches the manufacturer’s description.


The design of the glove is in line with the style and the elegance characteristic for FootJoy. It is very stylish and modern, with angled Velcro closure that has been strategically positioned and which delivers maximum adjustment and comfort fit. Avid golfers know well that if the glove is not a perfect fit, it can do more harm than good, so the flexible design and the possibility for adjustment is a must when it comes to golfers’ gloves.

In addition to the adjustability it features, the FootJoy RainGrip comes with a ball marker and a tee which is conveniently stored in a double loop positioned on the upper section of the glove below the ball marker. These extras might not define the quality of the glove, nor its performance, but are an excellent convenience when it comes to using waterproof equipment.


I am sure that it has the least happened once to all the dedicated golfers out there to have underestimated the importance of the golf gloves, and in their attempt to get away with the least expensive model that looks a bit promising, they end up buying an additional pair of gloves because the first tore into pieces.

The durability of the golf glove matters since you wouldn’t like to see the one you are wearing with holes and pieces when you’re at the 9th hole. You need a glove that will be a reliable partner in the game and which will provide you with flexibility and good grip and which will last for a very long time. The FootJoy RainGrip is one of those models that are made to last. The proprietary material has been proven to endure for a long time through many seasons.


If you take good care of your FootJoy RainGrip, you will adequately protect it and extend its lifespan. This includes recommended washing, drying and storing when you don’t use them. The FootJoy is not recommended to be machine washed as they can get easily damaged. The best way to wash your gloves is to put them in warm water and use a mild detergent and individually wash each finger or to put them on your hands and “wash your hands” focusing on the dirt. You can use just a small amount of soap or detergent in cases it is very necessary, otherwise, warm water only will do the job.

When it comes to drying, it is recommended to avoid dryers as the materials can get damaged. Since the fabric has the easy-dry property, they become dry in no time. Make sure that you don’t expose them to direct sunlight after washing, so you’d better dry them inside your home. When you don’t use them, they should be adequately stored in your locker without being exposed to weather or environmental impacts.

Key Features

The scrutiny of the FootJoy RainGrip has provided sufficient insight into every detail of this glove model, so let’s summarize what it offers. It is clear that it is a high-end glove that has existed on the market for more than twenty years now, featuring several upgrades and improvements. It is a model that comes as a pair and it is made from a very durable and anti-slip material that guarantees firm grip and impeccable performance. The proprietary AutoSuede material on the palm and the index finger ‘gets activated’ when in contact with water, and the wetter the conditions are, the better performance it will offer. You can use them in every season, as the upper part of the glove is made from a moisture-wicking material that allows unhindered air-flow and that keeps your hand dry. It can also be used during hot, humid days when the club is most likely to slip from your hand. It is easy to care, easy to dry and if properly maintained, it will serve you for many seasons.

Key Features

  • The palm and the index finger are made from the proprietary AutoSuede material that works best in wet conditions

  • The wetter it is, the better it works

  • Very breathable, easy to dry and moisture-wicking upper-hand material

  • Removable ball marker and a tee placed in a loop

  • Velcro angled closure for an adjustable fit

  • Durable, flexible and comfortable

  • Comes in a pair

Bottom Line

Somebody once said: “ If you want to know if the product has stood up to the expectations and performs as described, ask how long it has been on the market”. Indeed, there’s nothing more confirming about a product efficiency than the demand from the customers, and regarding the FootJoy RainGrip, the demand has been on a constant rise for more than 25 years. This fact speaks about its functionality and effectiveness during wet weather.

FootJoy is a company that is reputed for being the best among golf apparel companies for a reason. It over a century experience and trustworthiness give it enough background and experience for advancement in every field. Since we are talking about premium quality, it is more than expected for the company to value its products highly and price them more expensively than its competition. This refers to this glove model too, and even though it comes in a pair, the price is on the higher-end.

Considering all the pros the FootJoy RainGrip boasts, there's little to wish for in it, and we highly recommend it to golfers who need reliable and longlasting rain glove model.